[UPDATE 4:24 p.m.] 30 Pounds of ‘Crops’ Taken in Armed Robbery, Reports Blocksburg Resident

A dispatcher at approximately 2:50 p.m. relayed information to officers that a 211, an armed robbery, had just occurred in the 8000 block of Homestead Road in the Blocksburg area. The dispatcher informed the officers that the reporting person said that “30 pounds of crops [were] taken at gunpoint” by a woman and a man. The gun reportedly used was a handgun.

Law enforcement is headed into the area searching for a suspect vehicle.

UPDATE 3:19 p.m.: Law enforcement has a vehicle matching that of the suspects in view and is running the registration.

UPDATE 3:25 p.m.: Two detained.

UPDATE 4:24  p.m.: A reader sent in this photo.

dark dodge pickup pulled over by Sheriff Humboldt

Law enforcement waits with the suspects’ vehicle after the two occupants were detained and taken elsewhere. [Photo by a reader]



  • Good job Leo…

  • They got em. Have them pulled over and cuffed right before AP bridge.

  • So do they return the weed? Interesting to see how this plays out…they got a permit for them 30 lbs?

  • Awesome!!!! I hate thieves doesn’t matter what they take. Thank you LEO!!!

  • Kinda fucked up that the cops respond so quick to someone getting their weed robbed but it takes them an hour to get to a woman’s house who got broken into right in town. Fuckinb.s.. does nobody else see this??? Is everyone that stoned?

    • No. Who is this is?

    • Just gives you another reason to complain. Cops can’t even do a good job and get a compliment.

      • A good job?? Cops suck. I’m a law-abiding hard working father and have never had a good experience with. Cop. Especially chp. Wouldn’t help me change a tire,took 3 hours to respond to a bad crash I was in…profiling and ego tripping and judgemental.

    • Armed robbery is always taken more seriously as it should be.

      • More seriously than a single woman. Getting her house broken into in the middle of the night? These people play the weed game they know the risks, especially if they deal with unsavory people

    • Car 54 where aren't you?

      Here’s the secret that they don’t tell anyone. At the beginning of each shift the dispatchers get a SCRIPT of all the calls they are going to dispatch that day, with time, location and what kind of call it is. But it’s illegal for them to share that information with the officers in the field.

      So the dispatchers put the calls out on schedule no matter where their deputies are. Sometimes you’re right on top of a call, like happened this afternoon, and sometimes you’re many miles away. And with almost 4000 square miles in Humboldt County that can be a very long ways out. To the officers it seems like the calls are just in random places, but don’t believe it. It’s all planned in advance.

      When citizens call 9-1-1 and interrupt the DCP (Dispatch Call Plan), those calls go to the bottom of the list, and the dispatcher that can hold a 9-1-1 call the longest gets a cash bonus for that day.

    • They didn’t respond for the weed. They responded for the people sticking guns in victims face and threatening murder. Good job sheriff’s dept.

    • Priscilla Galvin


  • Good job LE. How on earth did they get to AP that fast? Must have been a fun ride up from G-ville.

  • Jorge Cervantes

    So in this new era of taxation of illegal crops and what not. My question is will they be required to pay taxes on said product although it was stolen? I guess that’s where the fortuna weed insurance guy comes into play.

  • Sometimes the Sheriff’s are not near town when there’s a call and it takes a long time for them to respond. Mabey this time they were already in the area or at least in G-ville. AP is only 25-30 min. from Garb if your driving fast. I don’t think they are responding to weed Burglaries faster than other calls, as some have complained about on this thread. This victim here just got lucky, and the suspects were dumb enough to just drive out the main road, probably drove straight at the Sheriff’s… they should of went and hid out for awhile, or went over to 36 or some thing.

  • Stupid is what stupid does .

  • It’s rotr weekend there is most definitely law enforcement presece in the area.

  • They let em go!! The reporting party couldn’t be contacted!!!wtf

  • Big thanks to law enforcement.
    Put thieves where they belong, for a long time

  • Curious Curmudgeon

    Coyotekilla said “They let em go!! The reporting party couldn’t be contacted!!!wtf”

    I don’t know where you heard that, but it’s not a bit beyond the realm of possibility. The expression among cops is, with some accuracy, “If there’s no victim, there’s no crime,” in the sense that with no evidence and no witnesses or victims, there’s no case to hand the DA.

    Due to a pretty reasonable fear for their own safety, it’s very common for victims of this kind of violent crime to develop sudden amnesia, or simply tell the cops, “no that’s not who robbed us, they were older/younger/uglier” or whatever. It’s either that or wait around probably for months, having to make repeated trips to the DA’s office and court. All the while watching in fear over their shoulder 24/7.

    Someone else alluded to it, but if the victims are cooperating with the Sheriff’s, they’re gonna be treated very gently. An armed robbery is, by orders of magnitude, much more serious than the weed, and if they want their victims to continue to cooperate through to trial, they’re not gonna threaten them with anything, and they’re likely to get immunity from the DA.

    Reap what you sow, and society pays the tab with continued home invasions and people who simply vanish.

  • So they let them go with a gun and 30 pounds in crops?

  • 30 lbs of medicine. Yeah right.

  • Looks like they weren’t booked for anything. Most likely the person that reported it didn’t show up to identify them.

  • Off with their heads!

  • Yo Kym!
    We want to know about March Kitchen!
    Wtf is taking this long? She killed two young girls!
    This is why we don’t care for this corrupt as system!
    We want justice for the two girls that last their life! Asap!

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