The Story of Money in This Region: From Shells to the Emergent Weed Economy

Price of a Life Shell cord, carbon notes and weedPress release from author:

Jerry Martien will read poems of Humboldt County and selections from The Price of a Life, at Persimmons Garden Gallery, Redway, on Wednesday, July 27.

The Price of a Life tells the story of money in this region, from dentalia shells to gold, and from lumber and paper dollars to the emergent weed economy. Published locally, under his pen name Dr Loon, Martien has combined historical document and personal experience to shed light on our present difficulties with marijuana as money. Martien is also the author of Shell Game (1996), which tells a similar story of the eastern US, from wampum beads to federal reserve notes.

His poems are collected in Pieces in Place, including some from Southern Humboldt. His CD, The Road to Heaven, features poems from the North Coast inland to the Great Basin. Books and cd’s will be available at the reading, which will be followed by Open Mic night hosted by Gayle and Michel. The reading begins at 7 p.m.

For further information call Persimmons at 923-2748.


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  • Our own Dan Brewer has been promoting this event. Jerry Martien is one of Dan’s friends from the world of written poetry. We are so fortunate to have Jerry come to our area to read at the beautiful Persimmons. Poetic History! Yea!!

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