[UPDATE 10:50 p.m.: Fatality] Traffic Accident; 101 Blocked North of Redcrest

A solo vehicle rollover is blocking Hwy 101 just north of Redcrest. One person is trapped, according to the California Highway Patrol Incident page.

“Both directions of the highway are partially blocked,” reports a person at the scene.

UPDATE 10:43 p.m.: Three patients, reports emergency personnel at the scene. Two of the patients have moderate injuries. One has major. Jaws of Life are being called for. Two ambulances have been requested.
UPDATE 10:50 p.m.: One person has been confirmed deceased.



  • Any vehicle description ?

  • Is the type of vehicle known?

  • The rollover car was a small car and the jaws of life were on the ground next to it. There was another small car on the side of the road with firemen around it. We drove by a little bit ago. I tried to find information through CHP reports and it seems there was a cow in the road not long before the accident. I am thinking it’s related to the accident. I’m so sorry for those affected. 😞

  • Does this have anything to do with the cow in the road?????

  • We drove right past the accident probably a few minutes after it happened, it was very scary and sad! Calm Blessings for the deceased person.

  • You Kym, whatever happened to Marcy Kitchen??
    What the hell is going on? We want answers! They deserve justice! Them kids had to leave this here life way to early. WTF IS GOING ON! AMERICA IS GOING DOWN THE CRAPPER AND PEOPLE WILL SERVE JUSTICE IF THE LAZY PIGS AREN’T GOING TO! This is america, people will do some crazy shit!
    We want justice now!

    • Google Umbrella Of Suspicion. They have a full time line and just posted info yesterday.

    • You can nkt expect kym to know what the HELL is going on with that chick she will be in jail for what she did soon enough so don’t be going at kym like she has to know wtf is going on!

    • Um…first, this is not about Marcy Kitchen, and second, Kym reports the news. She doesn’t make arrests, or lead law enforcement to clues, and she doesn’t have a magic wand to wave to make things right. You want to rant, rant to the CHP. They’re running the investigation.

    • Call the DA office, kym is not an official of the court or the cops.
      The DA is the one who will charge this woman and the woman has a slick lawyer. The DA has to have every piece of evidence in place in exactly the right way to have a chance at winning in court. In case you haven’t noticed, most justice is based on the lawyer you can afford. This guy will be looking for any little mistake by police and DA office to get a mistrial. I highly recommend everyone spend a day hell even an hour in court proceedings locally and see how it works. And watch some law&order, they actually show this struggle between police and DA fairly well sometimes. It sucks but it’s the way it goes esp when someone retains a lawyer before speaking to authorities. The restraining order that’s now been published pretty much tells the story so you can see why her lawyer is going to havta find a glitch to have any hope of getting her off, like his last local client who got 6 months for running over and killing a man on the side of 101. Look at those court reports and you can see why the DA is waiting to be sure everythings in place. When people say the system is messed up they arent lying. We all should be more aware of the judges we elect, for one.
      2 of our local judges have been investigated and charged by the state for misconduct. So the DA has that to deal with too.

    • amimissingsomething

      Get a grip buddy! Kym has nothing to do with what is going on during the investigation. This is an article about a person who has been lost to his family members. Show just a little class and respect if you understand what it means. And by the way every comment you put on here about “that” case is going to be seen by those kids family members. They don’t need it.

    • This is about another accident that has nothing to do with the one you are talking about. Show respect to the people and stop talking about others on their post.

    • I was wondering the same thing. Its been a month.

  • I drove by right after it happened. No firetrucks or ambulances, only CHP setting up flares. Didn’t look good.

  • I’m so very sorry for the family’s.please folks slow down the life you save may be your own!!!!

  • Where the names released?!

  • We were there last night just after it happened. Car upside-down in the center of the yellow lines, it looked really smashed up and on the right south bound lane on hw 101 there was a 4 to 5 hundred pounds black bear dead in the road to the right of the car. We and all traffic stopped for a while and waited while the police all rushed to help. Very tragic, so sad for there loss. It was really an unnerving scene.

  • To Unacceptable,
    I heard that the hit and run case is going to family court next week over a restraining order. Also she has been in touch with her lawyers and issued a statement towards her ex husband in response to the restraining order he is requesting to keep her her always from him and their son. Meanwhile the cops are still trying to prove she was driving before they arrest her.. Pretty much BS! They should just arrest her and her boyfriend… But I guess they want to avoid any technical issues that her big wig lawyer will use in her defense.

    • He had no problem having sex with her at any chance he could get.. if he’s really getting a order.. He needs one taken out on him as well!! If he’d been a dad for two seconds.. Just two.. to him it was almost all about getting laid..
      How many people in her life ever tried to tell her to slow down? Most just wanted her for the fun.. sometimes being a friend means you have to show tough love..
      I feel for her mom.. Nice lady.. and for the other family.. And for her daughter.. And for the community.. And even for her.. But her ex? Nope.

