Mateel Promises to ‘Pull the Plug’ on Sizzla’s Performance if He Uses ‘Derogatory Speech’

Sizzla by Kim Sallaway

All photos by Kim Sallaway. See more of his Humboldt photography here.

Just as Reggae on the River is set to begin a festival of love and light today, a controversy pushed headliner Sizzla on the stage of a discussion about what is acceptable behavior.   Sizzla (along with 10 other reggae musicians) was refused a visa to the United States because his lyrics advocate violence towards homosexuals. However, Sizzla was recently given a visa and Reggae on the River is his first venue.

Yesterday, the North Coast Journal and the Lost Coast Outpost posted stories about Sizzla. They pointed out examples of Sizzla’s lyrics.

Sizzla released Nah Apologize in response to calls for him to dial back on his songs advocating death for gays or batty boys. In it he declares, “Rastaman don’t apologize to no batty boy/If yuh diss King Selassie I, mi gunshot yuh boy.” (Oddly, just a few lines before, he proclaims, “Ras Tafari just throw forth his love and kindness in the morning and the faithfulness/Every night.”

Today, Justin Crellin from Reggae on the River responded to the stories. He wrote,

Please note that Sizzla has been booked on the show since we first announced the line-up over 5 months ago- and we received no concerns about him being on the bill until very recently- despite a great deal of local publicity.  That said, we now recognize there are concerns within the community about his appearance on the show.

We have an assurance from management that no derogatory speech will occur and have protocol in place to pull the plug on his performance should anything like this happen.  We will also be posting a values statement at our artist merchandise booth and will be talking from the stage (and in our press tent) encouraging our audience to sign this document with the intent to share it with his management and send a message about where we stand as a community and to underscore what we expect from our artists- with the ultimate goal of fostering real dialogue on an issue that is sadly pervasive in Jamaican culture.

To this end, we will also be utilizing funds from our 2016 Ambassador Program- which funnels 10% of funds from our Ambassador ticket sales to global charities related to reggae culture- to directly support the work of an NPO in Jamaica that is working to combat this issue and foster tolerance and understanding regarding the LGBTQ community.

Tune in Saturday as the show is being livestreamed to see what happens when Sizzla sings.




  • Well leave it to reggae in the river to bring controversell artists. They must be hard up for performers .the guy barely got his visa . I guess he doesn’t have freedom of speech wonder how this will go over ?

  • When it comes to tickets our “community” center will even push hate to sell a few more tickets. Just by booking him proves how much they don’t pay attention to the music. What’s next Trump signs on the main stage?

  • I wasn’t going.. But now I’ll never go.. What were they thinking?

  • If a statement was to be made about not wanting him to come.. contact Immigration.

  • Hugo Phuckurselph

    Wha him say, sir? Ehh, me no understand da lyrics, me only like da riddims…

  • If he advocates violence against anyone he shouldn’t be allowed in the USA, let alone play Reggae on the River.

  • Why does everyone around here like reggae music so much anyway? All kinda sounds the same.

  • I seem to remember a show at the Mateel years ago with another disrespectful artist….

  • The terrorists hated us for our rights like Free Speech. They must love us now…

    • Hey there Terry L. Clark hiding behind a Guy Fawkes mask. Advocating for the murdering of groups of people based upon their sexual orientation isn’t what freedom of speech was meant for. But then again maybe that’s why you’re hiding behind a mask that represents equality while saying what you say.
      Oh look! I just saw a stray dog running in traffic along the 101 just north of Arcata… You should probably go run after it lol.

      • Terry does have a point, I guess it’s ok for rap artists to promote violence against women. Nobody seems to care🤔
        Reggae music sucks anyway

        • There’s a lot of hate for women and LGBT people that comes from this angry culture of rap and reggae alike. Don’t make it right and as long as people are silent about it, it will remain a culture of hate cloaked in the false image of peace & love. People need to speak up; unless you dig using women for their bodies and murdering gays.

