Humboldt Delegate for Bernie Interviewed on CNN

A Humboldt County man and delegate at large for Bernie Sanders at the Democratic National Convention was interviewed by CNN yesterday. Robert Shearer, who according to his personal Facebook page is an HSU student living in Arcata, was asked “why not stand down now and let Hilary Clinton have her moment.”

Shearer answers that the Sanders’ delegates are about more than just a candidate; they have a broader political purpose.  He states, “This isn’t about Senator Sanders. This is about moving forward and advancing progressive policies that America needs right now, that the world’s climate needs right now.”

Shearer says on his personal Facebook page that he has been interviewed by “Democracy Now, The Young Turks, CNN, and a few others. The political revolution most certainly will be televised.”




  • Honeydew Bridge Chump

    The so called political revolution is nothing more than a controlled taste test between coke or pepsi.

    Nothing happens on the world stage that isn’t planned was said some time ago.

    Real change can only happen when not a soul turns out for their fake ballot counting circus sideshow.

    The American Experiment was planned out before it even, ‘ began ‘ common folk were taking it to light and that’s why Washington nearly destroyed the militia.

    George Washington was the country’s first Mason President, in a long line of followers.

    They designed the patterns in the buildings of DC, they control the media, they control the soda taste test so many lost souls believe in.

  • Honeydew Bridge Chump, there is no doubt much that is controlled. But this guy looks like he’s in control of himself and is trying to make a difference. How you can make a difference if you don’t come out from your rock in Honeydew I have no idea.

    You are (have) lost as soon as you give up.

    • Honeydew Bridge Chump

      Oh, no doubt he believes, it’s what he believes in along with the information source that feeds and nutures his ‘ beliefs ‘.

      He may like coke better than pepsi, but being blindfolded for the taste test makes it impossible to see the hand pouring the cups to choose from.

  • We’re at the halfway point. The progressives have taken the country to the point of either one step forward to finish us off or all steps back and let us regain freedom.
    Sanders, clinton, johnson & stein all fight for more government, more power, more control.
    There is only one candidate who fights for self governing values, without worry of the feds knocking down your door for drinking raw milk or smoking a joint. Your earnings will once again be yours to govern. Put your money where your heart is, not where the govt. forces you to put it. This will only be possible if we elect Darrell Castle.
    Choose wisely. No say or all say.

    • Honeydew Bridge Chump

      Rulers don’t want self governing, they want followers.

      Coke, Pepsi, or RC is what you are bringing to the table, I guess?

      The way to change is for an election boycott and watch the spin.

      Knocking over the coke, pepsi, rc, taste test table and removing the blindfold is the way to light.

      Until then, I’ll make my own soda, thank you.

  • I love how they cast Bernie delegates as somehow robbing something from Clinton, as if fulfilling the role for which they were selected, to represent the will of the voters, is wrong and maybe immoral.

    It’s the other way around, as the rest of the world is now learning, but Bernie supporters have observed from the get-go.

    The DNC establishment is playing a game of chicken, counting on progressives to flinch and vote for Clinton like we’ve always flinched in the past. The lesser of two evils is still evil. Kang is the same as Kodos.

    I’ll be voting for Stein. Great good will ultimately come from making the Democratic party progressive by forcing its hand into serving people instead of corporations. Things will get worse under Trump, but ultimately much better after him. The DNC chose this path. Not us.

    • Well put. I couldn’t agree more strongly.

    • veterans friend

      Agree 100%. I too am voting for Dr. Stein….unless the DNC comes to it’s senses in the next couple of days

    • Honeydew Bridge Chump

      You like coke, not pepsi or pcola, or maybe backwards.

      When given a or b what choice do you really have?

      The future of humanity is a boot on the face.

      If there was an “election” and it was boycotted, how would the bobble heads spin that?

      Real Americans don’t take the blindfolded soda challenge.

      George Washington was a Mason.

  • Bob in the Hills

    ” The lesser of two evils is still evil.”

    It’s important to recognize the immense danger of ending up with the greater evil in the White House this time around.

    This is not where I make my progressive stand. The barbarians are at the gate. We fight together or we go down together.

    We go down and we’ll watch decades of progress erased.

  • Making a HSU student a delegate, I pat the government on the back for that one . Wow things are more screwed than I thought

  • That explains it , totally.

  • #BernieorBust is NOT a THEME!

    Thank You Robert! I wanna hug u!

    #stillsanders !!!

  • I was feeling Burnt until this came up: If we support EVERY Democrat or Green running for Congress, it won’t matter who’s elected President as we will have the votes to overturn a veto.
    The Supreme Court issue: I ask, do Clinton supporters really think her appointments will make any difference? Really?
    And if it takes more than the ballot box to make America America again, so be it. TWO MILLION ballots are still uncounted in the CA Dem Primary. That tells me a lot.
    A liar or a liar of another stripe – Those are the choices.
    Jill Stein gives me a position I can support, and I’m willing to deal with the consequences; one of which may be to move to a Parliamentarian form of Representative Government, not anointment to a Throne. af

  • Plain and simple guys-Bernie and Hillary are communist socialists and they want this country gifted to Soros and the New World Order. You’re all stupid minions working for your final death. Circle yourself with gas and light a match.

    • Y’know, Donald Trump is and has been a pretty good friend of the Clintons. He even used to run as a Democrat. Just sayin’.

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