[UPDATE 11:25 a.m.] Convoy Headed South on Hwy 101

Humboldt County Sheriff MarijuanaA convoy of approximately five Humboldt County Sheriff’s vehicles, one Fish and Game vehicle, five black, unmarked Dodge pickups and a wood chipper were seen headed south on Hwy 101 by Loleta a little before 9 a.m.

We’ll update as soon as we know where they went and what they did.

UPDATE 10:54 a.m.: Lt. Wayne Hanson of the Humboldt County Sheriff’s Office confirmed that they were in the Ferndale area.

UPDATE 11:25 p.m.: A resident tells us that a “huge convoy of 15 police officers and chipper went up to top of Crosby road to huge illegal grow.”



  • Law enforcement. In the cove

  • Pretty hard to get a convoy from Loleta at 9am to Shelter Cove at 9:15am, just saying.

  • They won’t begoing after the cartels .just some local getting whacked .to scared .

  • We saw what we thought was a convoy on Waddington Rd. out of Fernbridge a little after 9AM, heading toward Grizzly Bluff Rd.

  • Higher Standards Humboldt

    They went up Crosby Road. Huge grow up there all of Ferndale has been talking about. Owned and operated by FOREIGNERS. Greedy greedy…. Good going enforcement agencies protect our communities and environment. Get a permit people, do the right thing or they are gonna get ya!

  • Higher Standards Humboldt

    Yep FOREIGNERS. They are Bulgarian. They speak english as a second language if they speak it at all. That makes them FOREIGNERS to every American, not just people from Ferndale.

    • Heck, I was considered a foreigner when I lived in Ferndale, just because I wasn’t born there. Oh Ferndale, wake up..

  • Awesome it’s about time humboldt sheriff office. Whack them foreigners .land rape greedy illegal aliens. Check there papers .immigration. that I doubt they will go that far or they O/R them .got adresses .get out of jail free we will see. Or 25ooo dollar bail .

  • Greed growers gotta go!!!

  • They use those chippers so we don’t know how much they really got,or didnt.Easy to fib about how much,so they get more $$$$from feds.

  • Higher Standards Humboldt

    Hopefully they will see some HUGE environmental fines that force the sale of the property. Ferndale doesn’t appreciate mega grows in the backyard, even locally owned ones. Bad place to go big! GO AND GROW ELSEWHERE!

  • How do they grow in the fog unless it’s a giant indoor ? Not alot of sun in Ferndale .must be cappy weed

    • I’ve been growing cappy weed since the 80s . The strain is resistant to mold . Cappy weed is the best .

    • The giant indoor is in Salmon Creek. Word is the generator was so large it had to be brought in in a dump truck. Oh, those silly Bulgarians, everybody knows everything they are doing. Covert is not a word they understand.

  • Higher Standards Humboldt

    Its the Wildcat. In the mountains above fog.

  • I really don’t know what you people have against the Bulgarians or any other ForeignerS? Are you trying to say that locals or Americans if you wish, are perfect, cuz it ain’t so! I’ve met really bad ones around here. But so far never had a problem with any foreigner. So check your facts not just heresay talk. Greed growers gotta go no matter where they come from. Peace out!

  • Unless you Pomo. Yurok. Hupa. Wiyot. Shiiiiit. WE ARE ALL FOREIGNERS. some of the [Edit: Please don’t use derogatory diminutives such as Bulgies](and other Euro/South Am/Asian/East Coasters) I have met keep there properties tight and clean. A lot less I could say about some of the idiot trash out there that bury their generator oil in their own backyards. Or those that throw black water in the creek. I’m not defending the people who got nailed today by any means. But some of these “foreigners” you speak of are naturalized or are full on citizens. It’s idiots like “Grahams Brand” who come with daddies money that are setting this place up and promoting it as a weed Mecca. So “Higher Standards Hohum” you may want to get to know your neighbors and take a look at yourself before you cast stones. Because like it or not, some of the people you tag as “Foreign” are getting permitted and are not going anywhere. It doesn’t matter if you are this that or the other, America is open for all of us. First or 10th generation. She doesn’t care.

    • There is nothing good about the [Edit: I don’t allow terms like Bulgies, Chinks, etc.] here in Humboldt…they are a plague & are only here for one thing..greed! They will destroy the wilderness without a care in the world. We have enough problems with our own local scum, we definately dont need more.. eradicate them all..methicans, too. Dont be [Edit: I don’t allow terms like libtarded, Repugs, etc.]

      • Sorry Kym.. I was unaware that bulgie was a bad word. I saw it in biggrobbs post & was responding to it. Wont happen again..darn. I didnt say “chink” though..i know thats a no no.

        • I just started asking people not to say Bulgie. I hadn’t really thought it through but something clicked and I realized that derogatory nicknames don’t help us communicate. And communication is what I am hoping for. You happened to be one of the lucky first recipients of the new policy…(Sorry)

    • you forgot Karuk

    • Well said Rigg Bobb. “They ” are from Illinois ! GO FIGURE. ? A good market in middle America. ” THEY ” drive black Tundras too. “They ” like fishing boats too. ” They ” are way more organized than you. ” They” rent bulldozers from the same place you do. I could go on and on. Did I miss anything? Wait till there is a love story. Wait till “They ” open a shop or store on ” Your ” Main st.