          • woh. Are you promoting someone to kill themselves?

            While your right on with your sentiment towards Sizzla. Your intolerance towards Terrys opinion is a bit much.

            Fortunately freedoms in this country include speech. Which is meant for ALL, whether you like the speech or not. That’s what makes America great NOW. Denying his visa was a good start. Not going to Reggae on the river is another way to show your disdain. HOWEVER, reggae music has many genres and ages. I prefer toots. Might wanna listen to him before you think all reggae culture s like Sizzla. Stay up Coletta!

          • The hatred he speaks of is directed towards the politicians and gangsters that rape the young boys in the community. It’s hard for Americans to understand a culture we were not raised in. Of coarse it’s not right, but if people do not want to listen….then don’t. Sizzla puts on a helluva show!

          • what about the people in the world that see gays and lesbians as DISGUSTING? Fat people, racists and gays and lesbians disgust me. But nobody cares about what I like or do not like. I will now be attacked for sharing my opinion but why is my opinion so wrong? [edit] In fact its really dumb when you think about it. so yeahs gays, racists and fat people, we could do without them in my opinion.

  • Have fun with that. He will say something derogatory. The problem is trying to understand what he is saying. I like Sizzle, but knowing they will “pull the plug”, I guess I will stay at home and save some money.

  • How come no one ever comes down on the high and mighty Bob Marley with homophobic lyrics dating back to 1973? The songs ‘Midnight Ravers’ and ‘Who The Cap Fits’ both contain homophobic lyrics. We could also go into a discussion about the misogyny of Jamacan culture.

    • Maybe because he’s freaking dead as a door nail?
      But I agree people should speak of him for being the hater he was.

  • Education is the key

    education and dialogue are the keys not completely shutting down our opportunity to show people like sizzle that it is ok for anyone to love anyone they want. He was most likely raised from age one that there was something wrong with being gay and his government did nothing to educate the youth that it was OK,so all of his elders teachers and authoritative figures told him from the beginning of his life it was evil to be gay. So who’s fault is it the systems or his for believing everything he has been taught from day one and now you want to tell him he’s not allowed to come here. All that will do is spread more hate and he will believe that gay people are evil because he won’t have the opportunity to learn.

  • Will they have a translator or are there enough egomaniac white people in Humboldt who understand patois to catch him? If you don’t like it,dont go.

  • I love how crellin defends himself in the opening paragraph.. chunky. We tried calling him years ago two years in a row to get a free day pass because we are neighbirs and hafta out up with a lot of people in our neighborhood for two weeks and he never called us back. The material is not what it once was. It’s just run by arrogant pot growers who think their status as a ganja grower gives them insight into more than it does. And the power tripping!! I am sick of whenever we have gone to reggae the amount of local guys riding four-wheelers acting like they own the world. Weak festival.

  • World wide problem

    A Very high percentage of Jamaicans think it is completely wrong to be gay and their government has encouraged those thoughts so should we as a country never visit Jamaica should we not let any Jamaicans come into America because I would bet a huge percentage of the Jamaicans that visit America think being gay is wrong and that’s because that’s what they’ve been told and taught along with thousands of other people around the world that visit here. Being gay is still a punishable crime in many places. imagine being a 10-year-old in one of those countries and you’re being taught that it is illegal and wrong. Does that make that 10-year-old a bad person to whole heartedly believe what they have learned?

  • So if he starts saying stuff on stage the audience can boo him off. Whether I agree or not people have a right to their opinion. This politically correct world we live in is nauseating. It’s ok for people to vocalize their love and acceptance of gays yet no one can say they don’t agree with the gay culture? It seems a double standard. Me I don’t care what someone’s sexuality is as long as they are happy. If I heard a song bashing homosexuals I can choose to not listen and walk away. Come on people!

    • I have to say that folks in my life don’t agree with the gay lifestyle. I still love them. But there’s a huge difference between not agreeing and saying that someone should be shot….

