[UPDATE: What the Heck?] Police Looking for Woman With Double Barreled Shotgun

cop cars at scene of Domestic Violence 7/26/16

Eureka Police near the scene of the alleged domestic violence. [Photo by Bobby Kroecker]

Eureka Police Department was contacted with a report of a woman pointing a shotgun at her husband about 10:30 p.m. They went to the site of the alleged incident at the foot of West Del Norte in the homeless encampment. When they got there, the woman had left. The EPD is currently on the lookout for the woman who is reportedly still armed with the weapon.

UPDATE Wednesday: Although we originally reported this as a woman with a shotgun, according to Brittany Powell spokesperson for the EPD, the actual situation was more like this.

At 10:17 p.m. a male called in to say that he had gotten into an argument with his wife and a man with a shotgun came and threatened him. However, when law enforcement got on scene, the female half of the argument said that a man with a bicycle showed up…and he didn’t have a shotgun.

So, basically, we’re not sure what happened.



  • When does construction begin? Can the public check out the work that’s been done, so far?

    • I go down there in my truck almost every day, and havent seen any evidence of work being done I do know the Home-less camp is gone out of the parking lot area, not sure where they went

  • another redhead

    Kym, I often wonder if you ever sleep. Lol you always have the most up to date info on whatever the latest story is. No matter the time of day or night. Not only that but you do it with kindness and without judgement or bias. Much admiration and love to you. P.s. everyone I’ve discussed this with agrees. You rock Kym Kemp!!!

    • I sleep but not enough. (Also I’m not much of a redhead anymore. Grayheaded Blackbelt though doesn’t sound as feisty) Thanks for the kind words. I appreciate them!

  • Who said anything about construction?? What is wrong with you commenters? Article talks about a crazy bitch with a shotgun, wtf??? Read b4 commenting you idiots!

  • veterans friend

    Maybe she was never there…

  • Kym you know I’m your biggest fan .

  • Why can’t we call this woman a domestic terrorist with a multi barreled assault weapon? Heck- the feds would jump for a chance to catch her and get liberal brownie points and paid time off for saving the community.
    Best question is- where did these loonies come from? Is the “assault weapon” on Feinstein’s list? Did she go thru required background checks? Was it stolen? Can she store it in her locker during the day?

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