‘The film they don’t want you to see’….Vaxxed

vaxxed poster with rip tagsPress release:

“The film they don’t want you to see”
A top CDC vaccine researcher has confessed in recorded telephone interviews that he and colleagues at the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) omitted data from a study published in Pediatrics in 2004 that showed an increased risk for adverse reaction resulting in regressive autism in children under 36 months and an even greater risk to African American boys under 36 months. The researcher, Dr. William Thompson, turned over evidence in over 10,000 to congress, was granted federal whistleblower status from the president, and has been interviewed by the House Committee on Oversight and Government Reform regarding his allegations against the CDC.
Vaxxed: From Cover-up to Catastrophe, produced by Del Bigtree of The Doctors and endorsed by actor Robert DeNiro, is scheduled to play at the Broadway Cinema in Eureka on Wednesday, August 10 at 7pm and Monday, August 15 at 7pm. Tickets available online only at Gathr.us. Politicians, parents, and pediatricians have all come out of theaters across the country stating that this movie has opened their eyes to government corruption and that the film is not anti-vaccine, rather it is about the need for improved vaccine safety research. For more information, visit vaxxedthemovie.com or join the Facebook group “Bring VAXXED to Humboldt!” This is a film that everyone needs to see.”


  • Never believe anything you hear and half of what you see…

    • half of what you read

    • And question everything… have you questioned the safety and effectiveness of vaccines? They were flawed from the very beginning and still are. Hearing the stories of how they have destroyed peoples lives is heartbreaking. Do some questioning, see if it isn’t true.

  • Unfortunately this film is a load of crap and the main players in it have been debunked over and over again. It was pulled from the Tribeca Film Festival by DeNiro before it screened. Here’s a good summary:


    Sometimes there are not two sides to a scientific question. There is the right answer and there is the wrong answer. As far as science is concerned, there is no controversy.

    • Bring Vaxxed to Humboldt

      I would not take the words of Dorit Reiss. She is involved in a lawsuit over breaking state law in implementing vaccine mandates in California, encouraging breech of doctor-patient privacy. She also has huge financial conflicts of interest. On the ther hand, you can watch Senator Ben Allen, co-author of said mandate, state on camera that the film has merit. As it says above, Jason Chaffetz has interviewed Thompson and launched an investigation into the fraud after he watched the documentary in Utah. Please come see the film before you go
      making assertions about its content. That wouldn’t make sense for any movie about any topic.

    • You can’t say something is ‘a load of crap’ until you have seen it. The ‘players’ were wrongly accused and vindicated. If you read the flyer above you will find a quote from Robert DeNiro who said publicly, “I think the movie is something that people should see.” You’re right, there is no controversy, vaccines are neither ‘safe or affective’ for everyone, and enough people have suffered from them over the last 70-80 years that it is time for everyone to hear what VaxXed has to say. You don’t have to dig far to see that vaccines have been flawed from the start and are still flawed and dangerous, or useless at best. The CDC lied, and continues to lie, to cover the dangers up. I challenge you to do your homework, take a peek and see what you find… I challenge you to look at the ‘anti-vaxers’ side and see if this isn’t true. Science has better, safer, ways to keep us healthy. We don’t need vaccines, at least until they have been proven ‘safe and effective,’ which has not been done.

    • That’s not true. Science has shown vaccines are harmful, it’s just silenced

  • Bring Vaxxed to Humboldt

    By the way, these are direct links to the tickets, which are only available online:

    August 10 7pm -http://gathr.us/screening/16237

    August 15 7pm -http://gathr.us/screening/16238

  • Very, very disappointed to see such claptrap promoted here.

    • Not promoted, Scott, (My son just finished his vaccinations) but given a place to share their point of view. As much as possible I try to offer differing viewpoints and places for people to air their opinions and places for other people to counter them. It’s called discussion. If folks (on both sides of any issue) only hear what they agree with, the other side gets demonized and no one questions their own assumptions.

      • Thank you, Kym. Unfortunately, some people only want to hear what they believe. I agree, science is better than superstition any day, but beware the arrogance of some of the scientific community. Always has been and always will be. Thank God, it isn’t all of them. How often do we hear of approved drugs new on the market and six months later, the law suits begin? Yet, they were all approved by the DEA, who is supposed to rely on scientific research…Same old story…You can bet someone is profiting from this.

      • Great, I heard the other day that the chemtrails in the sky are now spraying us with G.M.O. weedkiller that may be making old men crazy. I have proof. All have to do is look up, you can see them with your own eyes. In just the last couple of months most of the weeds in Humboldt County have turned brown and died. What more proof could you possibly need? And have you noticed how old men are getting crazier and crazier? Just ask any street person and you will see what I mean. I have got to stop this, I’m beginning to believe myself….

      • The anti-vaxx crowd has had PLENTY of free airtime already. Let’s make room for the flat earthers, chemtrailers and climate-change-deniers.

    • I don’t agree with how this movie is framed, and I haven’t seen it yet, but from what I’ve read about it, it is not anti-vaccine. It is about vaccine safety and being able to have dialogue about vaccines, something this country needs. For myself, for my child and everyone, I hope that open discussion be allowed without bullying from either side. Everyone should be concerned and fight for the safest vaccines possible.

    • Scott, you see Kym is an actual liberal, not the fake ass authoritarian liberals that most Democrats have turned into. She allows that everyone has their own point of view and has the right to express it, whether you agree with it or not.