      • How do you not agree with something that someone is? Doesn’t make sense when it comes to who someone wants to be with. Just small minded ignorance. Being gay isn’t a lifestyle choice like being a pot grower or journalist , it’s who someone is just like their ethnicity.

      • We all have a right to be who we are just so long as it doesn’t hurt other people doing so.

      • I can see your point too. I just don’t get the hate. So much friggen hate and judgement. Because someone is gay, white, black, law enforcement, Christian, Jew, American, Muslim. Hate hate hate.

  • Well to be politically correct, that’s so LGBT!!!

  • That’s all well and good but what measures is Reggae in the River doing to cut back on rape and sexual assault. And will they at least announce to the public when they are looking for a rapist that just assaulted a woman and is still loose? They often get a description from the victim how about put a BOLO out ROTR. Jeez!

  • Poster formerly known as Matt

    I think a lot of people, like Zen (above), are confusing being anti-gay vs advocating for the murder of gay people. Sizzla is in the latter category. It’d be like booking a neonazi with lyrics about hanging Jews and African Americans. There’s a difference between intolerance and hate speech that encourages violence.

  • To benbow Lesbians Gays I think B is for bisexual T is for trans gender
    I remember when raggae started .its was mostly about running around naked getting ,stoned ,listening to music in my opinion sucks I’m a rock and roll kinda guy .so I guess that’s why I’ve only went once .,and I was working there like I said I got paid .32 yrs of pollution in and around the eel river .I speak the truth .I think the matel center has made enough money with the rastafarians. I have a idea how about rock and roll on the river I don’think you’d catch the rock a roll crowd defacating in the eel river .just my opinion.

  • So where do the bears shit?

  • There is a big difference between happy peace love Americanized reggae music and Rastafarian reggae music. Rasta is a religion. A conservative religion rooted in old testament doctrine that prohibits homosexuality. Why anyine is surprised that a Rasta is against homosexuality is beyond me? It’s like being shocked that St. Joes doesn’t tue tubes. It’s a Catholic hospital. If you don’t agreewith rasta beliefs , don’t attend a rasta rooted music festival.

    • PS this is one of many reasons I am not attending Reggae on the River.

      • nobody cares why you are attending or not, you dont like Rasta music nobody cares, stay at home. Why the need to tell us you will be staying at home? WE DONT CARE

  • Re: “the gay lifestyle” .. oh boy. where to start with that. Some people still have the mistaken idea that gayness is a choice, like you wear a cowboy hat one day and a bowtie the next. Gayness is not about a choice, or a fashion, or a lifestyle. It’s about who you are, who you love, how you see yourself in the world. Here’s an analogy. You can be born a brunette. that’s what you were born with. You can dye your hair; that’s a choice. Or born with blue eyes, that’s what you’re born with. You can get tinted contact lenses, that’s a choice, but your eyes are still blue. That’s not a choice, or a “blue-eyed lifestyle.” You can’t choose to be gay. You can only choose to hide it, or live as openly in your sexual orientation as the dominant part of our culture does.

    Then here’s why this fellow was denied a visa to the US for 8 years. Not because he’s a rasta, not because he’s part of an old-fashioned religion whose current writings or interpretations are anti-gay. Because he promotes hatred toward, and murder of, gays. He was denied access to the US because of his hate speech and his active promotion of violence toward a target group of people.

    • thank you onlooker…as a gay man, I very much dislike the phrase ‘the gay lifestyle’. Being gay is a small part of who I am and I’m pretty sure my life is not much different from any one else in my community who is looking for growth, fulfillment, friendship, security, someone to share my life with and the love of family, etc.

      • I’m sorry. I know a lot of different LGBTQ folks and they live many different “styles” of life. It wasn’t my intention to imply otherwise. I think I was hearing a specific relative in my head when I used the term.

  • Haters attract haters. Even if they can’t understand a word each other says. It’s a negative vibe thing. Hopefully those in charge will take responsibility when the haters take it to far and someone gets hurts.
    I will be watching the news.

