[UPDATE 2:14 p.m. with photos] Related Marijuana Grows Busted Near Ferndale and Miranda (3000 plants at Each Place!)

Humboldt County Sheriff MarijuanaTwo marijuana grows that appear to be related, according to Humboldt County Sheriff’s Department spokesperson Wayne Hanson, were served search warrants yesterday. Hanson said that search warrants were served on Crosby Road near Ferndale and on Felt Road near Miranda. He said that there were approximately 6000 plants. Each place yielded about 3000 marijuana plants from 2″ to 7′ tall, according to Hanson. The places had no paperwork indicating applications for permits were filed.

Two suspects were arrested–Vidal Corez and Oscar Cubero. Hanson said the two men were out of Texas and were both packing loaded handguns.

We expect to get an update with photos later today.
UPDATE 2:08 p.m.: Press release from the Humboldt County Sheriff’s Office:

marijuana garden outdoor from HCSOOn 07-26-2016 at 9:00 a.m. the Humboldt County Sheriff’s Office assisted by the Humboldt County Drug Task Force, Humboldt County District Attorney’s Office, California Department of Fish and Wildlife Services, Cal-Fire, Humboldt County Code Enforcement, California National Guard and the State Water Quality Board served a search warrant at the end of Crosby Road, Ferndale.

When Officers arrived on scene they detained (7) seven suspects. Officers located a large outdoor commercial marijuana growing operation on the property. Two of the suspect(s) located on the property were armed with loaded handguns on their person in the marijuana garden.

Officers eradicated over 3,000 outdoor marijuana plants that ranged in size from 3’ to 7’ in height. Officers located evidence of unpermitted road grading on the property along with water diversion. Officers arrested two suspects on the property, who were armed. Those two suspect were identified as, Oscar Ricardo Cubero age 31 and Vidal Ysidro Cortez age 26 both from Texas. Both suspects were arrested for cultivation and possession for sales of marijuana and for being armed in the commission of a felony. The other (5) subjects located on the property were questioned and released without charges.

Officers while at the scene developed information for a roll over search at property located in the 1000 block of Felt Road, Miranda. Officers then obtained a Humboldt County Superior Court search warrant for the property at 4:00 p.m. When Officers served the search warrant they did not locate any subjects on the property.

Officers seized over 3,000 growing marijuana plants that ranged in size from 2” to 4’ in height. Officers seized over 350 pounds of processed marijuana and 350 individual one pound bags of processed marijuana. Officers located 9 firearms on the property.

Both of these cases are still under investigation and more arrests are anticipated.

Anyone with information for the Sheriff’s Office regarding this case or related criminal activity is encouraged to call the Sheriff’s Office at 707-445-7251 or the Sheriff’s Office Crime Tip line at 707-268-2539.

Cubero, Oscar

Cubero, Oscar



Crosby Rd 001 Crosby Rd 010 marijuana garden outdoor HCSO



  • The hypocrisy never stops are they even U.S. citizens.Packing guns Hillary and her cronies will never take away.

    • Did they register with the County?

      So is that an acre ? Will the honeydew permit be 7 times that. crazy to see the scale of things. How many plants per acre? Growers note. Use more chicken. They look yellow. Or may need more water/ roots dying off?

  • Honeydew Bridge Chump

    The Schlitz malt liquor tats are pretty cool, and not often seen.

    Doesn’t look like a big scene, not sure what all the fuss is about.

    Is that about three months probation?

  • Not that I’m complaining about these guys goin down, but the part about ” The places had no paperwork indicating applications for permits were filed.” – to me this would indicate that if they had a few pieces of paper stating that they ‘applied’ for a commercial grow permit then the police would have left without cutting anything down? I’m sorry but I’m gonna call BS. The fact of the matter is the whole process of ‘applying’ for these permits is a huge gamble. you must spend thousands of dollars to try and get a permit and there is no garauntee you will get one. Not to mention all the legal mumbo jumbo you have to deal with. I’m willing to wager 90% of the big boys won’t sign up and when it’s all said and done, the LEO’s won’t be able to get everybody meaning life will go on in humboldt.

  • Fore as long as I can remember Crosby Lane always has a bust every year, Some local and others from out of the area. Not a good place to grow, guys & girls….

  • I’m wondering if ICE is ever included in these get togethers. And I’m wondering that because of the other 5 who were released. I’m not anti-immigration, but I see the demographics of this (East Mendocino Co) changing very rapidly and especially that of the non-English speaking young men who have guarded looks on their faces, don’t drive, and who seem to fade in and out of the peripheries.
    Growing one plant can be a daily undertaking. The labor force represented by a grow of this size must be huge.
    Where do the “other 5” go now? To work for a Cousin also committing these crimes a few miles away?
    Getting a prearranged “If Something Goes Wrong” severance agreement isn’t common (enough) among transient workers, so what do the 5 do now?
    Rob someone of bus fare back to wherever they call Home? That’s not a Quantum Leap. af

  • what the frickity frack is a “roll over warrant’?..geez the nonrestrained gibberish is amazing sometimes in the press releases.

