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Today’s I Am Humboldt features two men who stepped away from their careers to help a family in crisis.


Brock and Jake stop for a moment to pose in front of their friend’s shop, Steve’s Fortuna Automotive. [Photo credit: Nicole Dahl]

“People keep saying ‘what you guys are doing is amazing and awesome’ and I just keep thinking really, this just what you do as a human. You help when you can help.”

We don’t always do back stories here at I am Humboldt, but this one is pretty amazing. Brock & Jake are temporarily running Fortuna Automotive while the owners, the Helton family, are in Santa Rosa by the side of their son, currently in a coma after a tragic accident at Centerville Beach.

Fortuna Automotive is the Helton family’s sole source of income, so Brock & Jake put their own lives on pause and are working for free at the shop to assure the Heltons are able to pay their bills during this time. If you need any auto repairs, Brock & Jake would appreciate your business at Fortuna Automotive 725-3255.

Brock currently works at an orphanage in Mexico, Rancho de Sus Ninos (rdsn.org), and Jake is a local postman. If you need your faith restored in humanity, stop by Steve’s Fortuna Automotive and say hello. These two have hearts of gold.

If you would like to help the Helton family, you can contribute to their GoFundMe page or to their church, LifeHouse, which will give 100% of all donations to the family (other pages charge a percentage).

The I Am Humboldt crew is always looking for new faces to photograph and stories to tell.  Know someone with a positive tale to tell?  Please message them on their page.



  • That is really cool. I will send some some business their way first chance I get.

  • Kym, if you can post this to facebook, it will get a lot of shares!!

  • Most amazing!God I love humboldt

  • Thank you so much kym and both of you guys for reminding us how lucky we are to live in the community we do. I think we take it for granted so often, we’re so used to it, and I for one am sick of the humboldt bashing.
    Do something to help, this is a place where you really can make a difference thru the many volunteer and non-profit opportunities.

    And thanks for letting us know, am glad to take my biz to places where its helping someone thru a tough time!
    many thanks to these 2 for setting such a great example of what ought to be the norm :))

  • This is heart warming..thank you Kym. From one mom with littles to another, thank you. Our community needs to be aware of such love and support.

  • Charlotte McDonald

    God Bless you gentlemen! 💖💖💖

  • Way to go guys. With so much insanity going on in Humboldt it’s nice to see some down to earth stepping up to the plate. Kudos.

  • Good stuff boys. Much Love to the Heltons…

  • I pray that the Helton’s son will be alright. I whole heartedly commend Brock and Jake, what wonderful men they are. Imagine what our world would be like if everyone was this caring and giving…….heaven.

  • Cassandra Branson

    So Amazing… So Kind, but then I knew it the moment I met Jake in The woods hunting. He has always jumped in for other people.. We had 2 flats in the woods far from no where and he and his son Zack jumped in without even asking to help get the tires off. He always has kind words , I never hear Jake speak anything out his mouth but positive things. He loves people and he loves helping other. All the way from Redding, WAY TO GO JAKE ! Love you man <3 Daniel & Cassy

  • A shining example of the Golden Rule in action. Now is the time for love. Grace guides those who listen to their Heart.

  • 100% kick ass! I hope the family can get their situation turned around in a positive direction. You never know.

  • amimissingsomething

    Both of you are special friends and you’re helping a friend through a rough patch. I just wanted to say thank you for taking the time to help out. While some people might question how or why can you take the time out of your own lives to do this, your only concern is to help. It would be a privilege to call you my friend.

  • Kudos—but really, isn’t helping out in a crisis what humans naturally do? Think global; act local.

  • What true American Heros these two are, I know Jake personally and he is a solid dude.
    Way to go team!!

  • It’s a nice story Fortuna does have quite a few volunteers and that’s a good thing. But Fortuna is not an island it will be affected by the crime all around it and in it from drugs and the black market .

  • Condolences to the Helton family and Judah’s friends. Too many young lives lost in this county, utterly heartbreaking.

  • veterans friend

    You are blessed

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