Stolen Property Bonanza

This is a press release from the Humboldt County Sheriff’s Office. The information has not been proven in a court of law and any individuals described should be presumed innocent until proven guilty:



On 07-20-16 Deputies responded to a residential burglary on Timmons Lane in Fieldbrook. Through continued investigation and follow up, Joshua Rau (35 years old) was identified as a suspect. Deputies obtained a search warrant for Rau’s residence, located in the 1100 block of Everding Street, Eureka. On 08-02-16 Deputies served the search warrant on the residence, and arrested Rau. During the service of the warrant, Jeremi Miller (31 years old) was apprehended while attempting to flee from the rear of the residence. Miller had a warrant for the possession of stolen property.

The following stolen property was located in Rau’s vehicle, or inside the residence.

Two license plates stolen from within the city of Eureka

Property from a burglary of the Humboldt County Roads Maintenance yard located in Freshwater

Property from a stolen vehicle taken from within the city of Arcata

Property stolen from the Timmons Lane burglary



Also located during the search was a sawed off shotgun, Items used to manufacture Methamphetamine, and packing for transportation of Heroin. Rau was transported to the Humboldt County Correctional Facility, and booked on the above charges. His bail has been set at $ 50,000. Miller was booked, and held on the no bail warrant.




  • It’s funny that all the mug shots are 95% of the junkies around humboldt co .all have dark circles under there eyes. Plus they look like they haven’t slept in,a month .maybe it’s because they haven’t slept in a biz caniving and stealing .

  • mendocino mamma

    It’s because the “dope” they are doing is not dope. Historically meth was cooked by chemists who were ex military knew the proper recipe well.
    Now fast forward most of the old school true cooks are dead or in jail.
    The new “cooks” have no clue, spray bug spray on glass let it dry scrape and sell. Sure it burns and smells bad…bingo make a ton off nothing.
    TRUE FACT…when I worked at a local lab we tested local “meth” many times to find no amphetamines in it all all!!! Found pcp, cocaine and heroin in what was tested but never any meth. So who knows what they are snorting or slamming. SAD SHIT!!!

    • Too bad it doesn’t kill quicker, problem solved. What lab did you work at?

    • Thank you! It’s important for people to realize not all meth is made the same these days. A few friends kids unfortunately became “testers” for meth batches meaning they’d test the new chemical formula to see how high or dead it got them. Way worse than the military formula!! & no not a conspiracy theory or anti-military rhetoric. They have been making and using meth to keep pilots awake for longer periods of time. It was on the cover of time magazine years ago. May be able to find online if they haven’t hidden/pulled it. The air force got their pilots to stay awake for 36 hours straight flight time with it. Best drug source in the nation that military, ask anyone who has been on a Navy boat.
      And to the other commenter, I’d it killed faster there would be no profit, just like tobacco, alcohol, prescription meds, etc.

  • Rau got popped last year on a West Ave raid with seven total people. I believe there was weed, meth, heroin and cash at that time. Wonder how he got out sooooo fast. Hmmmm!!!! Your son should really be looking up at you as a stand up father figure right now.

  • What would be “packing for transportation of heroin”? balloons?, little bags? TV just tells me its little bags with scorpions on them and such. or maybe it was a scale that said for heroin only?

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