Rio Dell City Council Agree to Talk More About Former Eel River Sawmill Site Becoming a Home for Cannabusiness

City of Rio Dell BlurPress release from the City of Rio Dell:

Last night the Rio Dell City Council revisited a Land Use Ordinance discussion on the topic of medical cannabis activities in the City of Rio Dell. The Council voted 4‐1 to reconsider an Ordinance that could see cannabis activity located in the former Eel River Sawmills industrial area. Upon the motion of Councilmember Thompson, Councilmembers Johnson, Garnes and Mayor Wilson voted to pursue reconsideration, with Councilmember Marks opposed.

The Council will meet on August 16th to give further direction to staff.

The Council also directed that a special meeting be held July 26th to consider a possible advisory measure on commercial medical cannabis to be placed on the November 8th ballot. Upon the motion of Councilmember Garnes, Councilmembers Thompson, Johnson and Mayor Wilson voted to hold the special meeting, with Councilmember Marks opposed.


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