Humboldt Literacy Project Invites You to ‘Drop-In’

books (1 of 1)Press release from Humboldt County:

Humboldt Literacy Project invites community residents to attend its monthly informational “drop-ins” at three Humboldt County Public Library sites beginning Tuesday, Aug. 2, 3-5 p.m.

The participating libraries: Eureka Main Library, 1313 Third St., Arcata Library, 500 Seventh St. and Fortuna Library, 753 14th St.

These events are free. Humboldt Literacy Project (HLP) board members and staff will be available to answer questions and to discuss ways to get involved with the organization as a learner or as a tutor.

Do you want to improve your reading? Do you know someone who needs to learn to read? Reading is essential not only as a leisure activity but for success in all aspects of everyday life. Key areas where reading is very important include finding employment, finding housing and utilizing social services. Should you sign a cell phone agreement or apartment lease if you can’t read it? How do you fill out a job application without being able to fully understand the job description and employee responsibilities?

In Humboldt County, an estimated 13,800 adults are functionally illiterate; they read below a fifth-grade level. Another 23,000 people in our county read below an eighth-grade level. Since 1985, Humboldt Literacy Project has been matching adult learners with trained tutors.

The drop-ins are scheduled to be held the first Tuesday of every month. They will provide an opportunity for library patrons to find out about Humboldt Literacy Project’s multiple resources for Humboldt County residents.

For more information, please phone (707)445-3655 or email



  • A very worthwhile organization, HLP provides free confidential assistance to those who would like to read better in a casual, non-judgmental and one-on-one basis, based on the particular goals of each learner. HLP has helped people learn to read well enough to to pass the driver’s license exam, or for a father to be able to read to his children or to even help people to prepare for the GED exam in lieu of a high school diploma. Reading problems cut across all economic levels, the employed and unemployed, business owners, those who have families and those without – you name it, HLP helps people from all walks of life.

    The difficulty in getting the word out about HLP’s services to those who need it is caused primarily by two causes: (1) the shame of being unable to read or to read as well as one would like and (2) being unable to read well enough to read news stories, press releases and ads promoting literacy services. It is a delicate matter to broach, but with a caring and loving attitude, readers can very well discuss HLP with people who they believe may benefit from learning to read better.

  • We don’t need no stinkin’ literacy…. we are bloggers!

  • Wonderful program! I hope the illiterate flood in to take full advantage of it. If they don’t or can’t, skills, intuition & the determination to succeed still work, so never lose hope!
    With that said, do you know that the first richest man in a county in the state of Texas, by the name of Charlie Brown, couldn’t read or write? He relied on his common sense & intuition, determination & goals. First he bought a cedar grove for .15 cents per acre,that the locals thought was worthless. He harvested & shipped the wood to those who knew it’s merits. With that money, he opened a gin mill, hired people of all races, & was loved by his community. He also opened a sugar mill, & bought more & more land. He became the most successful person in Texas, because he never looked back, only forward. BTW, he was a freed black slave out of West? Virginia. Maybe the library has a book or journal about him? If not, Ron Paul has an interview with one of his grandson’s, in front of his memorial plaque, on youtube. He was one wise & frugal man!!

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