[UPDATE 11:08 a.m.] Blocksburg ‘Armed Robbers’ Say They Were Unpaid Trimmers


Trimming [Stock photo by Kym Kemp]

Two people were arrested, cited and released yesterday following the allegation by a Blocksburg resident by phone at approximately 4:40 p.m. that he had been robbed at gunpoint of 30 pounds of marijuana in the 8900 block of Homestead Road.

According to Lt. Wayne Hanson of the Humboldt County Sheriff’s Department, deputies were quickly able to identify and stop the suspects’ vehicle. “We just happened to have two deputies in the area, livestock deputies,” he said. “They detained the people at gunpoint.” However, he said, the man and the woman detained had a different story. They said they had been hired as trimmers and they were not paid,” Hanson explained. “They said the victim gave them marijuana in lieu of cash.”

“Unmanicured and recently cut marijuana…not dried….” and an unloaded handgun were found in the back of the vehicle, Hanson stated.

The deputies attempted to recontact the victim, Hanson said. “Then the victim went dark and wouldn’t talk to us.”

With no victim and the suspects having a differing story than what was reported initially the two were released.  “Because we have such conflicting stories, we took the marijuana and cited them–[They were] arrested and released on scene….,” Hanson said.

Hanson explained that having the weapon and the marijuana together was not illegal. “[It’s] not against the law to have an unloaded gun. We took [it] for safekeeping. To get it back, [the owner would] have to go through a Department of Justice background check.”

UPDATE 11:08 a.m.: Press release from the Humboldt County Sheriff’s Office:

On 08-04-2016 at 4:40 p.m. the Humboldt County Sheriff’s Office received a report from a citizen, who lived in the 8900 block of Homestead Road, Blocksburg. The citizen reported that he was robbed at gunpoint by a female and male subject on his property. The citizen reported the two suspects took approximately 30 pounds of marijuana from him. The citizen said the suspects drove away from his property in a dodge pickup and he provided a partial license plate number. The citizen reported to law enforcement that he does grow marijuana on his property.

A short time later Two Humboldt County Sheriff’s Office Deputies on routine patrol located the possible suspect vehicle near the Alderpoint Bridge, Alderpoint. The deputies detained a female and male, who were in the vehicle. The two subjects told the deputies they were hired as marijuana trimmers by the citizen who lives on Homestead Road. The two subjects said they had not been paid and they agreed to be paid by marijuana in lieu of cash. The two subjects denied robbing the male victim on Homestead Road.

The Sheriff’s Office tried numerous times to contact the victim but he would not return their phone calls. The Sheriff’s Office confiscated the marijuana the two subjects had with them. Both subjects were issued a citation to appear in Superior Court for possession and transportation of marijuana and released on scene. Deputies located an unloaded firearm in the vehicle, which was seized for safe keeping. At this time this case has been suspended because the victim is refusing to contact law enforcement for a detailed statement of the incident.

Anyone with information for the Sheriff’s Office regarding this case or related criminal activity is encouraged to call the Sheriff’s Office at 707-445-7251 or the Sheriff’s Office Crime Tip line at 707-268-2539.

Earlier Chapter: 30 Pounds of ‘Crops’ Taken in Armed Robbery, Reports Blocksburg Resident




  • Food for thought

    Is this article boggling anyone else’s mind too….

    • Nope, not really. As soon as I saw the photo of suspect vehicle type in the original story I put it together. Just sorry LEO had to put themselves at risk over this.

    • My mind too is boggled.

    • Henchman Of Justice

      Ya, cops take unloaded gun for safe keeping, tell trimmers that they must apply to get feds to decide if they get guns back……..

      Gun laws are all deceptive in order for the true intentions to play out (disarming Americas private sector)

  • Will this be written into the upcoming TV series?

  • Only in Humboldt County….

