Woman Found in Submerged Car Identified; She Was Involved in Former High Profile Case Involving Plot to Kill Prominent Eureka Family

colette Primeau

Colette Primeau taken earlier this year. [From public Facebook profile picture]

The woman found July 14 in a car submerged in the Trinity River near Hwy 299 is Colette Primeau age 31. Primeau once testified in a high profile case involving a plot to kill and rob a prominent Eureka family.

Earlier this month, a man fishing from a boat discovered the vehicle Primeau had been driving on its roof about six feet under the surface of the water. The vehicle was recovered with Primeau at the wheel. Ward said that her office believes the crash happened either on July 7 or 8 because the victim, Colette Primeau, was in Redding on July 7.

According to Lynn Ward spokesperson for the Trinity County Sheriff’s Office, “The victim of this crash was identified via dental records…The cause of death has been determined as drowning,” Ward explained.

While Primeau is listed as a transient according to the Trinity County Sheriff’s Office, her Facebook states she lives in Eureka and previously attended Eureka High School.

Primeau testified in 2008 that her father had plotted to kill members of the Barnum family. According to a Time Standard article,

“We made a blood oath to kill the Barnums,” [Robert] Primeau’s daughter, Collette Primeau, 23, testified at her father’s preliminary hearing. “We all cut on our thumb and the three of us swore together to keep it between the three of us because if we didn’t, we’d be dead.”

“When you said, ‘we’d be dead,’ who specifically?” Deputy District Attorney Allan Dollison asked.

“My brother and I,” Collette Primeau replied.

“Who said you’d be dead?” Dollison asked.

“My father,” Collette Primeau answered.

Robert Primeau eventually pled guilty to charges of striking his then wife with a hammer in exchange for soliciting murder charges relating to the Barnum’s being dropped.

Colette Primeau expressed unhappiness with the lightness of her father’s sentence.



  • Wow, crazy and sad.

    • When you know this is a skin lol

      • racism is alive and well, which is really sad and crazy.. If you ever want a reason to be less than proud of being white, read a book called “Bury My Heart at Wounded Knee” I’m as white as white can be and I feel no pride whatsoever in the white peoples treatment of the American Indians. And that being said, what in the world does race have to do with the loss of Collette, who was a Mother, Sister, Daughter and Friend?

  • Wow. Never heard the Barnum story. They’re good people. How awful for them.

  • Aww hell naw,she killed herself

    • What difference would it make if she did? it all boils down to the same thing. She’s gone and those of us who loved her will miss her forever.

  • Sounds like she had a tragic life due to an abusive POS father. RIP Colette.

  • Man it looks like she had to stick to her blood oath….stop stitching karma will get u

    • sharpen your pencil

      Your trolling is idiotic, I don’t think stitching had anything to do with this. Many vehicles leave the roadways around us and land in water. I’m not positive, but I believe this would be atleast the 5th such incident in the last year, between 199 and 299 alone….

      This is sad, what a terrible ordeal her life must have been made into by her father.

    • Speak of a mother ,who now will have a Son no longer have her to grow up with.Get a life.Make hateful comments on anything ,I love people that do,just not on this…

    • “snitching” is actually technically telling the truth, which is ALWAYS the right thing to do!!!! And NO ONE deserves to die for that!! It’s people like you who are the MAJOR PROBLEM WITH THIS WORLD TODAY!!!!!! I will pray for you because God knows you NEED it.

    • MakeAmericaSmartAgain

      Stitching? Im sorry but this whole thing about being against snitching is F’n STUPID. Grow the fuck up, you do some dumb ass shit infront of me, Im calling the cops. I got nieces, nephew, family, and friends I care about….You put ANY of them in danger and [edit] man…the entitlement people have these days is ridiculous.

    • You should rethink your whole concept of karma. You don’t get bad karma for standing up and telling the truth. When you speak out against brutality and evil deeds you are doing the right thing and that brings good karma. Sometimes, in so doing, we have to tolerate the insults and dodge rocks thrown by ignorant people, however doing the right thing is always to be commended. Even more so when we are forced to speak out against people who should be our nearest and dearest. When someone is hurting others for whatever reason turning them in to a higher authority is always the right thing to do. Period, the end.

    • To the person name karma I know who u really are so u should back off u understand right

  • RIP coletty, are there going to be any services?

  • Sure hope for justice here if there was foul play .

  • Damn, that TS article paints a very disturbing picture of her father. Sure seems like he was a crazy homicidal nutcase that had a motive to hurt his daughter. Then she turns up dead. Sad story all around.

    • sharpen your pencil

      The Barnum case wad 8 years ago, doubt this is related to her father, well atleast hoping not. For all we know she fell asleep at the wheel….

