[UPDATE] MC Vs Deer in the Shelter Cove Area

A motorcyclist in the Shelter Cove area has struck a deer. The incident occurred in the Elkhorn Court section.

A neighbor contacted 911. An ambulance is on its way. We’ll update with more information when it comes in.

UPDATE: Deer Hits Motorcyclist, Causes Major Injuries



  • This happened in the “Zoo” section of the cove. He suffered a compound fracture of the left leg just above the ankle and is on his way to the hospital. The motorcycle survived with very little damage. The tank art is OK. Deer are rampant in the cove and cause a great deal of damage to life and limb. We do not consider them “cute. Some folks out here feed them, This is against the law and is harmful to the animals.

  • Glad he’s going to be ok

  • Riding too fast if they hot a deer in that area fortunately it wasn’t a child
    People need to slow down around shelter cove

  • I hit a deer when I was going under 20 miles an hour, I consider myself a “granny” driver – There are so many and they jump/run out of the brush and sometimes there is nothing you can do.

  • You don’t have to drive fast to hit a deer, especially in the cove. I used to joke about poaching deer with a framing hammer, drive up to em, hit em in the head and toss em in the back. Note to nature lovers-I said joke…

    A few months ago one jumped down off a bank between Thorn and Thorn junction. It landed on the hood of our car as my wife was returning from town, bounded off, and seemed unhurt. Brush on the hillside had hidden it till it was in midair. It’s hard to miss ones like that.

    This said, too many people drive assuming that there is nothing around the next curve but more open road. Not a good idea!

    I can hardly wait for winter when the population drops to those who live here year round.

  • I stopped riding my motorcycle in the cove for this exact reason . On two occasions , literally one after another , a deer came running across the rd right in front of my bike and narrowly missed them both times . I was just cruising around as I know how people drive out here . It sucks because it was one of my favorite things to do on my day off work . BE CAREFUL RIDING OUT HERE . Deer will mess you up good .

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