[UPDATE 10:02 p.m.:] 60-Year-Old Wounded in Shooting that Follows Traffic Accidents

CaptureCaution: This is Breaking News and details are unfolding fast. We are doing the best we can to be accurate. Here’s what we think has occurred.

One person appears to be shot following two traffic collisions in Eureka. One collision occurred at Carson Park and H Street and a second traffic collision occurred on D and Long Streets. Scanner traffic about 7:30 p.m. indicated that a 60-year-old man was the victim. We believe he is at the hospital.

The Eureka Police Department has put out a BOLO for the suspect saying he was likely driving a blue Jeep Cherokee with major front rear end damage. Operation Safe Streets posted this.


Here are photos from our reporter Bobby Kroeker.




UPDATE 8:43 p.m.: According to a Eureka Police Depatment Sergeant at the scene, the original traffic collision occurred on I Street and Carson Street leaving broken glass behind. Then the same two vehicles hit again on Carson and H Street. Reportedly a bullet shell was found at that scene. Presumably that is where the shot was fired at the white Camaro shown in the top photo. Then at D and Long the white camaro pulled over. The driver walked away from the vehicle and then somehow traveled to St. Joe’s.

UPDATE 10:02 p.m.: A reader witnessed some of the events. She tells us,

The car accident in Eureka with the 60-year old injured person started somewhere on I. Street with a shotgun blast or wreck or backfire (couldn’t tell which one but didn’t see it, just heard the initial boom). The jeep then took a high speed turn onto Carson street, stopped at the stop sign before H. Street and the white Camero followed, without stopping ran straight into the back of the Jeep- popped the Jeep foward and raised back tires completely off ground, loud crash/boom. Jeep continued on Carson, I lost sight of the Jeep b/c it was still able to drive fast. But the Camero also continued on Carson slower because driver couldn’t see due to front end damage. Camero turned right on F. street (at Carson and and F. can only turn right or left).



  • Jeep Cherokee are gonna get a bad rap.

  • Some people are more proactive than others when it comes to tail gating.

  • I’m tired of these, we need to ban ‘Assault Vehicles’, before they kill all the children.

  • Can’t wait for the rest of the story!

  • Jeepers creepers

  • We want to know,,,The Rest Of The Storey!

  • Sounds like more than just a road range incident. If the Camero driver was intentionally ramming the Jeep, then shooting the driver was self-defense. But need more details…

    • Chicken of the Woods

      From the witness report I bet there was some road rage or a past beef, then someone from the jeep shot the dude and then he rammed the jeep. Then again I am speculating and we do need more details.

  • I had a 1992 jeep Cherokee I loved that rig,best vehicle I have ever owned.and I have had alot over my years.i wish I still had her,camped fished traveled all over.lots and lots of great memories

  • Guns don’t kill people JEEPS kill people! WTH is going on with all the Jeeps and fleeing?! Seriously?! Sending prayers the the wounded.

  • Jokes, jokes, and more jokes.
    Jokes about Jeeps, jokes about big trucks and assault vehicles, jokes about guns not the problem here. THIS IS NOT A FRICKEN JOKE! Go back and look at the photos. D Street is a busy road. It’s a residential neighborhood, on a warm Thursday evening. The sun is still out, familys gathered at home relaxing after a work day, perhaps barbecuing and kids playing in yards. The only saving grace here is the suspect used a shotgun and only one shot. Most average people are not not practiced anywhere near enough for accurately shooting while under stress and added movement like exiting a vehicle, moving, seeking cover, etc. Would it be equally funny if someone across the street had been struck and possibly killed by a stray round? Because that was the very real possibility for every person in that neighborhood last evening. Making jokes about it only desensitizes everyone and makes it harder to take as seriously as it definitely should be. A man was shot. Many more innocents were in clear danger of being so due to a stray round. Hysterical.

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