CHP Helicopter Hanging Out in Larabee Valley

CHP helicopter landing beside rural roadA reader sends us this photo of a California Highway Patrol helicopter resting beside Hwy 36 this morning.

About 8:15, the Larabee valley was “being flown” by the helicopter, reports the reader.

Then the pilot landed the bird near mile marker 34 about 8:30 a.m. and was still sitting there as of 9:06 a.m.



  • Thanks for letting us know kym.

  • Taking a

  • Wasting our taxpayer money again, it’s funny how uniformed taxpayer funded folks never seem to have a need to be productive whatsoever, just look at caltrans workers, 8 guys watching 1 man work the shovel!

    • sharpen your pencil

      Funny how with the overly vague information given, you have jumped to this conclusion. Maybe the helicopter is part of a bust happening near by. Or maybe, just maybe it had mechanical issues and had to land. If it had to make a forced landing, was left unattended and burglarized you would be screaming about that as well. Easy killer, wait for some kind of info before you rupture an artery over something like this….

  • Hah! See the greeny in the distance.

  • Phineas Homestone

    That AS-350 is around $1200+ an hour when the engine is running; taxpayers should be thankful it is parked when not needed!

    • That’s funny I can rent the same he’ll for 400 an hour including a feller,… so your only telling us that these guys are overpaid as well, and they aren’t doing anything productive either

  • Maybe their watching something going on or about to.just sayin.who knows but it’s fun to

  • Keep up the good work glad to see some law and order thank you this black market scam needs to stop.

  • I hope they are busting the rastafarians. THAT home invaded my friends house beat him up in front of his mom,and his lil son .and told him not to use his water ,and that they were gonna take his.water,so cops do something right ,for a change and bust the out of towners. They have owned this property for over 20 years ,and these basids got the gaul to do this to native humboldtians is fffffin wrong.

  • I doubt if there is anything illegal going on out that way. A waste of time.

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