    Good selection for enforcement it seems, ‘message sent’ as it were…

  • I live near Miranda and the rumor has been that Bulgarians bought the parcel that was busted up Felt. rd. They own others pieces in the area also. Suprised they only had 3,000 plant. It’s scary when you see these strange men on the roads and know that they are packing guns and only hear to grow massive amounts of weed, and don’t give a shit about anyone but themselves, they are horrible neighbors and probably don’t contribute any money into our local charities. They only spend money for food and grow supplies. I wish locals would quit selling there land to these out of country assholes. Glad these guys got caught.

    • Yes, but if they call you and offer you 1.5 million for your land, what do you do? I know 2 different cases where this happened, and my gut says if you take the cash you don’t give a fuck about the community.

      • If you don’t sell them your land they ask you if they can put 99 plants on it. They only have a one track mind. Must grow, must grow, must grow, buy land, grow, buy land, grow, grow grow. They will just replant those two busted pieces and get away with it. I bet they are looking for clones right now.

        • Brutal.

        • Well, yes. We have created the perfect environment for exactly this kind of enterprise. Gallegos not prosecuting cases, Kevin Hoover advertising our place across the country, even Kym with her naive articles of “only good people are growers” and all of our communitys’ acceptance and constant encouragement of grow people of any kind, grow money, ballers and grow-dozers…Our sheriff stopped busting for the most part and drives past huge greenhouses loaded with plants while he processes one smaller bust down the road… And then we got here, to this point and everybody is surprised?! Congratulations! You all made this happen! Yay! Now let’s all pay 50 grand in permits just a few years before it all gets gifted to the mega-corps who will blow up the Central Valley. And that will be “safe” and “legitimate” and “legalization” which should make you all happy I guess. You had paradise and you blew it.

    • thank you Eel707.i guess i’m showing my ignorance. is this really the norm these days rather than the exception?are “mom and pop” completely sold out to the cartels now?i’m not judging “mom and pop”for going big(ger) i know there are kids & grandkids to put through school and college. i simply would like to know the truth.i remember when a few dozen three-ounce plants hidden in half-shade was considered a great success.

      • veterans friend

        I’m “Mom”, no pop. Still a few plants just like the old days. Though now in the sun & a little less worried

        • Veterans friend, you are awesome! No sarcasm from me for once, your an amazing person for staying small, the planet thanks you I’m sure:)

    • Totally, locals are gods and shouldn’t sale land to anyone who isn’t white! They should only sale to white locals so they can do mega grows and own multiple parcels, there is no way they can own multiple grow sites if they sale to outsiders! You’ve figured it out, good job idiot.

      • ok, splain this for us..are the Bulgarians ‘not white’ or the texans?

        how about the DA seize this property instead of just spend all that time shredding the crop and tangling to two stupid to run duded they arrested here, obviously workers rather than the property owners or property lease holders…this cost the taxpayers to fund all this leo time and gear….let’s get some get back here, for once.

        and again, part of the problem is the press release brags about this bust, but there is very little follow up published, no mention to the real costs of this to the taxpayers or the growers caught.

        • Very rare but historically DA has seized property only to be sold at auction back to a dope grower at a discounted price.
          Liberals have gotten themselves in a very sticky situation here.

          • hmmm…indeed it is sticky, but I don’t see how you blame the liberals with so many agencies including the feds doing so little law enforcement. Maybe if you repubs passed some of thew security measures liberals proposed things might be better rather than pointing fingers and refusing to cooperate.

            but thanks for your reply, and yes, likely re sold pretty soon to weed growers, ugh.

    • Same shit show on my road…selfish parasitic greed rushers! How dare anybody mention that they are foreigners though right? I guess the new trend is to be a P.C. little bitch even if it means ignoring & covering up the facts. Its not about race or hatred, its just about the facts. They are a plague! & if they are white & local I’ll say the same thing. On my road they are illegals who cant speak English at all & the first thing they did when they got here was drive a dozer through the Mattole River…now i just caught a mexican taking a shit on my property…but how dare i say anything about it. if i have an infestation of mosquitos im gonna call it for what it is.

  • Okay they’re busted – but who actually owns the land? Why don’t we ever freaking learn that? The warrant is sure to have an APN and owner’s name & address right on it… When it’s not a tresspass grow, they should state the parcel number, owner’s name & city of residence.

  • All gone in a couple years , just hang tight people.Don’t worry though price will jump up , but for the retailer, competition on the grow side will be tough though, probably drop 80 percent or so for the grower , but walgreens will be happy! And good Ole Uncle SAM

    • not saying your wrong about the price dropping, but 80%?? sounds a little high to me. If it really does drop that much then nobody’s gonna grow anymore. If it gets to the point where the top shelf Lbs are goin for 100-300 dollars each really doubt too many people are gonna bother growing. just for the soil and amendments at 1-300 per pound you would be losing money on every Lb you grew.

