[UPDATE 6:43 p.m. Road Open] Multi-vehicle Accident on Hwy 36; Westbound Lane Closed; Two Injured

scanner iconA multi-vehicle accident near mile marker 13 on Hwy 36 sent at least two people to the hospital as of 5:30 p.m. The westbound lane is blocked as a Jetta and a Suburban are recovered for towing. According to a report on the California Highway Patrol Incident page, there was another vehicle involved but we don’t know what make.

A woman was temporarily pinned in a vehicle but she has been extricated.  A 20-year-old man was also in the same vehicle and they are both being transported to Redwood Memorial Hospital in Fortuna.

UPDATE 6:21 p.m.: CHP is now calling this a major injury accident.

UPDATE 6:43 p.m.: CHP tweeted, “Officers have cleared the scene on SR36, and the roadway is now open in both directions.”



  • Another 36 statistic when will people’s ever learn ,its most likely the most dangerous road in calif

  • Don’t blame Hwy 36 because people can’t drive, more people are killed on Hwy 299 and Hwy 101..

  • Honeydew Bridge Chump

    36 should only be open to horse and bicycle traffic.
    It would help the river, plus it would make for some classic pictures of Bulgarian mule trains hauling dirt out towards the pines.
    The comments would flow like a tsunami with pictures like that.

  • Seems to me it all ways is mile marker 13 wonder were that is .

    • sharpen your pencil

      For some reason people see a tight stretch of road with trees lining it and think, “indy car!!!”, you factor on the amount of terrible drivers we have within our populace and walla…..

    • It’s just the other side of the O’Dell bridge AKA the 13 mile bridge!!! ;-]

  • If mule trains could only use 36 Id be at a loss for the free bags of dirt I pick up on 36 from the growdozers going 70mph

    • I should be so lucky!!! The las time I got any Free Bags of soil was when a truck hauling some up the Hill rolled over in front of the store in Swain’s Flat was either just after or just before the name changed from “George & Connies” to “Swain’s Flat Outpost”!!!

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