Gathering of Law Enforcement at the Honeydew Exit

Unmarked vehicles and Officers prepare for a raid from Dyerville“Lots of uniformed officers and unmarked vehicles” were staged at the Dyerville Lookout at 6:15 this morning, a reader tells us. State Park vehicles were also there just north of Founder’s Grove. We don’t know the reason yet but we’ll update when we find out.

UPDATE 9:30 p.m.: A reader tells us, “The caravan that was staged this morning head[ed]out to bull creek & was seen cutting a lock to a gate out there…About 30 to 40 minutes ago they were cutting the lock. About 15 minutes ago they were seen walking around the property.”



  • Honeydew Bridge Chump

    Uh, oh!
    It might be a Masonic ritual getting ready for Bohemian Grove and Cremation of Care, but prolly not.

    • That would be Guerneville – unless they’ve expanded due to the rapidly increasing ‘Cares’ they need to burn to live with themselves.

      • Honeydew Bridge Chump

        Check out the Cremation of Care….
        Mendo goes out of their way to protect this, but they know who supplies their bread and butter to put on it.
        Can’t be President, if you don’t have an invite to worship the owl.

        Praying the convoy loses a GPS signal or has car trouble.

      • huh? thats a completely different part of the state,nearer to santa rosa?bull creek road turns into mattole road.

  • veterans friend

    Whenever I see “uniformed” I think “uninformed”

  • Food for thought

    Now wouldn’t it be interesting if the county was now able to provide sheriffs with all the funding they need, after getting all that money people are paying to be compliant…. please and thank you.

  • We’re did they go yesterday in Ferndale?

  • Sheriffs need more money?!?! Really? Seems to me the school system is a bit underfunded while the sheriffs dept is flying around in Blackhawk helicopters. Many many friends caught in busts can never seem to find the 10,000 dollars they were saving on th police reports. What an ironic and seemingly backwards steps these busts are.


    Thanks you law enforcement !
    Please keep going out there.
    There are only two county permitted grow sites. That said start cleaning house?
    Where the enviroment is being damaged.

  • It would be ironic if they are there for the one permitted site.


      Right. Like Estelle said about the one doctor owned. “It looked permitted but it was not”. Well if it looks so well done leave it alone. If it is a mess with big fences , bulldozer tracks , slash piles etc. go get it.

  • Isn’t Panther Gap right above Bull Creek?

  • What about yesterday?how much and where?just wondering

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