Southern Humboldt Man to Be Sentenced in Death of Gabe Jackson

At 2:45 p.m. today, Thomas Kane plead guilty to felony hit and run charges in the death of Gabe Jackson. His sentencing will occur on August 31. However, we understand that it will include  a year in County Jail.

Gabe by K

Gabe Jackson

Kane was charged with a felony hit and run as well as concealment of an accidental death in the ATV collision that took the life of Southern Humboldt resident Gabe Jackson in October of 2014. Jackson was at first reported to have been driving alone when he crashed. Later, an “ear witness” gave more information that led to an investigation.

This is what an earlier press release from CHP said:

On October 5, 2014, at approximately 1230 hours,Thomas Kane was driving a Toyota Sequoia SUV southbound on Buck Mountain Road, south of Alderpoint Road, at approximately 30 miles per hour.  Gabriel Jackson was driving a Honda ATV northbound on Buck Mountain Road, south of Alderpoint Road, at an unknown speed.  For reasons still under investigation, the two vehicles were involved in a head-on collision.  Gabriel Jackson was fully ejected from the ATV and sustained fatal injuries.

The CHP established by investigation that when the collision occurred, instead of reporting it, Mr. Kane moved the ATV “over the edge of the embankment,” said Keat.

At approximately 10:05 a.m. on October 6, Marjorie Jackson, mother of Gabe Jackson reported the traffic accident to 911. However, the CHP report above alleges that the original time the collision occurred was approximately 12:30 p.m. on the fifth. “We have an ear witness,” Keat explained. Later, he says, “A search warrant for Kane’s vehicle confirmed the collision.”

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  • Bullshxt this axxhole should be in prison for a decade atleast, kill a person then hide the body and the vehicle and get a year! Wtf

    • Nobody wrote about hiding a body. The SUV driver pushed the ATV over the same embankment that the body landed on. This guy might have been able to save the victim’s life, but we’ll never know. I’ve been on rural roads when ATV’s come flying around a curve… just saying.

      • Suck it. Just saying.

      • It was not written, but us close friends of Gabe know what really happened… It was fucking murder! Then they moved the body and 4 weeler. The killer is marge’s boyfriend. They were arguing cuz they ripped off Gabe. Fucking bullshit! Not justice at all!

  • It was intentional and covered up. His own mother and her significant other. Such injustice for poor Gabe 🙁

  • Rohohoandabottleofrum

    It says right here in this coverage report that his Mother ,who is in a relationship or married to Thomas, did not report the “accident” until 22 hours later. I wondered why she didn’t get consealment charges. I feel it should apply to her too. 22 hours seems like ensurance he could not be saved and so he could not defend himself in court 🙁

  • bad people on that road same guy who shot that georgia kids feet few years ago

  • This was a premeditated senseless tragedy. Mother fighting with her own son. Then has her way younger boyfriend do this horrible thing. doesn’t have the guts enough to even see if her son’s alright.? Really? leaves him laying in a ditch for a whole day. I hope that b**** never gets to see that grandbaby. She should be in jail. May she rot in hell. He left behind a 2 month old baby and a beautiful woman that loved him. And many many friends that loved him dearly. Rest in peace Gabriel. May the rest of us find peace. I ask God to forgive me. When I see his mother she knows my anger with her. She can’t look me in the eye. Karma to this horrible Wicked Woman

  • Even if your not a Christian, Human instinct tells you not to hurt or kill your off spring.

  • Isn’t it illegal and unsafe to operate an ATV on a public roadway?

  • Another victim of our criminal black-market I’d say 22 hours I hope he didn’t suffer RIP .

  • My God!!! I hadn’t really known too much about this case…..but how freakin sad!!! Sounds like the recent Hit and Run in Fortuna. What the h*** is this world coming to? Mothers have no concern for their own children, this is at the very least disturbing and so very sad! Rest In Peace young man.

  • Justice for Gabe

    This was no accident! His closest friends know the real story and so do the one’s who took his life! Shame on the mother! Lock her up!

  • I would really like to know the outcome of this tragic horrible incident. Did he go to jail ? did they indict the mother.? I hope to hell that they enjoyed the money they stole from Gabe. And I hope his mother never gets to see his baby. I hope her and her boyfriend both rot in hell. Just saying

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