Law Enforcement Convoy at the Bottom of Salmon Creek Road

marijuana in the sunWe have three eyewitness reports of the Humboldt County Sheriff’s Department State Parks staging at the north exit of Salmon Creek. Reportedly there are four pickups and a flatbed truck. We do not know where they are ultimately headed.

We’ll be following developments throughout the day.

UPDATED 7:40 a.m.: Lt. Wayne Hanson of the Humboldt County Sheriff’s Department tells us that the vehicles are from the California State Parks. At this point we don’t know why they were there but we know they have left.



  • Wow. Easy pickings everyone is Blowing. It. Up. Idk how do they even decide where to go! Dart board?

  • Maybe they are going to get that gorilla grow down on holmgrens again . Or maybe they are getting the Mexicans up above the river . Thier workers have been camping on the river for months .

    • What kind of bullshit shit is this? Don’t put people’s business out on front street like that… If the cops don’t hit them next, the thieves will.

      Legal or illegal, compliant or noncompliant, medical or recreational, nobody deserves to have their livelihood blasted out to the public like that.

      Judging by your other comment about unconstitutional prohibition. I’d guess you are a big proponent of the 4th Amendments allusion to the Right to Privacy? Well?


      • Who gives a crap? People are friggin fed up with the grow scene. Enough is enough. Growers are running roughshod over people all the time. Too bad if someone tresspassing gets their weed taken. Are you kidding me?

  • Great job warning people involved in criminal activity Kym.

    • Your name implies that pot growers don’t work . Funny stuff right there . 9-5 is the easy way out . Prohibition is unconstitutional and the people who enforce the laws are complicit in limiting your experience on this earth

      • I am sure that “they”, the pot grower works hard however, Killapotomus may be trying to dissuade law enforcement from visiting his small but legal, for medicine only, less than 1000 plants show/grow in the area? To refer to the “Gorilla on Holmgrens or the Mexicans up above the river” to me sounds as if there is dissatisfaction or insecurity on or in their own “House”.

        • Actually there were people camping on the state park river bar that were told by locals that it was illegal to camp there and their fire wasn’t aloud either,they responded with ” the state park told them they could camp there and they were growing above the river bar” they had lots of trash everywhere and using our river as a toilet
          Guessing the state park rangers paid them a visit

    • Hand Crank Radio

      You work 40 hours a week? HAHHA, I remember my first part time job.

    • Go read some other journalist if that’s what you think. Good pot growers work their butts off to do things right, way more than 9-5 then come watch TV all night!
      If you don’t understand how/where/& most important why these types of reports started years and years ago, then ur either a newbie or just someone who shuldnt live here.
      Some of us like being responsible outlaws, it’s fine if you dont, just leave so you don’t accidently support one of the many businesses, galleries, music shows, festivals, etc thats pot funded. Oh and please don’t call ur local volunteer fire dept either, go with the “working mans” tax payed resources and see how long it takes to get help.
      Dissing kym is a sure way to catch some flack buddy! Listen to some rod deal songs and u’l mayb get an inkling of how important these reports can be.
      Rights have been violated constantly in these busts.

      • Kym will be dissed where it is appropriate. Tattling on LE in an attempt to protect illegal activity is definitely worth dissing.

        And no thanks, I don’t want to be part of the dream world you live in.

        • What I really like is when I call law enforcement and ask what they are doing and they give me the answers because…uh…they think what I’m doing is “tattling?” Look, I don’t usually resort to sarcasm because some people just genuinely don’t understand but I’m getting frustrated addressing the same non-issue over and over. When a trusted news source puts out public information, that’s not “tattling” that’s doing their job. Law enforcement knows that general information like a convoy is at the bottom of Salmon Creek is already spreading like wildfire via phone trees and there are numerous growers in any area so who is being targeted in absolutely unknowable.

          • You know exactly what you are doing Kym. You are reporting where LE is staging in order to inform those commiting illegal acts from being effected. You make sure the “phone trees” are insured.

            • If you don’t like it , get off of Kyms site. It’s obvious you’re just trolling.

              • I’m here because I don’t like it. Can’t wait til it’s over. Just a few more months and the next chapter will begin.

            • So if what I do is so harmful, then why does the Sheriff’s Department answer the questions. Surely, it would be illegal if it were harmful?

              • Spin it like all the rest Kym. You are in a sense a warning system for illegal activity. Your rights protect you but, facts are facts. Proceed totally aware as you have with your “Who me? ” story line.

                • Yeah, I’m sure the Mexicans, Bulgarians and all the others that SHOULD be gone are keyed right in to Kym Kemp. The sheriffs and other agencies don’t care if its legal, illegal or whatever. If they can find cash or assets, it’s THEIRS, and that’s a lot of what they’re doing these days. Some of us look at both sides of the coin instead of fawning over law enforcement and assuming everything they do is “for the greater good” instead of budget justification and getting those Federal law enforcement grants.

  • Kym kemp is one of the best people I know .to the working man .FYI that is her job to report the news if it’s right wrong or indifferent , she doesn’t need to be ridiculed for doing her job

  • Shawnee craddock

    Wouldn’t it be easier,if they really wanted to get rid of the pot to fly over and drop fire retardant or salt water something like that,that would kill it then and there instead of waiting until right before harvest time and collecting it,and destroying,for lack if a better word,I believe it’s their harvest and only some is destroyed…the rest is ????? Makes sense to me…

    • They don’t want to, too much money on it for authorities. They just want your tax dollars to fund them to go steal people’s money, cars, land, etc. Its like the movies, no one i know who has been busted has had all their mobey show up in police reports, they always pull some for themselves. Check out the next police auction!

