Where Was Mendocino Sheriff’s Marijuana Eradication Crew Today? Monday and Tuesday Over 18,000 Plants Were Removed

A law enforcement helicopter heading south after a day of work. [Video provided by a reader.]

For the last two days the Mendocino County Sheriff’s Department has been eradicating marijuana in the northern part of the county. They were out again north of Laytonville today. The helicopter in the video above was seen about 6:40 p.m. headed south above the Laytonville area. A Mendocino County Sheriff’s truck was also seen headed south on Hwy 101 towing a chipper.

Below is the KMUD News report on Monday and Tuesday’s Mendocino Sheriff marijuana eradication activities. According to Sydney Mallone’s report. Mendocino County Sheriff’s Office seized “a total of 18,430 plants, 400 pounds of processed bud, and three firearms.”

Click on the link to listen to an interview with Lt. Shannon Barney.

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