Debris From a Semi Caused Fatal Accident, Says CHP

chpstarPress release from the California Highway Patrol:

On 07-20-2016, at approximately 1155 hours, [a 23-year-old woman from Redwood Valley] was driving her 2014 Subaru [northbound] on US-101 south of Willits, Ca (South of Walker Road) in the #1 lane. Party #1 was traveling behind a truck tractor pulling a semi trailer when for unknown reasons, vehicle debris was dislodged from the truck tractor and trailer. The vehicle debris struck the 2014 Subaru…subsequently the 2014 Subaru traveled across the [southbound] lanes and off of the west shoulder of US-101.

As a result of this collision, [the woman] succumbed to her injuries. The truck tractor pulling a semi trailer continued traveling [northbound] on US-101.

The Ukiah Area CHP is asking for assistance in identifying the involved truck tractor and its occupants. The truck tractor had a red cab and the semi trailer had a tarp covering its load. The truck tractor or trailer may have damage to a wheel and brake drum. The truck tractor was last seen traveling N/B on US-IOI towards Willits, Ca at approximately 1155 hours. If you have any information regarding this collision please contact the Ukiah Area CHP Dispatch Center at 707-467-4000.




  • LeAnna Carson-Hansen

    Hope the driver self identifies and talks with the CHP. More than likely she or she were unaware of the accident behind them and the debris coming from his or her rig.
    I am glad they were able to determine the cause of the accident. May the victim rest in peace and her family be found. Far too young to die due to road debris.

  • So are we accusing the truck driver of not stopping at accident? Maybe he didn’t see it happen. Maybe he saw something odd but didn’t feel compelled to stop. Maybe he said oh shit, hope nobody else saw that, fck it, I’m outta here.

  • Wonder how they figure the truck has wheel damage. Somebody saw something. Wonder if the girl had seatbelt on. Seems like she may have been driving too close as well. Hope her fam finds comfort and healing.

  • So so sorry to the family.god bless you.i hope the driver of the truck comes forward,he felt feel all that shit.even more so when empty,provided he was hauling anything.

  • My guess would be they found a chunk of brake drum or wheel. Unless the driver had the brakes on at the time, he probably didn’t notice a drum failure, or if he did, didn’t realize what it was or that it caused an accident. Drums are not supposed to crack, but they are cast, and can. I remember a while ago when a truck with a tall load struck a bridge and killed someone behind them with debris, and didn’t notice until they stopped and saw their load was damaged, and backtracked…

  • Henchman Of Justice


    When it comes to trailors, drivers pay attention to what is around them driving cuz trailors are already a worry starter, bouncing all around on the road, etc….

    Sadly, the truck trailor driver most likely evaded the scene of an accident because not seeing anything (like where did that subaru go all of a sudden) is highly suspect.

  • Having spent a portion of my life working on the freeway, I can say the most common piece of freeway debris (aside from shredded tires) is the steel hangers that they hang big rig mud flaps on. They are a tapered pipe about 24 inches long. I swear you see one of those about every half mile on 101.

  • damn yall young lady lost her life … a shit after someone dies aint right.give a shit before and things like this will probably less likely happen. my heart goes out to the family and friends.all this coulda a been avoided.

  • Very sorry. Please let someone learn from this and realize WHY we are all taught to leave plenty of space between ourselves and any vehicle in front of us. The way people tailgate is astounding.

  • I was drivng on the 101 one time — lots of room between me and the RV ahead. All of a sudden a sheet of metal siding comes off the RV and bounces off the pavement in front of me – like a piece of paper floating in the wind – it bounced off the pavement and landed on my hood, blocking the windshield for a moment before flying off over the roof and into the next lane! Terrifying. I was NOT following too closely. The truck is clearly liable for this woman’s death. Condolences to her loved ones.

  • I posted on my facebook to share so this person will be found. If all share we will find them. So sorry for their lost. My husband cleans the animal shelter and that is where they took the two dogs that was with her. Yes everyone knows when something flys off your car or truck.

  • I knew her. Recently engaged to her boyfriend. They were together since the age of 13/14. Deeply in love. He is devastated. A lovely young passionate Mexican couple who’s families braved the dangers of crossing the boarder when they were both little. She was exceptionally beautiful and a hapoy
    lovely young woman – really still a kid. I
    am right next door to her boyfriends family where they are now having their second night of the funeral. Music and food and drink and a really deeply loving vib. The altar to her is beautiful.
    Everyone man and woman holding Jose close . Very sweet Mexican family. Very tragic. When I went to the altar after speaking with Jose my body was suddenly filled with tingles. She was right there.
    But they cant be lovers anymore
    through the veil. Life in the body is so precious so fragile. Remember that unless you are pure native american you too com from immigrant stock.

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