    • So everyone at reggae is a hater?

      • Of course not – haters appreciate any kind of hatefulness. They are attracted to it. Are you hating on me? Kind of a weird question to ask. If you want to fight – talk to Pink. I am sure you have better and more positive things to do than twist my words Bigg Robb 😉
        Peace be with you …. I have been to this river event and loved it.

        • Peace be with you too. My nickname is Bigg Love😘 I was just looking for clarification. Not a weird question just an honest one.

  • Justin… We don’t need this crap.. Surely you knew of his visa problem.. I’m very very disappointed in your judgement.. It sucks..!

  • Anthony b and a few other musicians are also baba ras (one of the few mansions of Rastafari) and that sect in particular is know for being a very anti gay religion. So a festival all of love and light?? Halfway . The rest is just ignorance and ego and that racist Agnes talking into the mic

  • people still go to RotR? I haven’t been for almost 10 years. Too hot and too dusty, plus ticket prices are ridiculous. I used to go just to drink and do drugs, but then I realized I can do that at my house for free XD

  • Oh wow! Yeah, that will make everything cool I am sure. “We paid top dollar to fly in a guy who encourages killing homosexuals but we really are about love and understanding. We told him not to say mean stuff on our stage.” Nice fixing it up there!..sarcasm…I’d say the person doing the booking for this event is clueless and should be replaced yesterday.

  • I never heard of Sizzla before today, Justin Crellin, because I don’t dwell in that gutter, so of course I did not complain before. You knew all about him, however, and you deliberately hired the longtime, international symbol of hatred and violence, making him look acceptable. The fact that you know you need a kill switch for his performance means you know you’ve done wrong. Shame on you, Justin, and shame on the Mateel.

  • Call the Reggae sponsors and tell them what you think about how their sponsorship money is being spent. They are listed here.

    They’ll be happy to know that they are forever linked with sponsoring an international asshole who advocates hatred and violence against gays. I’m sure the Mateel Community Center did not tell them about this beforehand.

  • Perhaps a 7 second delay so the lyrics can be censored if need be…. ah shit! it’s live… Good luck with the plug
    pulling thing… you might need it

    Pete Seeger tried to pull the plug on Bob Dylan once
    (just a little history)

  • I’m going to hope that the Mateel Board of Directors is having an emergency meeting tonight about how to get out of the homophobic public relations disaster they’ve muddled into.

    Who Is The Board of Directors?

    2016 Board of Directors:

    Garth Epling ~ President
    Casandra Taliaferro ~ Treasurer
    Anna Rogers ~ Secretary
    Brian St. Clair ~ VP
    Patty Torbert
    Jackie Pantaleo
    Dusty Hughston
    Charlotte Silverstein
    Jubal Sherman

  • Mendoyahoereggaefan

    Booking Sizzla in the first place was just a bad decision. He’s controversial and not a good live act. Even before he blew his voice out and he was putting out quality music he sucked live. Questionable vibes and cutting every song short trying to get the hype thing going isn’t that fun. Reggae has become more intelligent and respectful of all people, not just Rastafarians so why showcase a tired act like Sizzla? Even dumber is to have Protege, one of the most conscious and crowd pleasing artists play Thur when a lot of people can’t be there. Very frustrating. For all the great reggae the Mateel has brought us over the years, they have equally made horrible decisions and made me want to pull my hair out. Arg.

  • When these artist ie sizzla say ‘mi get mi big gun and go shoot batty boy’ he does not mean literally. Rasta use a thing called word sound and power. The music is his gun and it is evident by the lgbt response that they don’t understand this. Sizzla is technically using a different language which isn’t being translated correctly to purposely allow for a incorrect interpretation. How many gay people has sizzla shot or attempted to shoot ??? NONE ! How many has he been accused of shooting or attempting to shoot??? None! He is using metaphor for what is written in the Old Testament. Should be ban the publication of the bible because it’s that book that states homosexuality should be punished by death. Or should we ban the USA government who actually allow the killing of black American citizens by US police force to go unpunished. Some hypocritical arguments going on here then hey????? Jeez, don’t go to the shows. Stop using sizzla to fight against Rastafarian culture.