  • Convoy up felt rd Miranda as of about 430ish still up there now

  • Well said & Agreed!!! Grouping anyone because of race or origin is stupidity at its finest. Educate yourself before you spread your hate!!!

    • Dis a GREED!!! It is what it is. Im from these hills & have witnessed first hand the great decline of everything sacred around here…news flash, the large scale destruction is mainly the foreigners & non locals.. They are also the most clueless on the way things work around here, especially with our eco system. That is an educated opinion. It just is what it is. Sorry if that pops y’alls little P.C. bubble.

      • I did forget Karuk (Cal Salmon and Upper Klamth folk)! My bad.

        And Realwood you’re not the only one from the hills here. I think you’re missing my point. It’s about educating people in how to treat the hills. If you think born and raised (in the hills) locals are treating their land any better, well, then you’re mistaken. My parents taught me how to live off the land. I’m lucky. My point is only that focusing your anger on foreigners isn’t going to change how people operate. My neighbor was busted last year for all sorts of shit including enviro crimes. Guess what happened. He went back out three days later and plugged in 4000 plants. Had himself a hell of a year. Runs his dozer whenever he needs new space. He’s born and raised right here same as you me and few others. We are talking million dollar crops left and right. No BS. I’m no libtard. I just have the common sense to know what’s RIGHT and WRONG. Getting yourself into compliance is what it’s about, because there are land use standards of care. (And yes it puts money into the county coffers and private land use consultants). Learning how to treat your land so she doesn’t get sick is what it’s all about. She doesn’t care where you come from. I know we will disagree but shit man, you have to stop blaming just one sect of people. Is it greed if you found a way to make a living? Hell even timber, gold, wine, and construction has had its “Wild West” haydays. They all get reigned in because it’s out of control and effects the environment. Some people figure it out some people don’t. It’s going to take time for shit to settle, but believe me when I say “foreigners” are not ALL the problem. They’re just easier to spot in the stores.

        • Rodger that biggrobb. I was raised in the Sinkyone wilderness & have always had much respect for their culture.

          Like you said.. im constantly “educating” these newbies the best i can..ive told them over & over how to make water bars & common road maintenance & how to be water efficient…they dont listen..they dont give a shit! Just gets worse every year. In my community our local brotherhood has respect & understanding for what is not right for our wilderness. Its a real slap in the face seeing what these outsiders are doing all around us. Anyways you seem like a good dude though.

          • I agree it’s has gotten worse. Exponentially in fact. Especially at the hands of ignorant people. There is going to be those that have done right by their ‘stead and some that didn’t know better and will remediate to make it right. Then there’s going to be those that straight don’t give a shit. I just hate banging on the foreigners part. Glad we could discourse. We don’t ALL have to agree, but we all need to move forward. It’s going to get better Realwood. I hope for the sake of keeping it Humboldt.

  • Ole kym tipping off criminals again

    • Yep, all those pot growers south of Loleta were wildly scrambling, cutting marijuana plants and generally trying to look innocent because they heard there was a convoy headed south on 101. I’m pretty sure I’m managed to tip them all off because there’s not a pot plant to be seen in SoHum….

      Jeez, don’t be silly. Think about what you are saying.

  • North Coast Outlaw

    Permits shermets, what ever happened to us non conformists who moved here way back when. You have all sold out the true spirit we brought here. If we would have all in a unified voice said heck no we won’t go. My opinion you people are sellouts. Wait until they shut you down because of water issues you will remember this old outlaw saying this. Good luck conformists. Have you ever heard of the Delphi principle? Look it up in between filling out forms

    • The only problem with that mentality is that technology is on their side. With the advent of affordable and readily available satellite photos the regulatory agencies have the upper hand. Also the enforcement is rather cost effective, a stamp and a registered mail containing a cease and desist order along with a time line to do so and $1000 dollar a day fine that goes into effect rather quickly after that.

      Look the times have changed and game has morphed once again. None of us made the rules. Even the new ordinance was more of an answer to the DFW and NCRWQCB enacting new policy. Those of us that have been here to witness the huge changes in our communities, growing styles, enforcement efforts etc have always morphed and changed and rolled with the punches. This is just one more of those times, and yes it may seem a bit more intrusive but hell so was two CAMP choppers flying circles around houses all summer long.

      Its like this, growing today is no more illegal than it was ever. The County as a whole became pretty brazen and complacent with the huge decrease in eradication efforts that transpired starting in about 1998 and decreasing every year until last year again saw a ramp up. But many of us remember “the good old days” when the chops flew 5 days a week for at least three or four months of every summer. If you want to stay outlaw more power to you, I mean that sincerely. God Speed. But having your water permitted and your land have some permits attached to it will go along way to making sure you stay one. Or at least one with liberty. Permitting your water etc is very separate and different than applying for a land use entitlement to cultivate. Just food for thought bro!

  • Gonna be a rough month

  • I’ve seen properties owned by locals (or my fellow Americans as some try to divide people) that have been completely destroyed. And then some other land, owned by “foreigners” that is set up beautifully. No destruction of any kind, clean, organized, permitted. There are greedy ones among all groups of people. So educating ALL on how to treat the land is the way to go. Stop the hate. So far I have never had ANY problems with the so called “foreigners”. Educate yourselves people, local or not. Get those permits, do it right. The ones that are giving a bad name to certain groups of people gotta go tho

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