Humboldt Sheriff’s Office Arrests Two for Marijuana Cultivation Yesterday, Back in Weitchpec Area Today

Humboldt County Sheriff MarijuanaThe Humboldt County Sheriff’s Office is hitting northeastern Humboldt hard this week. Two men were arrested for marijuana cultivation yesterday and deputies are in the area again today, confirmed Lt. Wayne Hanson.

Nicholas Colt Vigil, born 1982, and Edward Causey Davis, born 1979, were arrested in separate incidents yesterday in the Weitchpec area.

Vigil was arrested for three felonies–cultivation of marijuana, possession for sales, and maintaining a residence to grow.

Davis was also arrested for three felonies–cultivation of marijuana, possession for sales, and conspiracy to commit a crime.

Hanson said that reports on the size of the grows, etc. has not yet been filed by the arresting officers.



  • Must not had there papers .get your paper s and ypu can grow a football size grow .which I think is bullshit .

  • It’s been awhile since anybody has been arrested for this.the over the top greed growers gotta go.leave the folks who have been here forever and aren’t hurting the land or anybody Alone.PEACE

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    • 45000 sq ft. Way to bore it out. Thought we were supposed to reign that shit in?

    • Is this option available AFTER being busted? Or pre-problem ad? af

    • Sorry not Sorry

      There is no legit growing on the reservation, sorry…..

    • Go legit or quit. Hahaha spend sometime in fucking shopsmart lately no1 speaks English let alone has a green card or would even be able to register being they aren’t even california residents or u.s. for that matter. Get real people the county state and government will try to flex there muscle from all sorts of angles to see what they can do. The sooner they realize the regulation on marijuana is a pipe dream the sooner things go back to the way they will inevitably be.

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