    • I’m pretty sure I would have a hard time understanding that an artist was speaking metaphorically if he was advocating shooting redheads and burning gingers. I’m pretty sure you would have a problem if another artist was advocating in their music shooting black men and burning black women.

      Most reasonable people would say that Sizzla can sing what he wants; but they also would argue that people who care about gay rights should not provide him a platform to do so. Freedom of expression doesn’t mean that we have to listen to you no matter what hate you spew.

  • Sizzla is much older now he’s so mellow now relax he’s not gonna say anything.
    Last time he played the Mateel he was ultra cool and nice people have to understand that most of that stuff he wrote was when he was like 19 years old chill out people !!!

    • Just as recently as last week he was advocating that people burn lesbians.

      • That was in a different place and different culture.

        Here we value free speech, the only limit is to protect us from physical harm. The classic is yelling fire in a crowded theater because in the panic people are likely to get hurt. In the same way advocating violence is not protected, it leads to the bombs being thrown into churches where little girls are killed.

        His is a mixed message he also said this:
        ” ‘When you look pon the television you see all kinds of terrorist act, try not make it reach here because we don’t want it here and those things will only distract you from education, development, and repatriation,’ he said before closing his performance.

        He also mentioned his disapproval of the shooting around the world among police and civilians and general gun violence. ‘Me ah also bun domestic violence, we don’t want to see nobody get shoot by police down here, and nobody ah shoot police. Keep Tortola clean, lead by example,’ Sizzla appealed to residents.”

        It sounds as if he has been told his message of love and respect is welcome, advocating violence against “funny man” isn’t and that it will end his performance. Hope it is a wonderful ROTR.

        • So is it okay to rape-murder lesbians, as happens in Jamaica, because that’s a “different place and different culture”? SICK! Wrong is just… wrong.

  • It’s not literal – burn means he disagrees with something that’s all – Jamaican language is not Englush so please accept the translation or stay ignorant to the truth – no offence meant.

    • And shooting means he just disagrees with something? “Rastaman don’t apologize to no batty-boy
      If yuh dis’ King Selassie I,mih gunshot yuh boy”

      Can you tell me how you came up with this? Because when I search online for support for your position, I can’t find any.

      Look, Sizzla has a right to his opinion. Media and gay rights groups have a right to expose his views and the public has the freedom to be outraged and not want to support him. Just as Sizzla has the right to express the opinion that gay people should be shot others have the right to express that his opinions are repugnant and that he shouldn’t be given a platform to express them. For instance, on my website people are not allowed to use racial or gender slurs or advocate violence. If he were to comment using those terms his comment would be edited or possibly deleted.

      • your comment makes no sense, freedom of speech means nothing should be edited or deleted. But you clearly do not believe in freedom of speech because people can not speak freely or you will edit them. Look at yourself in the mirror before you start pointing fingers.

        • Freedom of speech means you have the right to speak all you want. My freedom means I don’t have to let you do it on my private website. You are free to start your own. But you do not have the right to force me to allow you to say things on my site that I don’t want. I allow a wide range of expression. I do not allow racial or sexual slurs or incitements to violence. You may think I’m wrong and boycott my site. That’s your right.

          • Sizzla issue aside. I live more than 6 miles away from the ROTR site. Over the 32 years it has been there I never heard it where I am, except those few years when it was at the Dimmick Ranch. The night acoustics there, for lack of a better phrase, did make its presence known by base sounds carrying over at least 6 mountain tops and down to me.
            Last evening, Friday 8-5, around midnight until well past 4:10 AM, 8-6, I was awakened several times to the thump, thump, thump of the bass drums coming out of Frenches Camp. Not especially loud, but not sleep inducing either. Windows were closed, btw, it was a chilly night.

