Woman Found in Submerged Car

Press release from the CHP:

On Thursday, July 14, 2016 at approximately 1:11 PM, the California Highway Patrol responded to a call of a vehicle over the side in the Trinity River at the location of SR-299, west of Powerhouse Road. A fisherman floating the river had encountered the vehicle on it’s roof, submerged approximately 6 feet under the surface. The vehicle was recovered and a solo female occupant was found in the driver seat. The driver has not been identified pending notification to next of kin by the Trinity County Sheriffs Department. The incident is still under investigation.

Once the driver is identified and next of kin notified, Trinity County Sheriffs Department can be contacted for the driver’s identity.



  • Could this be our missing suspect? From the hit and run?

  • So very sad.rip.prayers to her family

  • I wonder when , they the cops still haven’t released the name of person that is suspected of running over these girls .I can’t imagine what these lil girls were thinking when they saw the person trying to run then down ,and they see a close realative behind the wheel ,and drive away before they lapsed into unconscious .the person who did this should be behind bars ,but chalk it up to or police farce .waiting for what? before they arrest someone for the tragedy they caused .

    • I wonder too, man.
      I don’t know if it’s sadness, anger or disgust-perhaps a bit of all-but I feel as these girls’ death is not being dealt with by the proper authority. I know there are 3 sides to every story, and I understand investigation/evidence, etc., but bottom line – TWO CHILDREN WERE RUN DOWN TO THEIR DEATH and NO ONE has been held accountable, which is unacceptable.
      I work in the legal system and am simply baffled at this. I’ve worked on criminal matters extensively and I’ve seen so much – but nothing like this. I’ve seen HUNDREDS of people over-charged at arrest, then, when facts surface, dropped/reduced, etc. But this just seems WAY off.
      It’s so very sad. My heart breaks for the other parents of the girls, the families, the many JUVENILE friends, teachers, coaches, acquaintances, and their communities.

      That aside, this is also very tragic. I hope a resolution is quick.condolences to this woman’s family.

      • Tired of dumbasses

        It sounds like the mom of one of the kids(kitchen),got behind the wheel after drinking.She was looking for her daughter.It was almost dark outside.Sounds like she tragically ran over and killed her daughter and friend.A terrible accident.Certainly not trying to “run them down”.You say u work in law enforcement? Have you learned anything?do u have any common sense?How would you feel if you accidently killed one of your OWN children? How would arresting her and plastering her face all over the Times Standard help ?? We should all be very thanful your not in charge of our local law enforcement.

        • sharpen your pencil

          Bad choices usually end badly…. They also have consiquences, part of drinking and driving, and killing someone, or two generally starts with public shaming. So maybe in the hopes it keeps someone else from repeating such a terrible thing. YOU DRINK, YOU DRIVE, YOU DRIVE OVER PEOPLE, YOU GET WHAT YOU DESERVE!!!!!!

          • sharpen your pencil

            This is sad how many lives are lost in the triangle as it is. You add the affects of our binge drinking tolerance as well. You get bad things when you mix our roads, very bad drivers, and DUI….

        • I could begin to understand making a drunk driving mistake, but driving away instead of immediately getting medical attention and possibly saving a life or two is what makes her a monster who belongs in jail.

        • Lost Croat Outburst

          DUI, if true, is NOT an excuse, now or ever. You must be part of the extensive, amalgamated DUI community. Don’t try that excuse when YOUR court date comes up.

          • sharpen your pencil

            Very true. People that excuse DUI, are more than likely a multiple offender….. Or almost as bad, you are an enabler…… Neither of which is ok, bottom line is, if you are unable to keep yourself from driving intoxicated you should either quit driving, or quit drinking. Otherwise one is part of the problem!

        • WHOA !!!
          Well…..there are those of us out here that don’t believe she
          (Marci Marz/Kitchen) is being accountable for her actions in the least bit. It doesn’t appear she has to much remorse when after running over her daughter, and her daughter’s best friend, she never made any attempt to even stop long enough to call 911, check on them and try to help them, or portray any kind of concern for their well being in its entirety. I’ve heard her friends post “she thought she hit a deer”. Most people don’t hide their car, and go into hiding for hitting a deer. And furthermore, I am appalled by the excuses and stories that I’ve heard from people regarding how this tragic event must be effecting “her.” She killed her daughter, and her daughter’s best friend. She has shown no responsibility, and has even let public scrutiny touch her son’s character by not coming forward when their was speculation she may be covering for him, and that he could possibly be the driver of the vehicle. He was not the driver. This sad and tragic event is a crime, and the suspect is hiding, and now is unable to be charged with driving under the influence, because she made sure to make herself safe and outside the realms of that possiblilty. It’s bizarre to me, and it’s more heartbreaking to even imagine that the mother of that child and her friend didn’t even stop to hold her daughter while she was dying after she hit her with the car she was driving while intoxicated in. She cared more about herself. She took the lives of two young innocent girls, and her shame must be overbearing. For most, it’s all too much to even imagine or think about, but the one to feel empathy and compassion for isn’t the one who was driving the car. She should have been accountable on her own from the beginning. Stopping for 2 minutes to help them live would have been a better course of action than what she’s doing.

  • Again, why were the teens in the road -??

    • You never played on your neighborhood road??? You obviously have never been on eel river dr. Line of sight is practically the whole road. It would take someone swerving at the girls to hit them.

    • Once again THERE IS NO SIDEWALK OR SHOULDER ON THE SIDE OF THE ROAD!! Stop blaming the victims!

    • Because there is no sidewalk nor shoulder on the road the girls were on. And they were walking/skateboarding properly — going against traffic instead of with it so their backs weren’t against oncoming cars

    • Well, I guess your question has been answered for the hundredth time and you can stop asking it.

