Fervor Fest: All Things Fermented…

Fervor Fest 2016Press release:


The Arcata Playhouse and Humboldt Made are teaming up to put on Humboldt’s first ever Fermentation Festival ­–The Humboldt Fervor Fest!

That’s right. On August 13th we’ll be celebrating all things fermented, cider, kombucha, beer, wine and distilled spirits ­ oh my, sauerkraut, pickles, kimchi, bread, cheese, and so much more!!

This one­ of ­a­ kind festival celebrates the alchemy behind many of our favorite foods and beverages. The Creamery District streets will be packed with over forty producers, offering samples of their fermented delicacies. In addition to discovering new tastes, there are learning opportunities, demonstrations for those who are interested in fermenting at home and an arts and crafts market with local music to get your dance on.

We are immensely grateful to WrangleTown Hard Cider, It’s Alive Kombucha, Humboldt Cider Co, Wildberries Marketplace, Blue Lake Casino, Northcoast Horticulture Supply, and Cypress Grove Chevre for their support. All proceeds go to Playhouse Arts to help support their extensive arts and culture programming and to Humboldt Made to support the marketing and branding services they provide our local makers and producers, these two non­profits work tirelessly to create a more creative and sustainable local economy.

Premium Admission to indoor Distilled Spirit Sampling and all outdoor areas. $85.00

General Admission to all outdoor areas: unlimited Cider, Beer, Wine Sampling, Food Sampling, Live Music, Street Fair $35­

All tickets can be purchased at Brown Paper Tickets, Wildberries Marketplace and at the door. For more information ­

Facebook –

https://www.facebook.com/events/1400606960238888/­ Website ­ http://www.humboldtfervorfest.org/

Or email into@humboldtmade.com.



  • Sounds a bit pricey to me. No thanks.

  • I thought the same. Will wait for the county fair to see all the same vendors.

  • Wow, way to expensive….pass

  • As a long-time producer of fermented food and beverage products this event sounded like an fine opportunity to talk shop and to share information regarding my specialized interest in producing amazake, sweet potato sake, umeboshi, and traditional squid and fish sauces — that is — until the event started to sound like a high-priced potluck.

    • Like your name @BluntsReef. Yeah, I got excited because I make ferments as well, but $35 times 2 for me and my wife and chances are my son will want to go, $105 is a bit much. With that said, it is a fundraiser.

      • If it is desired for an event like this to pave the way for future successful opportunities to showcase the art and chemistry of fermentation science — then it would be wise to make the gathering affordable.

        This said if one is really interested in learning about the the fermentation of food and beverage products they would probably better serve themselves by purchasing — the Art of Fermentation — by Sandor Katz. (AMAZON PRIME: ~$26.00)

  • i really wanted to go, but not at those prices. i can see a fee for overhead and permits, but just too expensive 🙁

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