            I thought there was a noise and time clause in the CUP and I’m not aware of any schedule where bands would be playing up to that ungodly hour of the morning.

            Perhaps someone at the MCC can explain this. Just when I thought that the new, improved, Mateel was getting it’s act together it’s like back to square one. What gives?

            • otherside of the hill

              It is louder than ever-even with the wind. Did I hear bass runs at dawn?!

              • Apparently, that “plug” they were prepared to “pull” if sizzla overstepped the bounds of propriety, cannot be found. Anywhere! Heavily amped music continued all night (Sat) until 7:20 AM Sunday, after a Fri-Sat session that ended after 4:00 AM. I thought they had a 1:00 AM music abatement in the CUP.

                Where was LE on this? They closed down the pot lounge because of permit irregularities but do nothing about a more than 6 hour music extravaganza past curfew? Time and a half, or double time $$$ charged to MCC, takes care of that, I guess.

                This is a willful and deliberate encroachment into the quiet enjoyment rights of neighbors. No wonder the good Mateel folks of So Hum did not want ROTR up in Myers Flat in 1996, where the late Doug Green was trying to move it. Not In My Back Yard, oh no. We like it just fine down on the southern border. Nobody in Garberville north hears it, just rake in da moola. “Please sir, or madam, can I have more?”

                Have no idea who is in charge here, Crellin? Epling? Who?

                It’s time to start making legal inquiries into Humboldt Planning and the owners of the property, Arthur family trust’s culpability and legal liability in this in-your-face noise pollution.

                MCC is a toxic organization that can’t be trusted sitting your cat.

                • Then you better get ready for even more Boom Boom Boom baby, if the Southern Humboldt Community Park Board gets what they want. They are requesting and proposing allot of outdoor musical festivals, genres and concerts right in Garberville’s back yard, for example; two day music festival with up to 4000 attendees and 1000 vendors, staff and entertainers with camping onsite. Plus; 5 more musical concerts and performances with attendance up to 2,500 people daily in addition to staff and vendors camping on site. Here’s how they say it: “The attendance would fluctuate over the course of the day and the total number of attendees on the site at any one time would be less than the 1-day total”, Wow, I’m sure the Mateel would love to have that kind of latitude with ticket sales at Reggae…

                  Oh yeah, the Park Board also wants to have an unlimited amount of what they call “small events”, with up to 800 daily attendance that include amplified music events and concerts all year, but mostly in the spring, summer and fall and only until midnight on Friday and Saturday nights. And of course we know amplified music is played softer and at much lower volume with events under 800 people, right?

                  I’m sure the Park Board will be accountable for their actions, easy to contact and make dam sure no one will be disturbed or affected by their events…


                • otherside of the hill

                  I had a morning greeting of throbbing music 6am Sunday, miles away- Do they ever sleep? The psychology of the festival environment is a puzzle, people are paying to live like a refugee for 3 days, marinated with over stimulation, and over exposure, drugs and alcohol, on gravel…
                  Whooo Hooo! PArty!

    • Ummm no, “burn” is NOT METAPHORICAL. Anyone who has lived for a while in Jamaica will have seen mob machete-and-fire killings, of accused thieves, accused homosexuals, accused “obeah woman”. Chuck Fenda glorifies this sick phenomenon in his tune “Gash Dem and Light Dem”. Dwayne Jones, a sixteen year old boy, was brutally tortured and murdered in his own town, in his own country, for wearing a dress to a party. He was macheted, stabbed, run over with a car, left for dead… and then macheted, stabbed and run over with a car AGAIN when his killers came back two hours later and found the breath of life in his unconscious body. It’s been a few years now and no one has been charged.

  • That’s why no artists is saying burn a hair colour ?? Cause Rastafarian culture does not care what colour your hair is ha ha – sorry for laughing but that is a strange comment.

