Housing First: To House 30 Homeless in 60 Days Is Goal of New Campaign

Press release from the Department of Health and Human Services:

Homeless man facing eviction from his camp

Homeless man facing eviction from his Palco March Camp earlier this year. [Photo by Bobby Kroeker]

The City of Eureka and County of Humboldt are launching a campaign that’s goal is to house 30 homeless people in 60 days.“We’ve been working on this for quite a few months,” said Eureka City Manager Greg Sparks. “We’re very excited to continue to partner with the county to help reduce the barriers for people who need housing.”

The 30-60 Housing First Campaign comes from a recommendation by Sacramento-based consulting firm Focus Strategies which specializes in helping communities develop a systems approach to end homelessness. The city and county commissioned the firm to assist in coming up with a plan for the Eureka area.

In March, the Eureka City Council and Humboldt County Board of Supervisors passed a joint resolution to collaborate on reducing homelessness and adopting a Housing First model.

Housing First is an approach to homeless assistance that prioritizes rapid placement and stabilization in permanent housing and does not have service participation requirements or preconditions such as sobriety or a minimum income threshold.

“Without a safe and clean place to live, it’s difficult for people to address barriers like substance abuse and mental health issues or to pursue employment,” said Humboldt County Department of Health & Human Services Director Connie Beck. “Housing First is rooted in the belief that having a permanent place to live is a precondition for recovery.”

The event will take place on Monday, Aug. 8, from noon to 1 p.m. at Eureka City Hall, 531 K St. in Eureka. Refreshments will be provided.



  • Just another program tax payers are gonna pay for .I highly doubt that the homeless will be able to pay rent. Gotta get the dope first. He’ll with rent I gotta get high .section 8 will pay for it ,wishful thinking .

  • Ever hear of Maslow and the Hierarchy of human needs? Some sense of safety stability and security make for much better conditions to address other issues.. you ever try sleeping on the street sober? It’s just about impossible. But it would never happen to you right? Never your daughter or sister or grandson…

    Our entire economy would collapse as is were we not ALL hopelessly addicted to SH1T from China and Fuel for the truck, more more more knowing EXACTLY what we are leaving the next generations to deal with. Drug addicts are unfortunately the ugly face of our collective framework.

    This recovering addict is now a homeowner/student/bizz owner. Many thanks to the help of friends and family many do not have. This is exciting and i hope I can help.. will be there.

    • Well said , thank you so much . Very intelligent, and heart felt . Also a huge percentage of homeless people today are families and teenagers.(young adults ) children. Who cares who’s going to pay right now. The problem is growing and so is crime. Somethings got to give. First step is proactive, which , looks like someone is trying a solution. The problem is not going to go away by sweeping under the rug , turning a blind eye, or complaining about cost. Do nothing and it will cost much more in the long run . Housing then in jail, i.e. Theft , serious crimes. Ect ect .

      • I know how you could help right away,go out on the street and invite a homeless person to move in with you.

        • MaryJo MoffattMaka

          Odd but love it I used to until…. I was homeless… but I still did it…took people home fed them assured safety,not always hot shower but bathing rest and clothing…then I got housing first and guess what I still do it….

          • Your post made an old Hippie’s heart feel good. Back in the day, doors were open to folks traveling up and down California. Hitch hiking was THE mode of transportation, and friendships were established lasting into today.
            Folks picked up similarly appearing folks and gave them a ride as well as hospitality, and stay overs could evolve into employment or other opportunities. “Homeless” didn’t even figure. Good times. af

        • Ha! I was thinking the same thing! Let’s just see if that happens, seriously doubt it…big mouth on here but really shut up and do something already..

  • “does not have service participation requirements or preconditions such as sobriety or a minimum income threshold.” – oh great so now the tweakers will have a permanent location to tweek at and at the expensive of who? No seriously who is gonna pay for this?

  • I’ll tell you who’s gonna pay ! California law abiding tax paying citizen s.that who .

    • Ya i figured as much. just wanted someone else to say it. Why is this tagged as ‘good news’ kym? Ya, it’s GREAT news for the homeless it sounds like.

      • You’re bitching about HOUSING THE HOMELESS? What could the city be doing more helpful for everyone than housing the homeless?

        • read that article kym, it says that ‘most’ of the expenses will be paid by the federal government. meaning tax payers? Not that I’m against helping homeless people but at the same time I’m very familiar with how not all, but most homeless people operate. Not a day goes by without driving thru garberville or redway without seeing at least 1 person holding a sign saying ‘hungry’. The problem I personally see is, most homeless people have ZERO drive and really don’t want to work, they would rather sit on the sidewalk holding there sign instead of walking into pretty much ANY business around here and saying they want to work. Granted some people have disabilitys or are just insane and thus nobody would hire them, plus theres the obvious hygene issue. Anyway back to the point, giving them really cheap housing in hopes they will be able to get there lifes together afterwards is a real shot in the dark if you ask me. Most of them are too far gone or have no desire to better themselves / get off the drugs. Thus I will be in serious shock if/ when this housing thing happens if it doesn’t just turn into the equivilent of that one motel on broadway that is twack central.

          • Did you read where it is cheaper to house the homeless than to deal with them the way we currently do?

            • yes i did. it says because of ‘hospital visits or jail time’ whats stopping them from going to jail because they have a house?

              • Many homeless arrests come from things like drunk in public, open container, trespass, etc. If they had a home, they would be less likely to be arrested for those relatively trivial offenses.

                • Ernie Branscomb

                  As much as I love you Kym, I beg to differ on the arrests. I have never seen any of the many wacked-out people living on the streets of Garbervilla be arrested for anything. Not even shoplifting. Maybe you can cite me an example.

          • Saucy, you’re describing the symptom of a disease appearing throughout our nation. Take a bigger look; the homeless weren’t born there. af

    • So, Outsiders will foot the bill?

    • Saucy, Moxtx, Sohum.. can any of you tell me who your representatives (city county state and national) are?
      Your senators, your congresspeople.. and the last say three bills they voted on? Maybe even wrote?
      Can either of you give me a breakdown of which of your tax dollars go where?
      The topics covered at the last Eureka City Council Meeting?
      Can you tell me about crime stat trends over the last few years (not weed grows.. murder, home invasions, grand larceny..) in Eureka/Humboldt?

      And if you can answer any of that.. what’s presently working?
      What do you propose?

      (Aside from pissing on the keyboard and wasting the time of many busy readers)

  • Can you answer any of your questions B boy ?

  • That’s it!!! I’m quitting my job and becoming a drug attic so I have an excuse to not Work, and then all you hard working suckers are going to pay for my home, food, medical and cell phone, and I’m going to aggressively demand you give me money when your walking into a restaurant and or grocery store, and when I’m high on my drug of choice I’m going to go rob your house you work so hard for, soooo sorry eureka you asked for it!!!!!

  • I have dealt with the homeless thru the Mission on 2 street, most of the homeless , not all , most dont want to work, and they feel pity on us working people. They think and verbally say that we are sold out to the ” man ‘ they sneer at us for being uncool. work and responsibility to them is as far as the East is from the West
    give them a house and they think you are the fool. I think your good works are fine, but they will not save you.

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