  • It’s the government way sheesh, when did they ever show efficiency, got to give small biz and growers a chance ! Easier to collect tax dollars, pretty simple

    • I totally agree, there is a right way to do things & a wrong way to do things then ther is the Gov’t way of doing things which makes NO sense whatsoever to anyone including but not limited to themselves as well!!! ;-\

  • Now that is funny. Security goes to def con 4 because someone cannot tell the difference between State Park trucks and Sheriff trucks.

  • Gotta love all the people doing illegal things coming to kym’s defense.

    • If you’re so busy working, why are you always on here! ?

    • Why not just stick to CNN or FOX news then? You know good Christian , mainstream news and just allow us to discuss the truth and stuff like that on here.

    • I am NOT a grower. That said, I do have friends that live up salmon Creek that are not growers. I like to know what is going on up road like that. The roads are narrow and can be scary even when there’s not 10 + HCS trucks, a wood chipper, fish & game trucks and everyone else on that road. Kim’s site is about information. It’s not about warning anyone. It’s about letting all of us know what going on in our area. If you don’t like it, don’t read it. But don’t rag on Kym for doing her job. Thanks Kym. I appreciate the job you do.

  • Hey G-MA what kind of special group to bust the [edit]. Very intriguing. I think that’s awesome .some body got to do it .

  • I wonder what Ernie branscomb would say or think ?

    • Ernie Branscomb

      There’s not enough room on a blog for what I think. Plus, people only believe what they want to believe.

      Everybody has a line to cross between right and wrong. There are 7 billion different lines in the world.

  • Well said just like I thought Ernie branscomb

  • Group hug!

  • is it possible that Mogtx and Ernie Branscomb are the same person?

  • Everyone knows what Kym is doing. After November, her services will no longer be needed in this aspect. You can mince it anyway you want. She is tattling on LE.

    • Lost touch on reality?

      Pretty sure her blog runs year round with tons of visitors day in and day out. Dec-may included. And if your referring to her Information about currents raids for that day if you really think illegal growers in the middle of the forest are looking at red headed black belt to determine if they can relax or not for the day, then you probably still think the tooth fairy is real too. Cell service in the hills of Humboldt barley lets you get call out let alone use the Internet and if they have satellite internet then they most likely have a homestead and infrastructure which could mean you are in the process of getting permitted or even just living your life in the hills and want to stay connected via the web. And most grows are not close enough to homes to pick up the signal from thier router so the idea that Kym is saving some hardcore criminal from being brought to justice is extremely flawed and far fetched.

      • Its still obvious

        I don’t think Kym is a bad person or a reporter. I don’t agree with this aspect of her reporting whether I read it or not though. I understand it. I don’t think she is saving hardcore criminals. I think she is saving/helping growers, and some of them may be hardcore criminals, some of them may even be friends. Even good intentions from “good” growers can turn bad or be bad. Not going into detail, but I’ve seen it all. From the people to the ground they stand on.

        • Let me ask you: If this warns growers, what action do they take to protect themselves? Unlike burglars, they can’t stop what they are doing. Nobody says, “There are cops at the bottom of Salmon Creek and they’re here to bust one or two growers out of hundreds so let’s cut down our plants in case we’re the one they’re after.” I concede that people might leave their property and head to town. But the owners of the property are documented already so they can be reached at a later time.

          What I think it does is psychologically prepare a community for what they see as raids of their livelihood. They MIGHT have time to put clothes on and to think rationally about their best response. They can close their gates so no one accidently comes down their road. And, they can maybe, MAYBE find time to hide the scale. (Though I’ve never known of a target that was warned ahead of time and I’ve lived in a pot growing community almost 45 years.) By the time the information gets through even the phone tree, law enforcement has usually beaten them there.) The information however keeps the public aware of law enforcement’s behavior. My experience with the Humboldt County Sheriff’s Office is they are polite, helpful and overworked. But everyone is a little more on their best behavior when they are being watched. I believe that the community is better when they are informed and I plan to keep doing it.

  • You rock Ernie ,and you too kym .are there any updates on the raids yesterday or were they the feds just on a dry run wasting tax payers money ? Oh and my real name is Mark Olsen in case anybody wants to know ,or wait a minute I’m Ernie branscomb .NOT .

  • Kym was named Citizen of the Year by the Southern Humboldt Chamber of Commerce and Visitor Center and she will celebrated on September 7th at the Mateel Center in Redway. The Redwood Times published it in yesterday’s edition. You are sooo appreciated by so many Kym! Hope I made you blush…

  • So many benefit by what you do Kym… I am glad that to know that you are still happy doing what you do….it would burn me out! You have a large appreciative audience here and it is great to see your hardworking endeavors acknowledged ‘officially’!

  • Barbara L Fisher

    I have known Kym since she was a small child. Kym is one the most honest, hard working, beautiful mother, and wife that I know. She has accomplished so much in her life time.

    I’m sure she can raise ‘above the criticism’ and continue on her path, and bring so much more of her intellect, honesty, and beauty into her life, and others.

    Way to go Kym, I am so proud of you. Keep up the good work.

  • Thanks Kym. Trolling happens. Stay true! News is news.

  • Personally I do not think that the “community” of southern Humboldt really cares and deep down they the community hope for the failure of the other side whether the grower or the non grower. If they did genuinely care they would find common ground, band together and find a real solution. The evidence of dissatisfaction, unhappiness, misery and complacency is evident in Southern Humboldt. People are blaming others instead of getting their own house in order. I also believe that this same dissatisfaction, unhappiness, misery and complacency is prevalent across the USA.

  • Nice!!Congratulations Kym.thats so deserve it all the way

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