Marijuana Eradication Continues in Northern Mendocino for 4th Day

Marijuana eradication crews from July 20, 2016 Mendocino County[Photo by Paul McCarthyMarijuana eradication crews from 2013 being lifted into a helicopter near Elk in Mendocino County [Photo by Paul McCarthy of MendocinoSportsPlus]

The Mendocino County Sheriff’s Office continues marijuana eradication efforts in the northern part of the county again today. They have hit sites every day this week removing thousands of plants. (See earlier post here.)

Marijuana eradication

Eradication crews near south Leggett on July 21, 2016 [Photo by Ella Scott]

Today they are staged near Hwy 101 in south Leggett. A helicopter is lifting two man crews off the staging area and taking them to remote marijuana grows. The site contains approximately ten law enforcement vehicles and a wood chipper.

Marijuana eradication 7/21/16 Photo by meeka ferretta

Marijuana eradication 7/21/16 south of Leggett [Photo by Meeka Ferretta]



  • Cranky Old Lady

    Good deal. If they were so-called legal grows, the cops wouldn’t be there. These growers are destroying our land… Cutting down trees, grading unstable slopes, and taking water they have no right to. They pollute with fertilizers and pesticides and poison wildlife. They need to go.

    • Its still illegal on a federal level. These guys dont give a shit about state laws

    • What did you just wake from the dead? This is how it gets done and been done for awhile sister. Business as usual. I’m a excavation contractor and seen it all. So if you don’t have a fresh perspective/solution then why waste our time.

  • Wonder when humboldt is gonna go after the land raping cartels ?

  • veterans friend

    They (BOS) is dedicated to accomdating them seeing only a cash cow

  • They have fucked up everything now the big guys and the cartels can easily afford bthe permits and the mom pops get screwed the rich get richer

    • It’s not a matter of affording the fees. It’s about jumping thru a million hoops to get there. Peoples reluctance to jump thru those hoops is what is going to weed out a lot of greenrush activity.

      • Corporate rich green rushers will find a way…a back to the lander mom and pop grow may well have no means or skills to negotiate such bs and they probably moved here to get away from such entanglements.

        There should be some help for them, they who make up a lot of the fabric of life here today, like it or not. Keeping such long term residents should be a major goal of the leaders in Humco rather than enable to churning of property to enrich lawyers and real estate tycoons.
        And of course those corporate investments will be backstopped by the Plan B..which has all along been ranchettes and vacation developments. So the corporate posture that will be the best long term will be short corporate grower…OR/AND if need be, a developer.

        Or would you rather the older back to the landers be steamrolled by the rich people, their lawyers and corporate compliance specialists…or would you rather they quit and sell and the shady real estate people who have been sucking at this wound all along get the commissions to transfer the old people’s property into the corporate portfolio?
        And how many of the large corporations will do the Smart Thing and structure their corporate organization so they can book the profits at a low or no tax overseas?… booking the losses here, of course.
        (This Smart Thing, the enabling of overseas corporate structure to avoid US taxes is the actual business of defeated republican candidate Jeb Bush, amazingly enough. What a great country!)

        • It’s a shit-show any way you look at it. Of course the big guys are ahead of the curve . What do you consider mom and pop? 50 plants ? 500 plants ? If you are not being crazy you will survive by growing a legal personal medical. I don’t know or care about the other speculation you mention. We can basically thank law enforcement for where things are now, they more or less gave the green light to the green rush by not enforcing the ordaninces . With over 4000 grows in Humboldt and a token 15 busts a year what do you expect?

      • Those hoops will be the death of every private property.
        For instance, a 60yr old veteran who owned 200 acres in Montana was recently wrongly tried twice by the Feds because the jury correctly let him go the first time. He lost the 2nd round, received 9(?) year prison term, & a $130,000 fine. His crime? He built a stock pond for the wildlife & animals, complete with all the local permits needed. The Feds decided his pond was too close to the main tributary, which was over 80 miles away, plus he failed to acquire a permit from the army corp of engineers that he had no idea he needed.
        Dammed if you do, dammed if you don’t.
        The sheriff had the power to stop the outrageous overreach, but he failed to do so.
        Perhaps he didn’t know that his duty is to protect & defend the inalienable rights of the citizens? I’m sure many informed him of this duty, though.
        Beware of grant hog sheriff’s & BOS’s.

        • you are talking about Montana. I’m talking about California , specificly Humboldt County.

          • Oh, I see. The over reach by the unconstitutional agencies only happens in Montana, Wyoming, Nevada, Utah, Oregon, Arizona, New Mexico, Idaho, Washington, .. but never in Calif. okaaaay.
            Well, let’s hope all the homeowners with permitted ponds also acquired permits from the army cor of engineers, & that they are at least 200 miles from main tributaries, and they only use approved Kleenex for their tears.

  • Anyone remember the Mendocino Sheriff’s bulletin “Not to worry” because of the massive, multi-agency, get together closing down the entire east side of Lake Mendocino? Just practicing, were they? When Sheriff Almen says don’t worry, it’s time to worry. af

  • And this is the difference between Mendo and Humboldt. Every year Sheriff Allman does a few woodchipping projects like this. Humboldt County does….hardly anything. This is why Humboldt is full of mega-grow scenes on every watershed and more every year. And full of douchebag get-rich-quick kinda guys.

    • You got that right. Just why is Downey such a chicken shit when it comes to busting – in his own words – ” illegal grows” ?? Come to Humboldt and you can make hundreds of thousands of dollars virtually worry free.

  • I love Mendo, they really do a great job of controlling large grows. Keep it small mom and pop operations or you’ll get busted. From the people to the mountains to the reasonable grows, Mendo is the best!!

  • I agree keep it small but this is still too much also i am looking for any jobs in the industry in mendo thanks just email me

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