Name of Fourth Victim of Fatal Airplane Crash Released

Scene of Cal Ore Med Flight 7/29/16

Debris from the crash of a medical flight early Friday morning. [Photo from a reader]

The names of those killed in a tragic plane crash early Friday morning are now known. Although the names of the REACH employees were released earlier, the name of the patient who was riding on the medical flight to Oakland was just released by the Humboldt County Sheriff’s Office below.

The victims of the tragic airplane accident have been identified by the Humboldt County Coroner’s Office as:

Larry Mills age 54.
Deborah Kroon age 49.
Michelle Tarwater age 30.
April Rodriquez age 35.

April Rodriquez was the patient who was being transported to Oakland, California when the accident occurred. The other three victims were employees of REACH. All of the victims were from Crescent City, California.

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  • So sad… Condolences to all of the ones that lost their lives in that tragic crash and to all of the families of the lost!… Just a tragic tragic accident!

  • That’s so very sad 🙁

  • Condelnces to family, loved ones, co workers etc.
    Having had a loved one use the services of medical airlift, I have much respect and am so sorry such dedicated people are gone.
    So sad…

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