  • Eeeww,the hairs on the back of my neck just stood up.RIP

  • Dontyouwannaknow

    She was a wonderful lady. A member of our family. She will be missed every day. She was not homeless like they said in the article. She was just visiting that area during a rough patch in her life. Her husband and the rest of the family will miss her.

  • How dare u people talk shit about a person who has had the worst life ever she was a great person and friend to lots of people if u don’t know her keep your mouth shut nobody ever deserves to have their life taken by anybody you have no right have consideration for her fucking family and her friends or her son that’s left behind why do people have to be so hurtful what if that’s was one o dB your family members would u like to her people talk shit and say nasty stuff about them I think not so keep your f****** big mouth to yourself if you have nothing nice to say get off the f****** comment

    • Her family should be encouraged to NOT read these comments. There’s a lot of people who have no idea about the facts and will dribble on with conjecture. Not to mention the sociopaths (trolls) who get to hide behind the veil of anonymity and try to hurt people close to the victim of this accident. It’s not worth searching for the kind words in the comments section.

    • well said I knew her and even though it was just a short time I thought she was a very big hearted person who really tried to see the best in everyone and she tried even harder to help everyone who needed help even if that meant that she would go without I hope she didn’t suffer at all she didn’t deserve that and ill deff miss her stopping by every once in awhile to show me her newest batman stuff. R.I.P. Colette you will be missed.

  • Colette told me that she was going to visit her father in redding .

  • Fuck you all. It’s almost all lies. You are all a bunch of limp dick sheeple

  • All around sad story

  • Henchman Of Justice

    Sad story, very sad.

    It reads dad was: EVIL, IMPRISONED 2007 FOR ALMOST 5 YEARS.

    Hope investigation looks into potential criminal activity just in case the blood oathe came to fruition.

    What information was given years ago on why a blood pact against local timber family?

  • Some of u should b ashamed of urselves. Someone’s loved one has died! Try to have just a little bit of respect.

  • I knew her very well,years ago when I still lived in Eureka,she lived w me on and off then.She was a Mamma Bear to all her friends,only about 4’11”-5′ tall ,bit if you messed w one of her friends,she knew how to intimidate the biggest men.😃,She did have a rough past,but I don’t remember her ever dwelling on that,or making that the excuse of why things maybe weren’t quite where she may have wanted them.What I’m saying is,she just like the rest of us,has some things in her past,that are pretty shakey,but at the end of the day that’s her past,and as fellow human beings try to be kind with words you say of those that are no longer with us,even if it was once in the media for all eyes to see yrs ago,how does it do anything positive for you or her by saying negative or just speculative comments now.Lets all remember she does leave behind a SON,and one day hell be old enough to look up these things written about his Mom,I being a person who broke off my friendship w her when I moved ,but the day I got the call with this news its bothered me since.So for the many times you kicked ass for me Colette,I will try and keep the people of BEAUTIFUL HUMBOLDT ,in check and pray that all use their time to think before commenting on a young mother who just lost her life.Rest in Peace ,hope God greeted you w a new Cowboy hat,and boots.Love and hugs to Robert her brother,her Son,as well as the rest of her family grieving.

  • David Klein aka DK

    Love her Miss her much.Yall who didnt know her,have missed out on one of the best friends possible,as long as you were a good person. What ever her and her father had wrong they both wanted to make it right.Always a fighter and never a swimmer. Eternity will be alot less painful than her tragic life. With all of my love till we meet again my friend.

  • Is there any journalistic value in this story or is it just a death report? the fact that her dad was a creep seems unrelated to the loss of life on a dangerous road with many recent fatalities

    • The trial was big news at the time and the young woman considered by many to be quite brave in her testimony. It was notable and just as if I might mention that someone was a volunteer fireman or had once been president of Rotary when they died, I thought it important to note this part of her life which had previously brought her to the public’s attention.

  • Collette was a good girl who had many burdens to overcome. She was a beautiful soul with a great big heart and she was my friend. This is tragic. I’ll remember her with love and respect.

  • Someone told me that her dad just got out of prison,coincedence?? I think not

  • I love u colette u was a awesome friend who would do anything for anybody and everybody I miss you so much I just can’t believe this and to your brother I am so truly very sorry for your loss thinking of you and have hug her precious baby boy tight she always talked about him and how much she loved him and her brother

  • I’ll never forget u r.i.p

  • Colette I miss u so fucking much u are are in my head so much u are and always will be my best friend tell I see I love u and u had had a big Hart and u was there for people who did not appreciate the things u have and did for them I’m taking all this news so hard I just don’t understand it at all but there will be justice for u I can promise u that your true friend forever I watched the bat man movie lol u always like then and that’s my new tattoo in memory of u and all the good times and all the night we just would sit and cry about all the bull shit we both been through love u tones u are a great person

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