  • Food for thought

    First man in history to have a problem with lesbian…..

  • Don't touch my mic bitches

    This is a lame bit of controversy. Humboldt and Mendo peeps have been listening to all sorts of this type of Reggae for years. Bounty killer, beanie man, sizzla, the list goes on and on. The Violence and gay bashing has been there the whole time and no one cared before. People just need to stop being [edit]. That’s their culture, not ours. The LGBT community actually have rights here. That’s awesome too, but asking an artist to change his material so it doesn’t hurt someone’s feelings is fucked up. Unless they’re starting a hate rally, if you pull the plug on any artist I will never attend another Mateel function ever.

  • Can’t we all just, get along?

    • not when their are gays and lesbians running around complaining. They want to be included in society and not judged but anyone noticed they are the most judgmental people on this planet?

      I personally think it is because gays and lesbians are also thee most insecure people on this planet.

  • Don’t conform to pc bull shit …
    Most of us wish we could go back and start over again

  • Eminem can talk about killing his wife and murdering people, black rappers can talk about cracker this and cracker that but Sizzla cannot come to America with out all the gays and lesbians freaking out? What the actual fuck. If you dont like it, dont fucking go. Nobody is making you go. Where I live we get redneck country crap music and their BS racist lyrics and all the stupid idiot fans with their confederate flags and awful beer drinking attitudes. I dont get all up in a hissy fit, it is not for me and I dont agree with it so you know what? I dont go! BIG SHOCKER. All you idiots and gays and lesbians on here need to shut the fuck up and go whine to someone who cares which is only other lesbians and gays. Life is about what you want with it, clearly you have chosen a path that most do not, personally I do not think anyone is born gay or lesbian you just need A LOT of attention or are too insecure to allow yourself to be with the other gender.

  • You have to understand the underlying resentment against the homosexual community in the Caribbean. In the 1980’s the [edit] sodomized and infected thousands of young boys with AIDS on their sexual exploration holidays to the islands.

    • “The faggots”? If anyone “spread AIDS” in the 1980’s it was Jamaican farmworkers, who have wives and children at home yet enthusiastically patronize prostitutes and/or form extra-marital relationships with women in Florida and other parts of the USA, do not use condoms, become infected, and on their return to Jamaica, willy-nilly infect their wives, their childrens’ mothers, and other women in Jamaica. And what difference does it make, anyhow, who infected whom? FIGHT AIDS. DO NOT FIGHT PEOPLE WITH AIDS.

  • #BoycottSizzla ! STOP MURDER MUSIC! DOWN with kill-the-gays lyrics that contribute to the mob murders of homosexual men, rape-murders of lesbian women, who are Jamaicans in their own country! Justice for Gwayne Jones:

  • #BoycottSizzla ! STOP MURDER MUSIC! DOWN with kill-the-gays lyrics that contribute to the mob murders of homosexual men, rape-murders of lesbian women, who are Jamaicans in their own country! Justice for Dwayne Jones:

  • otherside of the hill

    There is so much to dislike about the controlled emergency that is ROTR. For one thing, the site becomes a wildlife sacrifice zone- many years ago – remember back when it was a modest one day event? an attendee complained about the state of the parking lot- you mean the river bar? I replied. Back then there where tiny frogs all over the waters edge- any frogs this year folks?…How IRE is it to be serving gallons of alcohol- Not only beer, but hard liquor- Reggae on the liver anyone?

    How loud does “music” have to be? The throb of bass and drums I hear miles away is just plain oppressive, and there is no getting away from it.

    I liked Reggae- Marley, Tosh, Cliff- they rocked….Red, red wine OK, Smoke two joints, why not? but how bizarre is it that the whim to stage a fundraiser with Reggae acts 32 years ago has spawned generations of festival-heads…Do these folks know anything about Rastafarianism?

    Crellin’s “….what we expect from our artists” statement is strange…If the message, attitude, or culture of an artist is repugnant- don’t hire him!

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