Provident Credit Union in Eureka Robbed…Again

Police tape around Provident Credit Union after robbery

Police tape around Provident Credit Union after robbery [Photo from a reader.]

Provident Credit Union in the 2900 block of Central Avenue in Eureka was robbed about 5 p.m. today. The same credit union was also robbed July 27 by a fedora-wearing suspect. According to scanner traffic, today, a white male adult wearing a black hat and armed with a black handgun made off with an undisclosed amount of cash.



  • Sounds like the description of the guy that is being sought for the alleged robbery at the Eureka gas station this morning.

  • jesus, I would love to see the stats of armed robberys that have happened this year in eureka compared to previous years. Seems like this happens once a day.

  • It’s the same scumbag

  • It’s really not safe in pukereaka anymore ,as a kid back in the sixty s going to eureka from sprowl creek was a very big deal going to what we thought was a huge mall the old were Winco is now the opposite end of the mall was payless store .down town Ben Franklin .,but now 50 yrs later sad to see so much thievery , drug abuse violence . wish I had the answers . I just pray it gets better for the native humboldt people .Not very many of us left my sister and I are all that left .all my emediate family are deceased I wonder what’s in store for my grand baby s .

    • Remember the breeze way at the old mall?there were lots of stores down there.around the side or down the stairs.loved that place then.coy pond ice cream shop,court cafe by the pond .it was awsome

      • those definately were the days! it was such a cool little mall, all the great smells, the popcorn, all the little shops. what a great time that was!

  • Would an armed guard be offset by insurance?

  • That brough back memories G-MA

  • This is absolutely ridiculous. The real sad thing is there are only two detectives on EPD so if you are the victim of a violent crime where you had the good fortune to survive your case will get pushed back over and over again because of all the new crimes that are occurring. How do you think that makes the victim feel that their case isn’t being investigated because of all the new crime happening? Might it be prudent for EPD to start getting more detectives to address these investigations? It’s only going to get worse. As the victim of a violent crime it is detrimental to your healing to know your case is getting the full attention of someone who cares and the person who committed the crime against you is held accountable. It isn’t happening folks. Be afraid be very afraid! And be angry too that these assholes are walking the streets getting away with murder, attempted murder and violent assaults, etc. I’m angry. Real angry and disgusted. My life was forever changed and I almost died. Who cares? Seriously? Law enforcement, district attorney? Show me you care about my life and hold the assholes accountable.

    • I am so sorry to read that you are a survivor of a violent crime. We do need to feel safe in our community. And, yes, there needs to be more help solving the growing crime problems.

  • Winchells donuts

  • When that “person”tried to rob me at the mall,I was so pissed off I think I really hurt him.the sad part is I don’t feel that wrong?he probley walked and talked funny for awhile,but I’m sure he kept robbing.years ago I would have said,he must have needed it more than me

  • Luv your comments G-MA you are a native humboldt people person .you remember the stuff I remember about humboldt co ,so back in the day .I miss those years.

  • I miss those years too that’s back when Eureka was the place to be.everyone loved coming here,the crab the fishing,the boating,old town,fishing off the docks of Lazio’s.i was,am a I did it all wasn’t afraid to do,or try anything.Its all still here!!

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