    • Sale and sell are 2 different words

  • ull never see the money they offer, they put a down payment and gain access, after that they don’t make any payments,they threaten the land owners if the proceed with forclosure, they are mafia , anyone who entertains their offers are complete idiots,wake up people, when it seems to good to be true it’s just that

    • your claim is counterpoint to the stories told about land owners here who sell, take a down payment and several months payments, then cause or at least profit when the place gets busted.
      They then foreclose and keep all that already paid, foreclose, then do it again to the next one off the bus.

      have there been ANY land seizures here lately, last few years?

      This scam said to include some real estate agents as well. County at least (maybe) gets the tiny transfer fee.

  • It is sad to see the relevance of ignorance locally.
    A commodity. That no longer will take precedence in our small faction; that was once greater, ( Profit, EGO, Fuckery and all other complements;)
    Underground Nation,.
    Who supplied all the current entrepreneur’s with there mindset, agendas in the ( New Green Rush ) WTF is this new( Green Rush ) anyways…
    $5,600 a Lb.
    climbing up a tree, after boring through Madrone, Manzanita, Whitethorn,
    and all the other hospitable underbrush…in a Tree was a rush..
    Now you want us to deal with the FDA.WOW. Lets all HELP each other.. There NOT coming..
    There HERE.
    Once people jump off Iwo GanJiamanji and realize the War on Cannabis is over.
    We can all realize that we who choose all all farmers and need to feed one another….

  • Like i said if you don’t have your sinking ,papers .I guess they thought they didn’t need no stinking papers

  • Let’s talk water, let’s see if my math is right. 5 gallons of water per plant, at 6000 plants in a 30 day month. For 4 months is 3600000 gallons of water!! Can’t wait to see where this topic goes.

    • It’s actually 1.8 gallons per 10 sq ft. Read a little , yeah?

    • BS….. 5 gallons a day?? That is an over-inflated number. Obviously those plants couldn’t even grow if the got 5 gallons a day…. those numbers are lies purposefully intended to exaggerate the water usage to sway public opinion…. those buckets look like 5 or 7 gallon pots, planted late, what is the big harm, if this was grapes it would be “just fine”…. and of course it would be several hundred acres of grapes, but there is a prejudiced view towards cannabis since it is not accepted by the “dominating ruling class”…. According to the dominating ruling class thousand acre clearcuts and thousand acre winegrape fields are A-ok…. but plant a half acre cannabis garden and watch em turn and twist…. Grapes use MORE water than cannabis, clearcuts dry up the headwaters and aquifers of streams adding to global warming, it seems there is just a prejudice against cannabis farmers by a small vocal group of conservative crybabies….

      • The concern is greedy scum who dont give a shit about anything but their pockets growing fatter. The grape industry is fuct too!

  • You actually tagged it cannabis.

  • Now dispenseries can only buy pot from licenced growers.. When it is legalised, it will also only be pot from licensed growers.. Bootleg pot grows will soon be un profitable.. The huge increse in consumption will be met by large operations with lawyers.. Several already exist in Humboldt..

  • Get your green dot and worry no more. To all the anti pot people: it’s here and it’s not leaving. Get an education and then a better paying pot job.

  • The Ostrich Hunter

    “We need to do something about the illegals!”

    The press release says they’re from Texas, not Tijuana, so that would make them citizens. A Hispanic last name doesn’t disqualify you from being an American. Also, plenty of the herb grown here is from people who graduated from local high schools, so spare me the out-of-towner kvetching.

  • Overgrow the Government, but do it with respect for the Land!
    It’s not too late to drop out a bunch more clones and start all over again. Cannabis is the healing of the nation, so interesting how racism and anti-pot fervor go hand in hand in the local “Conservative redneck crowd”. Too many days watching and idolizing Donald Trump around your favorite FOX NEWS CHANNEL has left the racist anti-pot bigots running around thinking it is ok to use racial slurs and prejudice language in public. For every plant HCSO pulls up 1000 more are harvested by our local farmers and families. The logging industry is the real culprits when it comes to environmental destruction, but the County wont cry a peep over a clearcut since they obtain lots of revenue from timber taxes… Lets face it, that grow isn’t really an Environmental Catastrophe when one is to zoom a few miles out on google earth, and one looks at the patchwork of thousands of Clearcuts of Ancient Redwood all around Humboldt County….. Smoke and Mirrors…. that’s what these busts are, smoke and mirrors crying environmental degradation, meanwhile the Ancient Redwoods are logged to infinity by outside corporations, and PGE still hasn’t cleaned up those spent nuclear rods stored in Humboldt Bay just like Fukushima…. when will the next earthquake hit, are we really safe while many bemoan the growers, look at the real whole picture, outside interests are the bankers and timer companies destroying our forests and degrading the landscape… and for what $20 hr jobs while the true wealth of Humboldt County, the Ancient Redwoods are cut shipped away and the money distributed to out of the County investors… at least the pot dollars stay local and circulate in the community.

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