Unable to “Bear” Anymore Bad News?

Bear Full Face 6835

Seeing a bear in the wild is lucky, photographing one even luckier and filming one taking a cooling swim, luckiest of all.

Former Supervisor Jill Duffy caught these handsome bear photos back in June and one of favorite local trackers, Kim Cabrera, caught this swimming bear on her game camera. (Go here to see a bear eating raspberries–Yikes, prickly!)

Have you ever photographed a bear?
Bear in June 6851: Jill Duffy



  • This story is unbearably cute !

    (sorry, just had to say it)

  • So sweet!!thanks so much for making me smile

  • Great video. Another good one is at http://www.ktvu.com under Local News showing a mother bear and her cubs swimming in Lake Tahoe.

  • Share a bear
    if you’ve got a photo, that is…

  • this was taken on our land on south fork mountain near mad river about 13 yrs ago.. this guy is peeking around a tree, looking down on our cabin/flat to see if we are around

  • This one looked enough like a bear we named her Ursa.

  • He’s the handsome one…. Ullr.

    She’s the cute one… and my daughter, too.


  • Nice shots.

    We rolled up on a big black bear eating thimble berries the other day here in Oregon but was so intent on watching him that I never even thought of filming with a phone camera.

  • Dear Humans,
    So, there I was, minding my own damn business, when this stinky, loud idiot came out of the woods, with some strange electronic device.
    I finally stumbled upon that patch of berries I’d been smelling all morning and started eating them, my morning breakfast if you will, when this stinky barbarian just came crashing like a herd of moose, crackling branches…. the nerve. His strange box device kept making noises, as they laughed and pointed at me.
    I felt like eating them at first… but they are kind of scary smelly critters. I decided it was best to just move on.
    You guys are rude, and if my friends or my wife was around, I would have likely eaten you. I usually go for the slow ones first, or the slow stoned ones, but they taste nasty and with the marijuana in their system, they make me hungry for days. You know how hard it is to find a pizza and hot wings in the woods? Stop getting stoned… it makes you taste funny and makes my head spin and gives me the berry munchies.
    Mind your own business and stay in your city dwellings please. I don’t go root through your dumpsters very often, so stay out of my woods.

  • Great photos and video reminding us of our fragile co-existence with wild animals in their natural setting.

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