Boulders Go Boom!

Caltrans shared video on their Facebook page today of the boulders on Hwy 299 being exploded. We’ve still enough kid in us to love the whole show. Are you still kid enough for this?




  • if you cant count backwards , caltrans will hire you and let you play with explosives

    • well, he was counting backwards, he didn’t count up to 23 or something. he probably just skipped a couple numbers to get on with it.

  • I wanna get paid to blow stuff up, however I can count backwards so they won’t hire me. 🙁

    • sharpen your pencil

      But, can you rest against a broom, or a shovel?

      • Honeydew Bridge Chump

        My application is in…

        I can drive around more than anyone, sleep standing up, and know how to stop cars to cause the most traffic congestion.

        Pretty sure I’m there.

  • Push the button, Max.
    No! Not that button!

  • WhoAreThesePeople?

    Hey! That was my rock!

  • What fun!

  • Always fun to watch something go BOOM!!!! Unless of course it isn’t s’posed to!!! >;oD

  • As the retired Rock Scaling and Blasting Team Leader for Caltrans here until 2010, I can tell you that we don’t use shovels or brooms while doing hazardous work, be it hanging from a rope and clearing boulders hundreds of feet above a slide impacted highway or doing construction related blasting as in the video. Hundreds of hours of training go into “pushing a button” so that these tasks are performed with safety and experise by obtaining a state certified Blasting license and to become proficient at high scaling. Since its founding in 1995, there have been no lost time injuries to workers or the general public due to their activities. And yes, they do get paid for these activities. Exactly the same rate of pay as their regular jobs.

    I applaude Caltrans and the Scaling/Blasting team led by Darrin Sullivan. Their volunteer efforts beyond their normal day to day job descriptions are an extra value to Caltrans and taxpayers as Caltrans would have to seek out a contractor for this work at many times the cost. This team is on 24 hour call and can and has been called out in stormy weather, on weekends and holidays, and then they remain on the job until the roadway below is safe for workers and the traveling public.

    Try not to judge the operation by the trainee on the detonator. He is a newbie. The charges were set by licensed operators. Pushing the button is the easiest and safest part of the whole thing.

    Think about this the next time a rock slide closes one of our highways.

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