Wounded Buck Has to Be Euthanized After Poaching Incident

Press release from the Department of Fish and Wildlife:

Wounded Deer from Dept of Fish and Wildlife 7/29/16On 7-29-16, Wildlife Officers from the California Department of Fish and Wildlife responded to the 6400 Block of Elk River Road to investigate the report of a deer poaching incident. With the help of concerned citizens, Wildlife Officers found this large male deer that had been shot through the back. This gunshot caused a traumatic injury to the deer’s spinal column and paralyzed the deer but did not kill it. Due to the grave injuries the deer sustained it was euthanized. Wildlife Officers found evidence that confirmed the deer was illegally shot with a high power rifle and several neighbors reported hearing shooting in the early morning hours along Elk River Road.

The Department of Fish and Wildlife asks that anyone who has any information regarding this crime or other poaching incidents to contact Wildlife Officer Matt Wells at 707.445.6493 or use the statewide poaching tip hotline (CALTIP) at 1.888.334.2258.



  • I hope the law catches this vermin poacher. There is no penalty stiff enough for scum that would poach. There are some that do not deserve to breathe the same air as humans. Poachers are the lowest of the low!

    Catch him, and put him in a cell that is 4′ X 4′ X 4′ for about 6 months, and see how he like being paralyzed.

    • You know the most common cause of death amongst deer right now is starvation. I read that on the fish and game website. What if it was someone genuinely trying to feed the kids.

  • poaching disturbs the peace

    Haha i concur but i personally know someone who has no problem taking deer or any wildlife out of season! I object for many reasons . When i brought it up to a neighbor of influence i got only shrugs and excuses that it was cool cuz “he ate them” & ” there are too many deer.” #Wildwest.

  • Honeydew Bridge Chump

    There’s too many deer to not have an open season on any and all.
    How much meat rots on the side of the road?
    What is the amount of damage these pests cause to cars & crops spreading disease because there are too many of them.
    I’m anti deer and proud.

    • There are three times more deer in America than there were when Europeans showed up due to deforestation and they are more dangerous to people than pretty much every other animal. People don’t understand that they are disease-carrying pest animals.

      I don’t support the killing of all the biggest, healthiest bucks, though. “Harvesting” deer should be done in a more balanced way, IMHO. Hopefully the law catches up with reality one of these day.

      • I definitely don’t support randomly shooting anything from the side of the road, though. Especially not in a heavily-populated area like that. Dick move.

        • Honeydew Bridge Chump

          Agreed, but there shouldn’t be a deer season, it should be lawful to take any and all deer on contact with them.
          Politicians own body shops and protect deer to increase damage to cars which they profit from. Why else would such a pest be able to line roadways with it’s dead, killing, maiming, and doing untold damage to people’s cars.

          I’m anti deer & proud.
          Screw the body shop owning liberal deer protectors that use them for insurance scams.

          • snap bak to reality

            Wow conspiracy theory gone wild! If I was F&W I would investigate you for this!

            Actually deer are food for large carnivorous mammals and also had a huge role, along with native land management practices, in taking down grasses that ticks live on which are actually a true threat to humans. The killing of most large predators, some into extinction, is the big reason for lots of deer.
            Wild predators select the weakest animals to prey on thus leaving the healthier animals to reproduce thus creating healthier deer over time. We humans take what looks biggest and bestest to mount on a wall or feel “manly” about. (Not every hunter of course)
            So if you took even a second to learn about nature, you’d see that the way humans hunt takes the most healthy ones out thus leaving the weaker sicker ones. Human hunting habits create sicker deer who can’t move as fast, etc. Plus flying down the road at 70mph thinking it’s all about you is the other half of the problem. Why don’t you move to the city with the other people like you, and read an elementary school book on natural selection, u’l learn a lot.
            Bottom line- humans created the problems on every level; freeways with no wildlife corridors underneath (some states have), hunting, land practices and animal management practices. Blame urself not the deer, ur living in their natural home that they’ve had for a few thousand years at least, not the other way around. Plus do u think any pioneer who came west would have survived without them?

          • Deploying tinfoil hats!

            All the body shop owners, fish cops and most of the hunters I know are pretty conservative.

          • Sleepy Alligator

            The politicians own body shops and that’s why there is a deer season? That’s ridiculous!

      • Black tail addict

        Well said. I’ve always said i’m a meat hunter not a trophy hunter.

  • Interesting nontypical antlers on it.

  • @Honeydew Bridge Chump .. Look, Gunga Din, there is an unwritten code among ANY and ALL hunters: NEVER, EVER leave a wounded animal. If you can’t shoot straight enough to make a clean kill, then you get out of your (illegal road-hunting) truck, and get your fat-ass on the move tracking the animal, and make sure that it isn’t suffering! Obviously, the crude no-talent fool that shot this deer didn’t get the memo!

    • Amen brother….I don’t condone animals suffering AT ALL…

    • Honeydew Bridge Chump

      Yea, well things happen. If there was an sos, shoot on sight, for deer, the person may have chased it down with no fear of a boot on their face.
      Deer are a nuisance, protected by liberal body shop owners that use them as an insurance paycheck.

      Deer have killed and damaged more American’s property than ISIS ever will.

      Deer and liberal body shop owners are the true enemy of the American People.

      I am anti deer and proud.

      • I’m not ‘anti-deer’ or anti dummies, either. But I’d rather have a liberal deer, pr liberal body shop owner (you DO realize how ridiculous that sounds, right? Like the body shop owners PAC is leaning on the Fish and Game to keep deer hunting limited to seasons?) in the oval office than a fascist Russian secret ally who really has no hunch about right or wrong? (see sociopath)!

      • the misadventures of bunjee

        What color is the sky on your planet?

  • OMG! You are all nuts! Are you kidding me? Overpopulation of deer, body shop owners in cahoots with DFG! WTF! I advise we reintroduce to top carnivores that were removed by human intervention and caused the imbalance in the deer population in the first place. Bring back the grizzly bear! Bring back the wolf! And, if a hunter can’t shoot well enough to kill the animal with the first shot, they had damn well better be able to track it down and put it out of its misery. There is NEVER an excuse for leaving a wounded animal to die a slow, painful death in the woods. Poachers are not hunters. An ethical hunter would never leave the animal like that! Poachers suck!

  • There isn’t that many deer you see more where hunting is limited

  • Ya lets kill everything till nothing moves no wildlife just fucked up humans and meth addicts [edit]

  • veterans friend

    It has been a while since so many ignorant people have spewed this much stupidity here.

  • I love all animals except snakes .

  • I hope someone knows something and comes forward. We should not condone or tolerate this illegal activity. I hope the meat was salvaged and some needy people get to enjoy the meat!

  • Doesn’t make cents, why would someone shoot a buck

  • If somebody heard it,chances are someone saw it.thats what I don’t like about hunting.oh crap I’ll take shit for that,oh well I hope they catch you,you’ve fuckin jerk!!!I know people have hunted forever.but you don’t leave them to suffer,that’s what is fucked up here

  • A little out of touch much? I don’t condone hurting animals for no reason or shooting them and letting them suffer. but that deer with a bullet hole in its back that was paralyzed, probably suffered less than most meat production animals you idiots buy at the store.

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