K-9 Johnny, Stabbed by Suspect, Relapses

Remember the k-9 officer who was stabbed by a suspect that escaped? He’s not doing so well…Press release from the Trinity County Sheriff’s Office:
K9 Johnny Trinity

K9 Johnny was discharged Friday night, July 15, 2016 and was released to stay with his handler. Saturday evening Johnny’s conditioned worsened and he was placed back in the Animal Hospital with an upper respiratory infection. K9 Johnny has drain tubes and is on medication to keep him stabilized. He will remain in the Hospital until he is stabilized and free of infection. Sheriff Bruce Haney and all the personnel at the Trinity County Sheriff’s Office would like to thank everyone for all the support and kind words since K9 Johnny’s injury.

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  • Speedy and full recovery Johnny.

  • Damn! That sucks, positive energy to Jonny

  • I have sent a prayer to the law of the universe Johnny… You will make it..

  • God Bless this K-9 w/a speedy recovery. .

  • Officer Johnny,please get well fast.good boy,you got the bastard and you’ll be well fast.im a real bad softy,when it comes to fur babies.

  • Henchman Of Justice

    Hope the dog fully recovers.

    Now, as for using an animal for human policing means where the animal gets subjected as a “dog of war” is depiscable.

    Once again, a form of animal slavery.

    Cops need to do away with using K-9 dogs in chase down situations……..do human cops go chasing down suspects without back up, hell no, but that is because they dont want to get stabbed in the neck waiting for backup while bleeding out.

    See how human cops are all too willing to set up a K-9 for death.

    • amimissingsomething

      Just in from HOJ…Dog owners need to release their dogs immediately! As Dog owners we are slave owners? Yep that’s right. Maybe we need to pay reparations for once owning slave dogs. [edit]. Dogs have been work dogs for thousands of years. People own them for protection and with most dog owners like myself they are treated really good. K-9 dogs are no different. They spend more time with their handlers than the Handlers spend with their own kids and spouse. They are family members who do a dangerous job and the one thing you’re missing is this. The handler and the dog would give their life to each other if it was on the line. Thank you Johnny and Handler for keeping us all safe. You’re both awesome for the job you do, which most people don’t even think about. Take care and get well soon Johnny

      • Thank you! My dog is a working dog and a member of our family. Her instincts and training are her gifts that add to our life, and others as well.

      • Henchman Of Justice

        “As if the end of the world was here” that made it so imperative to send the dog to get stabbed by a pot grower on the run.

        “People have been enslaving animals for thousands of years”, it does not make it right.

        HOJ won’t send family members into a death trap scenario, but that is the difference between being humane and being a “dogs of war” slave owner.

  • Thanks Kym for keeping us updated K-9 Johnny’s situation.

  • Thanks for the up dates.its hump-day!!

  • Sending prayers for the Pup!!!

  • Prayers for K9 Johnny.

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