  • I just don’t understand how one way or the other they can prove it.my children are fine.my husband’s nephew has a form of autism and the other is deaf.how do you know?they told them they were to old for kids (30’s)then we’ll you have a gene’s not compatible with each other.i think they lied to them (drs.)what if what these people believe is true how else do we keep diesese away?

    • Bring Vaxxed to Humboldt

      My grandfather smoked for over 40 years and he didn’t get cancer. He didn’t die of cancer. Do cigarettes cause cancer? Science can’t say “yes” because it isn’t always a direct causal event. It is a contributing factor or an associative one. I would start with seeing the film. This isn’t a place where these questions can be answers easily. Also, join my group on Facebook! I am connected to many groups that discuss the science of the brain gut connection that is involved in regressive autism as well as testimony of thousands of parents who have been through this. Some of them live here. They have had their fill of their pain and struggle being mocked and denied by pediatricians, the media, and others in the community.

    • You’ll find out if you watch the movie… some of the mothers that have gone to see it have come out afterwards and shared some pretty compelling stories…

    • I think what most people don’t understand, is that most people that think that vaccines can be harmful believe that it’s not the vaccine itself, but the additives they put in it. Fun things like formaldehyde, Mercury and aluminum.
      Something else people forget is the fact that these vaccines are not made by people who want to help you. They are made by people who want to make money off you. They also have a large stake in the medical profession which would make more money treating problems that might arise further down the line.

  • Thank You Kym for posting this!

    People amaze me with their “preconceived notions” about vaccines as well as “AGW” which morphed to “Climate Change” and now is “Global Climate Disruption”. The science is NOT settled on either topic in my personal opinion.

    A few links for consideration?




    With all the furor about corruption in Washington and big money dictating politics Is it POSSIBLE that “Big Pharma” is in it for PROFITS and to hell with public health?

  • Patriotinwillits

    The only study ever linking vaccines and autism was fraudulent. Despite the lack of scientific evidence, you still have parents around here who won’t vaccinate their kids.
    Besides putting their own children at risk, they are endangering other kids as well. Willits Charter School has one of lowest vaccination rates of any school in Mendocino County. They’ve also had outbreaks of whooping cough and measles recently.

    • Bring Vaxxed to Humboldt

      90% of all pediatric cases of whooping cough in CA have been occurring in fully vaccinated children. The “unvaccinated are causing outbreaks of pertussis” card is worn out from overuse. The CDC has stated that this isn’t the case, the FDA’s study demonstrated that it is the vaccine’s masking of symptoms and leading to longer contagious periods in the vaccinated that are the main problem, and new research is finding that the vaccinated are more susceptible to pertactin-deficient para pertussis, which the vaccines don’t cover.

    • There have been numerous studies all connecting vaccines to autism. Check it out and see if I’m wrong. If vaccines are ‘safe and effective’ why are vaccinated people afraid of catching the very things that their vaccines are supposed to protect them from??? Do they work or not??? If vaccines are effective then you should have to worry about catching anything from the unvaccinated. CA just passed a bill that takes our medical freedom of choice away and our right to an education. The vaccinated children in schools should have no fear of unvaccinated children if their vaccinations really do work…?

      • People are afraid of things like polio and rubella coming back because morons who get their news from Alex Jones don’t get their kids vaccinated and we have the risk of those diseases mutating in non-vaccinated populations. It’s the same for antibiotics. If people don’t finish out their antibiotic regimen, then you risk promoting antibiotic-resistant bacteria.

        If you know of another study that links vaccines to autism, please link. Otherwise, forever hold your peace.


    • Actually dr. Wakefield was exonerated of all charges

  • I see the public relations firms paid for by Big Pharma, in order to help protect profits, have already posted here many times to manipulate public opinion. Absolutely disgusting people.

  • colormeskeptical

    Typical anti-Vaxxer pseudo-scientific claptrap.

  • My daughter’s pediatrician respected my concerns about too many vaccines being given at too early an age. So together, we structured a sequence over a period of time with which we both could agree. (Her whooping cough vaccine was delayed until she was 5.)
    Since she was born and schooled in the Mountains, and had very little contact with kids other than her similarly raised peers, her exposure was very limited, and the doc and I felt safe in doing it this way. We wanted the benefits of vaccination, without either endangering other kids, or stressing her little body anymore than necessary.
    Frank discussion with an open-minded doctor brought this about, and I certainly would hope other parents take personal responsibility for these decisions, too.
    The assembly-line, one-size-fits-all approach is not good; but a conscientious parent with an open-minded doc can come up with tailored solutions to a thorny problem. If your kid’s doctor refuses to think outside the “recommended” regime, get another one. And stick to your decision… You, the parent, are in control of this. af

  • Well said. And some people don’t want to inject their children with formaldehyde, egg yolks, and disease. However, I will never tell anyone they are wrong either way. They do what feels best as a parent. Human right. Claptrap? Grow up. Half the people transmitting helpc and the clap were vaccinated as children ..

    • “Half the people transmitting helpc and the clap were vaccinated as children ..”

      helpc? Or Hep C?

      And even if your claim is true, so what? There are no vaccines for Hep C or “the clap” so why even bring it up?

  • While I support Kym’s position as a general matter, I think it’s tragic when applied to this particular bit of anti-science propaganda directed and promoted by the self-same fraudster Andrew Wakefield who started the whole vaccine/autism bull and was struck off the rolls of practicing physicians in UK as a result.

    Anyone wanting a brief synopsis of this crap should start with the page in Wikipedia (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Vaxxed) and do further research from there, before contributing to the spread of this claptrap.

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