[UPDATE 10:58 PM] Solo Vehicle Accident on HWY 36; Vehicle Over the Embankment

Fire and ambulance, including Eel River Valley Technical Rescue Team, are responding to HWY 36 near mile marker 20.39, due to a single vehicle accident over the embankment, on the river side.

[UPDATE] 10:05 PM – Eel River Valley Technical Rescue Team was cancelled from responding.  Two patients reported to be at scene and vehicle is said to be 400-500′ over the embankment.

[UPDATE] 10:36 PM – Ambulance transported two patients to Redwood Memorial Hospital.

[UPDATE] 10:58 PM – All units released from scene.



  • Whoa,is that 400feet.wholly crap batman are they still in the vehicle???

  • 36 strikes again this soon wow .

    • sharpen your pencil

      People don’t show respect for the road. The road in turn will demand respect….. Very simple….. I have driven 36 for a little over a decade without incident, however I have seen and witnessed plenty of accidents, some have been DUI, some have been blatant ignorance….

  • Respect the road. That section is windy.

  • Let’s hope we don’t get a 3fer 3 wrecks in 3 days so far we haqve one yesterday resulting in major ijurites to the victim, then this today evidently no to minor injuries!!! Egad people learn form other’s mistakes for crying out loud or else you may well be when someone you love buys it on this nasty road!!! It has claimed a lot of lives over the years!!! I’ve been here on this miserable road for nearly 31 years & I still don’t trust this road!!!

  • Any word on how their doing.my husband drives 36 everyday and see’s bad things he won’t even tell me . people driving like mad driving.he pulls over let’s people by,it’s not worth losing your life.tale gaters suck.when you ride my ass I just slow down!!and don’t flip me off . because I don’t want to die.IDIOTS

    • So your husband is polite, and pulls over to let people pass, while you get flipped off a lot? Maybe you should try being polite too, and people won’t be flipping you off? People who let others pass usually get thanks, not fingers.

    • G-ma, The boys are miraculously OK! Thank you for asking.

  • There was two Tow trucks on 36 about MP 38 yesterday getting ready to pull something back on road.this was about 1400 hrs..

    • It was a pickup with a backhoe on a trailer, I think. Looked like one of the trailer’s wheels dropped off the side, and pulled the truck down with it. Probably trying to avoid someone who couldn’t figure out how to stay on their side of the road, which seems to be the #1 problem in that stretch.

  • Two drunk kids driving a forester one climes out and me and my buddy jumped down there and helped the other one back up the best we could until cal fire showed up to pull the kid up with a harness both kids were fine the one we helped out of the wreck only had a dislocated shoulder nothing sereous I guess foresters are pretty tough in a multiple roll down a cliff incedent

    • They weren’t drunk! Did you give them a sobriety test? They are two good kids!!

    • First, Thank You from the bottom of my heart for helping these childhood friends. They both raved about how you and your friend helped them out of such an awful situation. They are best friends heading out to camp before one heads out to Service…not all kids that get in an accident are drunk.

  • Shawnee craddock

    Someone’s been sleeping in my bed…someone’s been sitting in my chair….
    Sorry Levi,Grumpy and Mama bear…I couldn’t resist…..

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