What’s Up at Reggae? Watch It Live Here

Reggae on the River begins tomorrow at French’s Camp. Music will pour forth and happy folks will dance in the new grass bowl through Sunday. Can’t go? Don’t worry. We’ll be carrying this fundraiser for the Mateel Community Center live. Just click the video screen below once the festivities begin on Thursday. Opening ceremony is at 3:45 p.m.

Below is a schedule of who is playing on what day. If that makes you want to go, then click here to pick up your tickets. 

Press release from the Mateel Community Center below:

On the weekend of Thursday, August 4 thru Sunday, August 7, the Mateel Community Center will call fans from around the globe to gather on the banks of the majestic Eel River for the 32nd annual Reggae On The River. One of the most iconic festival experiences on the planet, the 2016 edition will continue the incredible ROTR legacy and every day offers a diverse array of the best in reggae and world music.

A giant Thursday will kick off the festivities for the exclusive enjoyment of 4-day and Ambassador ticket holders for the biggest ROTR early arrival event ever! It will feature Protoje & The Indiggnation, New Kingston, Jah Sun, Lion D, Raphael, Dubtonic Kru, Newen Afrobeat, 7th Generation Rise and an acoustic set by Democratoz.

Friday will welcome 3-day, main event ticket holders and offers highly anticipated sets by Soul Syndicate featuring Mad Professor with Big Youth, U-Roy, Randy Valentine, Marty Dread and Earl Zero; Jah9 & The Dub Treatment; Gappy Ranks; Democratoz; Meleku; and The Dubba Dubs.

Saturday will bring the fire with Sizzla Kalonji & The Fire House Band, King Yellowman, Million Stylez, Ziggi Recado, Fatoumata Diawara, House Of Shem, No Maddz, Locos Por Juana, and Bayonics.

And Sunday will close things out with Anthony B, Mbongwana Star, Jesse Royal, Keznamdi, Sister Carol, Mr Williamz, Addis Pablo, and The I-Deals.

Also featured throughout the weekend will be top DJs/ Sound Systems, and hot guest artists like Keida, Fyakin, Nature, Prince Levy and Rocker-T, plus more than 60 vending/ non-profit booths, a lively KidLandia, and the camping, community, and irie vibes that made Reggae On The River famous.

3 and 4-day tickets are still available- plus the Ambassador Pass for unprecedented perks and access. Tickets are moving fast though- as are RV spaces- so don’t delay in making your plans. And if you crave some extra comfort while tent camping, consider making a reservation in the new Premier Campground, which offers grassy and mixed shade camping with direct access to the concert bowl.

Visit the festival website for all the info and start gearing up for your Reggae On The River pilgrimage today. It’s happening August 4-7 at French’s Camp, in Garberville, CA- heart of the Emerald Triangle- and your destination for a higher vibration! http://www.reggaeontheriver.com



  • Doesn’t an event need to have happened every consecutive year to be called ‘annual’?

  • That just means that the same thing .more garbage and human feces in the eel river .I worked the raggae one year pumping out toilet s worst job I ever done .the raggea goers when it was over they just zipped up there tents with all there gear sleeping bags garbage ,and just left all there crap for some one to clean up.that just shows what kind of people go there .earth first my ass .

    • Yay…lets keep attracting more scum here!..Drugs, greed, rape & debauchery. So irie bra! The corn back trout will be running strong in the Eel again.

      I find more wholesome people at a Slayer concert.

    • The trash they leave is so fuckin rude.and piss in the water.never used to be this bad.it ruins it for all.BUMMER

    • I was thinking exactly the same thing….

  • The Ostrich Hunter

    Went to RotR awhile back. First and last time. Poorly planned, overpriced, weak line up. Seems to be the case again this year.

  • Thanks for the link kym.

  • Not in my town please

    not interested in a Murder Music festival! Thanks anyway

  • Blessings to the salmon and steel head.

    May you all make it through the weekend.

    Sorry our community continues to do this to you Eel River.

  • Reggae on the river may have been a cool festival back in the day,but as someone who spent my twenties going to festivals all over the place like a job,it really ain’t that cool anymore. And the mount of locals riding four wheelers around acting self important is annoying to no end. Ego on the river. That’s all we reflect at least.. seems like the readers here feel similarly. Yes, there area few irie vibes but most people are getting trashed and listening to spiritual music they can’t understand. Transformative? Not really. Try horninga hideout or interlockn to see a real good festival. reggae on the river isn’t a nessesary thing and people are so worked up about it. Get over yourselves.

  • I’ve gone to the 1st reggae and also worked there.its always been great music,but I’m shocked of their choices. This year.sizzla-why???so sad I’ll listen to everyone but HIM.maybe he’s the BATTYMAN

    • Sorry, we had Rainbow flaggers prancing around during his riveting performance with a flag on display, and all was well. He’s an incredibly dynamic artist, and if you dont agree with 5% of his total lyrical content, find another genera.

  • Yes, let’s watch the promoting and possible action of killing gays here live.. Festivals and Reggae on the River in particular is where gay sexual predators are allowed to roam free to commit their devious offenses. Sheltered by the abundance of drugs, lack of personal safety and insufficient governing.
    It’s like Disney Land for sexual predators. Now they’re promoting a Artist that strongly disapproves of that culture?? So much for festival tradition.

    • What do you expect? It’s all about the money. The Eel is in no shape to hold a festival of this size on it’s banks. Do you trust the Mateel? These are the folks that were going to dump a pallet of Lilly Miller chemical death fertilizer all over the riverbed in order to grow grass to keep the dust down. The only reason they didn’t was they got caught with the pallet by someone with some morals, scruples, and a brain.

  • I hope everyone has a great time participating in the dancing and light hearted celebratory vibes. It’s always fun making new friends.

    New friends what? That’s possible?
    Yes, you just need to be happy.

  • Really enjoying the live stream of “The I-deals” right now. They sound great!

    • I’m so glad to know that the live stream was fun for you!

      • Hey Kym, just wanted to let you know Sizzla put on an all-ages, family friendly 3hr set full of positive, encouraging messages that in no way reflect Jamaica’s level of homophobia relative to the SF bay area. I actually witnessed a duo of young ladies proudly bearing the rainbow flag through the crowd throughout his performance, and they appeared to be safe, sound, and non-threatened by the audience of mostly adult white males.

      • Ernie Branscomb

        Being on stage with “The Ideals” was also fun. I remember Doug Cox (bass guitar) as a kid learning to play and dreaming of being in a real band. He made it.

  • Sure ❤️ being able to listen to ROTR on your simulcast . When you can’t go, but your out there helping family

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