  • How else do you get your money you’ve worked for?we were partners with a rip off artist that’s done the same thing.to others as.well as us.we got hit hard!![edit]if you work for pay you should get paid.i don’t care what the work is.fair is fair!wtf

    • Great story G-ma thanks for sharing.

    • I got ripped by a Humboldt Co grower in 2011 for an entire season of “guaranteed” pay. The paycheck that never showed turned into a few elbows that I ended up getting busted for attempting to cash.

      I’ve thought about ways to get back at this person but most lead to potential trouble with the law and probably not worth the effort in the end.

  • Typical victim , lies

  • What the hell ?!?!?!?

  • Honeydew Bridge Chump

    Sounds like LA was a no go for the grower, couldn’t sport the cash, and dropped the dime after making a deal

    Typical dirtbag, no honor, no respect.

    Hope the unmarked choppers have a grid on that trashbag.

    If they were running the truck wouldn’t be on the main road.

    Hope the Bulgarian Front moves next door.

  • Cops can interpret the law anyway they want ,and they are selling the weed as we speak .

    • Honeydew Bridge Chump

      Yea and watching the caller to pull him coming back from LA.

      Always pay workers first. Don’t drop a dime, wouldn’t shock me if grow slime gave the pistol as part of the deal.

      Respect gets respect, and if you’re a cool cat, you don’t have to look over your shoulder.

  • What’s a “…live stock deputy…?” af

  • So wait a minute….. Possession of an unloaded gun is NOT illegal but S.O. took it for “safekeeping”? Now they have to go through a DOJ background check to get it back, which is not a free process. Can someone explain? Is it legal for LE to take a legally possessed weapon? Apparently it was not determined it was used in a crime. Any information would be appreciated. No nasty, anti government comments, please.

    • to get it back they need to apply to DOJ with proof of ownership or purchase , thats one form that costs 20$ then as of a couple years ago ALL guns bought in calif or returned after confiscated , need to be registered , thats another form at 20$ , and need to pass a background check to make sure returned guns go into the hands of a legal person thats allowed to own them and thats an additional cost .
      and since they got a ticket to appear in court to determine if a crime was committed , its authorities best interest to confiscate the gun for safety of all involved

    • If the gun was not registered to either of the people in the truck then they are required to take it. If the gun is not registered they are required by law (passed by the legislature’s gun control laws) to take it. Then they have to go thru all the steps described by clearlake fool. With the possiblity that a crime was committed they would be fools if they didn’t take it. Lets see where this goes from here since neither party has witnesses to support their “story”.

      If the grower or the trimmers want the “medicine” back, they can petition the courts for it’s return. They have to provide the same proof of ownership and ability to legally posses it also. So it looks like everyone looses out….no dope for the grower, the trimmers worked for free, and deputies got to do a lot of writting for nothing. Or the trimmers can set new law by taking the grower to court for non payment of wages…or maybe file a claim thru the Labor Board. Help out the future trimmers. This happens more times than we know about.

      • Henchman Of Justice

        R U saying old ass guns manufactured, bought and sold in America PRIOR TO LATEST BAMBOOZLING LAWS, must be registered all of a sudden.

        Fuck that shit!

  • It’s the cops, like I said they can do whatever they want .30# use to be a felony .did they have a 215 ,but even with that I don’t think it covers 30# medicine ,so what is the real story only the cops ,and the government know for sure .I thought any gun involved with a controlled substance. Was not good .as far as a back round check on the gun owner .if they are a felon .it’s off to jail ,so apprentally they were.not hence take the weed and the gun .,and give them a ticket .for 30 #

    • Honeydew Bridge Chump

      2 15# scripts does… it’s not that much, considering the report was undried, not processed. More like 10 of larf some seedy grower that couldn’t get his chick gave, when LA didn’t answer the phone.

  • “We just happened to have two deputies in the area, livestock deputies,” he said. “They detained the people at gunpoint.”

    (woop woop woop)


  • This story seems to be getting close to the seizure issue…so see this LA Times story about a probable revision limiting the police property seizure to $40,000.


