Fire Beside Hwy 101

aRCATA Fire August 3, 2016

Crews put out a fire that started up near the exit from Hwy 101 to 299. [Photo from Arcata Fire]

A small vegetation fire is burning as of 2:30 p.m. alongside of northbound Hwy 101 near the Blue Lake exit.


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  • Just happened to be walking my old dog along LK Wood Blvd. when we saw the smoke and engines. It’s all cleaned up now. A little bit of a communication/coordination challenge–they had fire vehicles on the freeway north, on West End Rd (which was useless), and at the north end of LK Wood–at Camp Curtis. These guys jumped over the fence with the water hose and were the ones putting out the fire.
    They didn’t know how it started but i smelled hot burning rubber/plastic before the smell of burning grass, so i imagine it was vehicle-caused rather than, say, a cigarette butt.

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