Deer Hits Motorcyclist, Causes Major Injuries

chp major injury featurePress Release from the California Highway Patrol:

On Thursday, July 21st, 2016 at approximately 2100 hours, a 2000 Harley Davidson motorcycle, driven by Rece E. McCluskey, was traveling northbound on Upper Pacific Road, south of Lower Pacific Road, in Humboldt County. For reasons out of McCluskey’s control a deer ran into the roadway and collided into McCluskey’s left leg and the left side of the Harley Davidson Motorcycle.

As a result of the collision, McCluskey suffered major injuries and was transported to St. Joseph’s Hospital in Eureka, CA.

Alcohol impairment does appear to be a factor and this collision is currently under investigation by the Garberville CHP Office.

Earlier Chapter: MC Vs Deer in the Shelter Cove Area



  • Well,did anyone question the dear yet?remember there is always two sides of the story,unless the fuckin idiot on the stupid bike killed the dear so that there was only one side of the story.I think t is the guys fault,I mean come on now.

  • The rest of us call them ‘deer’. Just saying.

  • A drunk driver in the cove, unheard of!!!! This is very pristine area and everyone here has high morals and is two busy working or being a faithful partner or a dilegant parent, I’m soooooooo shocked something like this happened. Lol, there’s no way I could ever say that with a straight face! At least he didn’t wreck .25 miles from his house will driving his kid to school drunk like that loser with the big white dog that mauled that little girl.

  • The dear deer in our area are being bunched up by the bucks for next year’s fawn crop. They are all distracted, and we must be especially vigilant, especially in the twilight times. Slow down, tune up your peripheral eyesight, motion sensitive, and proceed with caution driving anything, anywhere.
    Get Well Wishes to McCluskey, too. af

  • veterans friend

    The deer was tested?

  • The dear must have none the rider was impeard

  • Alcohol impairment does not appear to be a factor? I can’t count how many drunk deers I almost collided with over the years

  • Visited Rece yesterday. The deer ran into him on Upper Pacific with such force that it was decapitated, or so it has been reported. Even with major injuries to his leg, Rece did not lose control of his motorcycle and rode to the home of his next door neighbor Shelter cove VFPD responded to this Wolverine address and stabilized the injury. Rece was transported by Shelter Cove ambulance to a waiting ambulance for his ride to the hospital. At the transfer point, the CHP administered three breathalyzer tests; He passed them all! Four hours later a CHP officer appeared at the hospital wanting yet another breathalyzer test. That request was rejected. It is my opinion that the CHP officer was trying hard to put a Harley rider, booze and an accident together.

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