Teens Help Teens Injured in Accident Yesterday on Hwy 96

Overturned Jeep 7/27/2016

Photos by Faithfully Kibby

Yesterday about 5 p.m., a Jeep overturned on Hwy 96 causing injuries to one of the young occupants. But two other young teens arrived at the scene and provided aid until professionals could get there. The grandmother of one of the teens, Nena Huitt (and partner of our reporter Bobby Kroeker), explained that the two teens helped 17-year-old victims after they came upon the crash.

Huitt said she is “proud of how the kids handled it..not afraid to kneel down and help another teen and even got blood on them… they kept their cool and Faith is only 15.”

Faithfully Kibby (one of the four Yurok girls dressed traditionally who participated in the historic ceremony marking the end of the dams on the Klamath River-see photo at the top of the Lost Coast Outpost’s story) and her friend Shannon were riding with Huitt when they saw the wreck. “We came up on the accident as it happened..seconds before we would have been in it…I stopped the car and they both jumped out [and] ran across…to do what they could…[for] the boys that were trying to crawl out of the vehicle,” explained Huitt.

EMT's preparing to get a car crash victim to an ambulance 7/27/2016Later, they learned that the Jeep had “fishtailed” and the driver had overcorrected and gone off the road.

One of the boys was bleeding badly from one arm, Huitt said, so they applied a tourniquet. However, as they waited for an ambulance to get to the crash scene, the victim’s hand began “turning blue so [Shannon] ended up holding his hand up while help arrived…hard as it was, he held that young boy’s hand up in the air and talked to him the whole time.” The boy, she said, began losing feeling in his lower extremities “due to shock.”

When the professionals arrived, Huitt said, “the one teen hugged Shannon and you don’t see boy teens….hug it out.”

In the end, explained Huitt, “One teen was taken to Mad River [Hospital].”

Huitt said that her granddaughter, Faithfully, and Shannon were incredibly competent even trying to make sure that Huitt stayed out of the sun and didn’t get overheated. “They are heroes,” she said.



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