[UPDATE 7 p.m.] 19-Year-Old Male Trapped in the Sand Not Breathing at Beach, Reports Caller to 911

A 19-year-old male is trapped in the sand and not breathing, according to a report sent out by emergency dispatch across the scanner. The man may be at Centerville Beach or Table Bluff. 911 has lost contact with the woman who reported the incident.

Emergency crews are racing towards the scene.

UPDATE 6:28 p.m.: Responders are being advised that a white ’60’s Chevy pickup is in the parking lot.

UPDATE 6:33 p.m.: A second call came in confirming there is a 19-year-old male still buried in the sand “unresponsive, not breathing.”

UPDATE 7:p.m.: Medical reports from the ambulance indicate the patient has trauma to the upper chest and appears to be in serious condition.



  • Praying!

  • God yes.. Pray… Please…pray

  • Sending prayers!

  • I will pray to Crom.

    • Queen of the Black Coast

      Crom is unconcerned about earthly happenings. Crom knows all. Crom knew your failings before he created the universe. You and your troubles are the way Crom wanted them to be, for there was no randomness, no roll-of-the-die to see how the universe unfolded. Crom’s foreknowledge of all future events in His creation commands your illusion of free will. Pray to him not, for all is as Crom has chosen.

      • You speak the truth. Crom cares littlle if men live or die. Better to be silent than to call his attention to you; he will send you dooms, not fortune.

        • Funny Crom stuff, but this kid is in critical condition.

          • He’s dead. His family just hasn’t come to terms with it yet. Has to be rough.

            • Wow insensitive much? Ur pun of head in the sand below is almost worse than this post. Keep it to urself or go to Loco comment section, it’s for people like you.

              • Wow, must be good to know everything. Maybe you could just hang out at ER and pronounce people when they come in. Or perhaps you’d like to volunteer at a fire dept and help extricate some of these people, or dig in this case, and ride ambulance to hospital desperately trying to save this soul and then you pronounce them to the doctors and family members upon your arrival. But why? when you can sit in the comfort of your home and dismiss someones child from there.

  • Please be ok…….

  • Praying for the best. Sometimes visitors, or kids, dig sand tunnels and don’t realize they’ll collapse. I had a friend whose 16-year-old son ditched school, and died at Clam Beach a few years back after digging in a high sand dune. Very sad.

    • Back to the Land for Answers

      Can you explain what this kid did years ago? I want to make sure my son isn’t ever trying that cause we live near Clam Beach.. Very sad to hear this.. 🙁

      • People have fun digging too deeply into the sand only to have it collapse onto them. Sand is not stable. It seeks to rest at a 30 degree angle. I assume that is what happened here. I hope he recovers.

      • Never, ever dig a tunnel into a sand dune. The sand above, although seemingly wet and stable, will collapse into the hole, burying the child who was digging. About 20 years ago, a woman in Manila lost both her young girls, when they got out of the house while she was napping. They dug a small “tunnel” into a very low dune. It collapsed and they found their little legs sticking out of the sand. They were dead.

        Cannot emphasize enough — never, ever dig in the sand by reaching into a hole and digging it out… temptation is to keep digging, reaching deeper and deeper, until their little bodies are covered.

        • It was a brother and sister. They were 9 and 7. Why if you know so much about their “little legs sticking out” would you know nothing of the real story? It was a huge sand dune that houses the water towers and they did “not” just get out of the house. They were left unattended on and off for years wandering Arcata even when they were babies. And she was not “napping” she partied all night and didn’t wake up until the afternoon.
          IS this graphic enough for you?
          Why is it that when someone is fighting for their life, someone likes to have a “teachable moment”. This is not the time for it.

          • Not the time for a teachable moment? Maybe not everyone just wants to bury their heads in the sand and pretend that their kid won’t ever do the same thing.

            • Bigger picture here is that most types of these accidents occur when younger children are left unattended.
              Accidents that involve teenagers and young adults are so much more complicated as it is really a miracle that ANY of us live through those years. We all take risks and thought we somehow “knew” that we could handle it but really, we were only just lucky.
              To believe that Judah’s accident was preventable is somehow applying blame to “someone” and from the tone of these postings, you certainly believe that yourself. Maybe he should have just stayed home in his room?
              “Teachable moments” are always short sighted and delivered at the worst possible times. Sharing stories of other “similar” incidents is just cruel. And Scott, you have got to be kidding me.

          • Someone asked how this happened. Sorry I didn’t recall it was a boy and girl. I just remeber the tragedy. I didn’t recall reading anything so scathing about the parent. Maybe you knew them and recall better than I. Still, no need for such rudeness.

  • So apparently he was breathing given the timeline, so that’s good. Hope he makes it through.

  • Probably got trapped under a stuck vehicle.

  • Are there any updates Kym?

  • Thanks, I’m not interested in what happened, only that he’s gonna be ok.

  • Facebook posts:
    Willy Bowles
    11 hrs ·
    Judah Helton a 19 year old who’s family and he are staples of our church was in a horrible accident. He was buried alive by sand. Heart stopped and he stopped breathing. They got his heart started but he isn’t breathing on his own. They are getting ready to image his brain to see if there is any activity. He is in bad shape. Please join us in prayer.

    Willy Bowles
    8 hrs ·
    Update on Judah Helton Judah is in route to the Arcata airport to fly to Santa Rosa now to a trama center. Becky is going with him and Steve will be heading that way by car. He is in an induced coma. There have been positive signs but what we are really waiting for is some kind of report on his brain function because of the time he went with out oxygen. Pray healing and wholeness for his brain.

  • I seen an update on a friends page. It stated he is in an induced coma and was being flown to Santa Rosa . They are waiting on images to check for brain activity. This was an update last night.

  • For updates u can go to various facebook pages like Willie bowles is that how thays spelled? Or Marty provonost

  • The father the church and relative giving updates on facebook and twitter

  • Family is asking for prayers

  • Been there – done that, when I was 13….only the fact that I wasn’t all the way in when it collapsed on top of me saved my life – no one else was around…..waay back machine: About 1967……

  • Praying for you Judah! The fact he is alive at all is a miracle. There is hope! Lighting a candle for you right now. 🙏

  • Dear Heavenly Father, please bless Judah and his family and bring them out of darkness.

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