      • That women is a full grown adult. When no one else steps up to the plate the mother should. She needs to pay for being a careless drunk and mother.

      • Yeah if he would have been a dad then the mom wouldnt have run their daughter and her friend down? Wow

    • You have no respect, I personally knew the person killed in this accident, shut your meddling mouth, this is another persons post.

  • Stop driving lije idiots

    Maybe it would help if cal trans or chp would put more warnings on signs on side of road regarding animals.
    Many animals cross the highway, and we live in a RURAL area that still thankfully has livestock. Cows escape, so do goats sheep horses chickens etc. People need to drive like an animal may be around the next curve, you can still go 65-70 and accomplish this if you’re paying attention and have any driving skills. If you come from a big city with relatively flat straight away highways then practice for a month or so before driving fast at all, and don’t do 50 in the fast lane!!!!
    I feel more sorry for the cow. Its sad but the crazy ass driving lately is too much and perhaps the only way for folks to learn is to read these stories. This may sound mean but I’m sick of it, if people want to endanger their own lives by driving crazy that’s fine but I’m tired of being almost hit by these idiots and our dwindling tax money being spent on people who won’t slow down while they’re texting, messing with the radio and smoking all at the same time. Yesterday I saw three people going over 70 wirh their heads literally bent down looking at their phones and two were tailgating. I honk now just to get them to look up while I’m driving near them, you can always tell a texter, they slow up at first then swerve and speed up.

    • We have way too many signs.. distracting they are.. Only important ones need to be put up.. animals get on the road everywhere…

    • You were not there so all you can do is speculate. Show respect and just keep your I told you so, should have would have could have negative comments to yourself.

    • This was a Fortuna mother. You don’t know if she was speeding. Your stupid rant is so wrong as far as this death is concerned. You feel sorry for the cow, I feel sorry for anyone who knows you. Shame on your insensitivity

  • The cow has been loose by the freeway since the accident on Tuesday when someone crashed their stock trailer. Went by after the accident and there was what looked like 2-3 cattle loose and one was a big bull. Was wondering how they were going to get them back in the trailer-obviously they didn’t. Saw a couple CHP reports the last couple days about a cow on the road in that area. If this is the cow then they should just shoot it and drag it into the trailer before someone get killed- or maybe it already happened last night. They know who owns it.

  • Any hear about a high speed chase through Willits ca last night august 5 2016 about 11:30pm-12:00am

  • High speed car chase through Willits ca last night august 5 2015

  • Huge black cow/bull the night before in the same area. Scared the crap out of me and a friend. Came really close to hitting it. So sorry to hear what happened.

  • I live here in Redcrest and the amount of wrecks that happen along this stretch of highway is ridiculous. People drive way to fast and do not pay attention like they should. The cow was already dead along the freeway from the accident the day before.

  • People, Thank you for the sweet words and too bad the stupid people drag such other crap into a terrible tragedy. That was my sister in the car! She died in that crash and left behind 3 beautiful children. They are a Fortuna family that could use many prayers and good thoughts to get them thru this loss.
    We the family are trying to piece together all this thru shock and sadness.

    • What can we do for them? My kids used to play with her kids. I don’t know how to help.

    • This was very shocking , I was a good friend of hers and my daughter had went to school with her oldest . I just seen her Thursday and as usual she is very cheerful and happy person. When I got a call Saturday morning saying that she passed away in car accident it was like trying to wake up from a bad dream that’s still hard to believe its true . Yvette Scherer I am very sorry for the loss of your sister she was a very sweet person and yes she left behind 3 beautiful children that are very heartbroken knowing they wont get to see their mother again . Can you please let me know when and where services will be held for her ?

      • I would also like to know when and where services will be held. I was also a good friend of hers for over 15 years. Can’t believe this is happening.

  • the photo in the news stream with the logo and big bold red letters “Fatality” is incredibly distasteful and disrespectful. Is this Mortal Kombat or a real human being?

    • I’m sorry you see it that way. Fatality is the way CHP describes an accident in which someone dies.

      • its not the word its the color and scale of the word. The star of the chp symbol enhances the word like a blue ribbon prize at the county fair.

        Make the chp symbol smaller and on the left side with the words CHP Alert over it. Then put the word in a better font, black and smaller a bit then the other font.

        and there is 3 symbols lined up like a slot machine…. jackpot? D=

        • I have pretty limited graphics capability. And I’m basically a one woman operation here running on a shoestring. I’ll gladly consider changing to a graphic that you provide but I don’t have the time, money or skills needed to make the graphic you suggest.

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