    The problem not mentioned in the article is the police use of account skimmers that are electronic devices they have that can strip the money from your debit cards (because some crooks somewhere have paid people with these) as well as take money from bank accounts.

    I hope the use of those devices is banned altogether…but a good point made in the LA Times comment section is that it almost encourages the police to accumulate enough property to seize to meet the $40,000 limit.

    The worst thing is that this was the end result of some negotiation with police chiefs and legislators!

  • The grower “went dark” and wouldn’t talk anymore? What a piece of shit to call it in as armed robbery but then not help once they were caught! If I was law enforcement (and I surely am not) I would do nothing for weed-related rip-offs and let them kill each other over their squabbles. I’m still not sure how 30 pounds becomes a misdemeanor ticket. I’d like to see those 2 “rip-offs” arrested, then the grower busted and arrested. Because now we all know that nothing bad will happen from any of this behavior so guess what? DO IT MORE EVERYBODY!! That is the take-home message from the sheriff. Great. And we spin into the toilet bowl a little quicker….

  • They sure find alot of stolen or unregistered guns.and they.never call me about our stolen pistol?it’s reg.or my neighbors.somebodys getting them if the owners don’t.i don’t know just a guess,because I’m bothered by all these criminal’s with my gun possibly killing someone or robbing.shit

  • Almost like reading a short story written by Kym’s anonymous author friend. Can’t wait for the ending. 🙂

  • Why does everyone assume the suspects are telling the truth? They could totally be lying. They have the gun, maybey they tossed the bullets or never had any. They weren’t just gonna confess they committed a crime, that wouldn’t be good for them now would it.. There are so many Theives these days.. I’m not buying there story…. It’s stupid of the victim to not respond to the sheriff’s after they were caught, but growers get paranoid and mabey he just decided it wasn’t worth it to have the cops involved who might come to his place and stuff. At least they got there gun taken…people doing weed business shouldn’t carry guns.

  • colormeskeptical

    My initial reaction is that both the growers, and the trimmers (if they were his trimmers) is lying. First off, it’s highly unusual for anyone to make or accept payment in freshly harvested “wet” bud. Because until it’s dried and trimmed you don’t really know how much you’ve got. So the trimmers’ story seems highly suspect to me right off the bat. But it may very well be the case that they were indeed trimmers for this grower, and the grower refused to pay them, or there was a dispute over what they were owed or when they would be payed, or in what form — and then the trimmers went and got their (unloaded at the time, or not) gun and took what they felt they were owed. Then both parties told the police a version that portrayed themselves as the victims — the grower pretending he didn’t know the “robbers” as if it was some random rip-off, and the trimmers pretending that they had come to a peaceful settlement with the grower, not involving their (now-unloaded) gun. Anyway, that’s my guess — both parties are lying.

    • I’m shocked. People in the weed industry being dishonest?

    • Henchman Of Justice

      If dispute was “leave, get the fuck out now, here is what you get”, the story is plausible.

      Life is still “a first in many aspects” as if “ya can’t make that story up” ironies.

  • Past time to legalize cannabis and end this illicit wild west growing scene. We need regulation to protect the workers, the environment and the consumers … time for the growers to play by the same rules as everybody else who owns a business.

  • Like Paul Harvey used to say, “and now for the rest of the story….”

  • First off, really doubt they trimmed 30 lbs cash value of stuff. (not at the usual 200 per lb anyway) secondly, just because they had a different story and the victim couldn’t be contacted they let them go?? are you kidding me??

    • That wet thirty pounds would probably dry and trim out to less than 7 lbs.

      Two people trimming a total of 70 dried and finished pounds could easily earn 7 lbs of finished material in a couple of weeks time.

  • The grow scene around here had a lot to do with two young ladies being killed last Month..and the cops did nothing (yet). Most likely because the person who hit them sold allot of weed..
    Yet they will cite and harass people who growers call in..
    Humboldt is one screwed up place.

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