Tired of the Green Rush? Town Hall Meeting This Friday in Briceland


A marijuana garden in the Willow Creek area in 2015 had over 1400 plants on excavated flats. Large grows like these worry rural communities in Humboldt. [Photo provided by the Humboldt County Sheriff’s Office.]

Press release:

The Civil Liberties Monitoring Project is sponsoring a town hall type meeting on Friday, July 22, 2016, at Beginnings in Briceland. It will go from1pm to 4pm, and will be similar to the meeting that recently took place in Bridgeville -focused on questions and concerns about the local impacts and issues related to the “Marijuana Green Rush” that’s been happening since the passing of the Humboldt County Cannabis Ordinance.

The Briceland meeting will be facilitated by Supervisor Estelle Fennell, and representatives from the County Planning Department, the Sheriff’s Department, California Fish and Wildlife and the Water Board have agreed to attend.

This will be an opportunity for local citizens to ask questions, voice concerns, and receive answers regarding the activities happening in our neighborhoods, watersheds and communities related to this year’s “Green Rush” activities.

If you have questions please call and leave message for CLMP at 707-923-4646 or email  bonnie@civilliberties.org

Earlier Chapter: As the Green Rush Explodes in Rural Neighborhoods, Conflicts Grow and a Community Calls a Meeting



  • Ernie Branscomb

    First, tell me what solutions were found for Bridgevilles problems.

    • That when your supervisor campaign is backed by a large grower you get what you pay for ?

      • Estelle has turned into “Humboldt Hillary”, funded by the deep pocket dope growers and rushing to pass legislation that is not well thought out, and panders to the big guys.

        • You mean “Humboldt Trump”. Idiot.

          • Trump or Hillary- basically the same thing! It’s been sad to observe her path in this way…LOVED her handling the news over at KMUD. I’ll always remember and honor her for her even-handedness in delivering us the news through those times and her refusal to get polarized and pick sides as a journalist in that Reggae War. Even though to me there was an obvious evil side! As a journalist you should strive to remain neutral. Anyways- that was then and I’m disappointed with where she’s gone and her support of CCV-H and mega-grow positions.

          • no, she spoke correctly. trump runs on his own hot air

    • Sheriff Downey stated at bridgeville meeting he has zero hope of Federal intervention since the Feds have a “hands off approach” to states regulating mmj , it is an election year, ect. Mr. Downey says if you have a complaint and make enough complaints he would “take a look at it” … he stated cultivation of marijuana is “illegal under state law currently” and – all the 215 and county regulation permit holders are only a “legal defense”… He could even hypothetically go raid Honeydew Farms Llc. new permitted grows.
      The planning department and Estelle stated they have zero intent on stopping the new larraby valley grows as this is an area they want “legal” farms to be (prime soils on flat land) . There was mention of dope grows on slopes having to move to the ” flats” then miraculously there will be money to remediate these bad sites in the future.
      Zero solutions!

      • Zero solutions, got it, Thank-you.

        Now we are going to have more meetings…

        Prop 172, measure Z… no improvements. Deputies in SoHum are over worked and understaffed. Now we are going to have more meetings.

        My message has been out there for years. I could care less about marijuana, I’m concerned about crime, and major drug abuse….. Why the hell would I go to another ‘do nothing’ meeting.

        • What they will give you is a list of TIP LINES. They will say we know what’s going on. They will say it going to take time. They will say we know there are bulldozers going right now. And yes there is no county ordnance on fence height.

  • blame the realtors..

  • This tax, that tax, and just wait for the IRS to step in.

  • First you should create jobs that are worth getting up for in the morning before you point the finger at hardworking people in the hills.
    I’m so tired of the #hypocrisy

  • Almost forgot, the winery is sure blowing up their spot as well and the water consumption is outrageous!

    • They seem to have no problem growing on steep slopes. I always wonder how tending and harvesting grapes on what are now the steep hills around the valley floors is done.

  • Scheduling a town hall meeting on a weekday during busines
    hours is a barrier for working people who might want to attend. Very frustrating.

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