Celebration of Life for Man Who Died Trying to Save Children

Timothy HattenA celebration of life is being held for a man who died June 5 trying to save two boys, nine and twelve-years-old, who were being swept away by swift current in the Eel River. Timothy Hatten and his family had been camped in the Holmes area.

The boys had been “swimming there all day, but then they got in a spot where it was really swift,” explained Hatten’s mother-in-law. Hatten and two others jumped in to save them. Hatten got caught in the current. When one of the other rescuers started to turn back to help, “Timmy hollered at him to go get the kid,” she explained.

When they returned to help Hatten, he was gone. It took a helicopter crew searching the river before they were able to locate his body some time later.

The celebration of life which is a potluck for Hatten will be held on Tuesday, July 26 from 3 P.M. – 6 P.M. in the Fortuna River Lodge at 1800 Riverwalk Drive in Fortuna.

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  • A true HERO in deed.in a world so torn apart comes a hero from Humboldt.bless this family and may God wrap his his loving arms around you always!!

  • If I’m ever in desperate need of help I sure hope someone like you happens to be there…. RIP HERO

  • What a tragedy. He died saving the lives of children. What a good man. Rest in peace brother.

  • Wow. First I’ve heard of this. I went back and read the previous accounts. This guy was a true selfless hero. My eyes well up thinking about it. Hope the family finds comfort.

  • R.i.p Timmy 😇❇💙

  • he is our hero a true selfless act no thought to himself just the lives of the boys he loved.Sacrificed himself to help save my son and two nephews.Never will we forget ,he was a brave hero.Taken from this world to soon.

  • i have heard, several years ago, the current was at that time 10 miles an hour. doesn’t seem like much but i understand it is strong enough to take a person out.

  • thank you brother…..you will be remembered……

  • True hero! Our rivers claim the lives of too many people. My prayers go out to his family. I’ve been there first hand and know what it feels like. An exact story infact. Love and light to those in pain.

  • There really are no words for such a selfless HERO! Rest In Peace Mr. Hatten……

  • Rip uncle Timmy! You were a hero my whole life. But now your a hero for the world to see. I miss you like crazy uncle. You always cared about everyone around you. I’ll always remember my favorite uncle! All the good times.

  • Rip Tim…a.man who was^is honorable.

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