Quick Thinking Caltrans Crew Keeps Fire From Spreading

Caltrans has this story about how their maintenance crew stopped a fire. Thank goodness they were right there.



  • WhoAreThesePeople?

    Nice! A classic case of right place at the right time.

  • Eldon G. Whitehead

    All of the people involved in this potentially disastrous fire are Hero’s and especially the first two Caltran’s workers who were the first ones on scene. Thank you both and many, many thanks to the other personnel who responded and helped on this. As a 27 year veteran of a Fire Department in Humboldt County, I applaud those who took the time and saved possible lives and property. Thanks again.

  • WTF??? No matter which link I click on I get zilch absolutely nothing but an empty frameno pic no nuttin!!! ;-[[ It is so far at least just this story that doesn’t work!!! I’m not sure what the problem is but it IS rather frustrating!!!

  • She seems to be trying to include it directly from facebook, and like everything else to do with facebook, it’s utter shit.

  • Good thing they caught it that could have turned a major nightmare

  • Kym, please tell john chiv his blog is too damn hard to post a comment! Email after email, still not accepting. When one feels strongly about a subject and must jump through hoops to post the damn comment, you lost me there john. You’re too hard to reach.

    • I’ll pass on that you are having trouble.

    • Sharon, Kym did pass along your message. I am sorry you are having trouble.

      I am not aware Blogger is having any issues.

      Do you want to try and email me a test email to see if it goes through directly. My email address is in the contact information.

      I wont print it.

    • veterans friend

      He is a real piece of work. I imagine the kind of comment you are trying to post. LOL
      that is why he makes it so difficult

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