[UPDATE 10:53 p.m. Highland and Cottage Closed] Law Enforcement Searching for Suspects That May Have Been Involved in Gunshots Fired During an Argument

scanner iconShots appear to have been fired in the area of Highland Avenue and Cottage Street in Eureka tonight a resident of Highland Avenue tells us. Morgan, who doesn’t want to give her last name, said that about 9:30 p.m., she heard noises. “I heard three pops right in a row,” she said. “It sounded like fireworks. But then it sounded more like shots.”

Morgan looked out the window towards the intersection of Highland and Cottage and saw multiple law enforcement vehicles. As of 10 p.m. she was seeing “at least six cop cars–some Ford Explorers,” she said.

The Lost Coast Outpost scanner monitor indicates that this began as an argument with firearms. Law enforcement appears to have approached in large numbers about 9:36 p.m. Several subjects fled and law enforcement set up a perimeter to locate the fleeing suspects.

UPDATE 10:51 p.m.: Highland and Cottage are blocked, according to our reporter Bobby Kroeker who is on the scene. A pickup at the scene, he said, was being searched by law enforcement but the two occupants were allowed to leave with their vehicle.

UPDATE 10:53 p.m.: Law enforcement is towing an Impala for evidence, reports Bobby Kroeker.

Impala: evidence in crime scene

The Impala which will be towed.



  • Wow I came home in the middle of it at.McCullens and Glen. Cops on all corners. Glad I didn’t run into them

  • Love this 'hood, not the people!

    Stop the gun violence! I hate this, too close for comfort. I live at the top of the hill. Love my home and the ocean view, but hate the tweeker and thug riff-raf lower down Highland.

    • I know, right. In other countries they specialize in machete’s, axes, votile cocktails, acid, bombs, plus guns.
      They obviously have better trainers for those inanimate objects that keep causing so much “violence”.

  • Nice advertising Sid!

  • Honeydew Bridge Chump

    Just imagine as those Pierson homes were new construction, did they ever imagine that Pacific Heights would become the ghetto of the future?

    Even those flat roofs are constructed with cuts of redwood you can’t even buy today.

  • Ya we stay away from that area,as.much as possible.we live off higgins but at night you can hear it all.its turned so nasty in that area,drugs,drugs drugs,guns and shit,tweekers everywhere.dont walk your.dogs from the park to broadway,needles all over the ground.yikes

  • Drove down Cottage Street the other day for the first time in a few years and couldn’t believe how trashy it looks. What a shame.

  • Went for a run down Highland on Friday on my way to the Hikshiri Trail and ran by a young girl passed out on the front entery of a housekeeping her lingerie, holding a lit cigarette, eyes rolling back in her head as she was dozing off. Saddest thing I have seen in a while. How do we help these people and save this neighborhood, which could be another Eureka gem??

  • I take my dog to the park all the time, I sure wish the city would fix up the broken walkways, holes in the tennis courts, put a working water fountain in, maybe a picnic table, clean up the needles in the grass, fix the broken baseball field fences, kick out the people who live in the dugouts and sell heroin there, and repave Highland street and maybe patrol the area once in a while, at night?

  • What a dream,I’d love to see that.but for some reason our law enforcement has lost all interest in Eureka or around it,in it whatever.this is a beautiful little town.we just need to clean it up.we need a hard.hitting,no nonsense LAW around here.let em know we’re not gonna take that around here.if your not helping,your part of the problem go else where.im sick of seeing us sinking like the Titanic!!we need a bailout

    • sharpen your pencil

      Actually, what we need is to repeal prop 47. That way instead of these dirtbags get out, they stay in jail……. Cops can arrest them, but they are back on the street before their spoon cools off…..

  • veterans friend

    Yep. Instead of arresting the same people day after day after day for “drunk in public” an effort to provide or require treatment & housing and jobs would surely help & be my personal preference

    • There’s a guy arrested every day damn for the same THING.EVERYDAY.WTF WHAT A WASTE OF MONEY.stop the INSANITY and this is that word allday.

  • Guns don’t kill people! STUPID PEOPLE UNDER THE INFLUENCE KILLS PEOPLE! And that influence can be many things besides drugs and alcohol! Greed is a pretty good influence also!

  • Searching for subjects,all to familiar phrase lately.

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