    • Irrelevant, genius. You’re one of those, I see. Bet your neighbors really love you.

    • Skateboarding.

  • This is a horrid story that we have seen before, a tragedy for a family somewhere, but there is NO indication this has anything to do with the hit and run in Fortuna…if this were my blog, well…I’d be pretty busy deleting off topic comments…or not, lol…………. grrrr…….

    • Well, everybody’s still thinking about it and those stories are buried in the news feed. I think the lack of updates here is a story in itself.

  • I’ve been wondering why she wasn’t arrested as soon as they found her jeep,in her yard of her house,and gave her keys to the cops WTF.so unbelievable. I feel so bad for the rest of the family.something like this takes.a life time of love and understanding to heal.

    • Lost Croat Outburst

      Either the case is so convoluted and ghastly that they don’t know who to charge with what, or The other most likely case is that Fortuna politics and law enforcement is so devious, incestuous, and biased that everything is being monkey-wrenched right before our eyes. There had better be a good explanation. Get the State AG in here. Soon.

      • Absolutely. The state needs to be called in because the Fortuna loony tunes law enforcement IS NOT DOING THEIR JOBS by allowing this monster to be free. I certainly hope she is not out driving on the same roads as the rest of us sober citizens. I mean really if she was inebriated like so many people have commented why was she not immediately taken into custody by the cops. Or could it be shed previously done them a favor so they let her go sober up. For. a. Week.

  • Shawnee craddock

    Lawyer be damned!
    Asking for. FBI to continue this investigation as the corruption in this county has NOT BEEN ADDRESSED AS THEY SAiD IT WAS BEING!

  • This is a prime example of how shitty the law enforcement agency are .this just makes people law abiding citizens become more and more discoraged .like i said someone should be behind bars.,but we still are in the dark about who it was only those lil girl know who ran them down .we won’t know a thing until the powers that be deside to say who did this .Tomarrow it will be a week .no name yet WTF .I wonder if a week goes buy till we know the identity of the woman in the submerged car .

    • Phineas Homestone


      Question: is the charter of law enforcement to:

      a) Keep the public up to date on suspected perpetrators?
      b) Investigate crimes, collect evidence, arrest suspects, and forward the findings to the DA for prosecution?

      While it is a heartbreaking tragedy we must let the system work as designed: everyone is presumed innocent until evidence is collected sufficient to prove otherwise, in a court of law, beyond a reasonable doubt.

      If I was ever accused of something I would hope for the same; wouldn’t you?

      • If I hit and run two kids and covered it up, I wouldn’t want to be arrested either! Ever!

        • Do all of you that are chomping at the bit for more info and an arrest think it will change things? Do you actually think LE is dropping the ball or are not to make an arrest? I’m sick over what happened to those girls, and their families. What makes me just as sick is way people can’t wait to see what happened and who was involved. It’s not tabloid. It’s real. Have some patience. It’s not going to be a mystery for long. Hell, it just happen a few days ago.
          People are ignorantly questioning LE action like they know what the procedure should be when they don’t even know all the facts.
          All of you bit choppers need to get a life.

          • whokilledourdaddy

            Do you actually think LE is dropping the ball or are not to make an arrest?”

            yes, LE knows who executed Casey J. Campbell on 15th in Eureka a year and a 1/2 ago and wont charge anyone.Chief Mills has blamed the victim more than once.they drop the ball all the time !!!
            it happens a lot .those girls were murdered. !!!

      • Well we all saw what happened to dear Fr. Freed when law enforcement let the monster go, not once, but twice.

  • Sleepy Alligator

    Well maybe all of you should run for sheriff.

    • Exactly. Let these whiners deal with this nightmare. Think about the stress it places in LE when children or anyone is killed in this fashion only to have a pack of idiots at there heels looking for answers and action. I’m sure LE has done every thing possible to deal with this ongoing complex sounding situation. I sincerely hope LE withholds all information to the public until they have the proper evidence and charges in place. If they don’t do they, they will take even more heat from this pack of idiots with no patience.

    • Exactly. Let these whiners deal with this nightmare. Think about the stress it places in LE when children or anyone is killed in this fashion only to have a pack of idiots at there heels looking for answers and action. I’m sure LE has done every thing possible to deal with this ongoing complex sounding situation. I sincerely hope LE withholds all information to the public until they have the proper evidence and charges in place. If they don’t do that, they will take even more heat from this pack of idiots with no patience.

  • Shawnee craddock

    You are the idiots or part of this cover up

  • Wonder what the description is of the vehicle, who’s reported missing?

  • You can’t see around a corner!!!!!

    • missy, if “you can’t see around a corner”!

      then YOU REDUCE your travel speed to match the road conditions and maintain safety and control. YOU expect the unexpected.

      i think missy just hauls ass around corners blindly.
      i hope missy does not drive.

  • Well I’m so glad it wasn’t your daughter.my heart is still breaking.2 young ladies who won’t see . graduation,prom,first date,drivers license,get married,have children.as a parent I’d like to inknow,because I still hope the mother didn’t do this.and know can change what happen,we need to go forward and make sure.justice is served.PEACE love and understanding.

  • It is not the proper place to be speculating , someone lost someone and I don’t think it has anything to do the other.. so I’m deleting my comments that belong on another thread and sending prayers to those who will be getting the sad news soon..

  • I too have been wondering about the accident that involved the two young girls, have been looking every day, to see if someone has been arrested. Tonight, I was reading these comments and reading them to my husband, and, then, he says, don’t you think that she is suffering beyond anyone’ s imagination? Then, a word comes to mind, that I have always wished everyone understood the meaning to, and it is empathy, the ability to understand the feelings of another, to be able to see yourself in the same situation, and imagine how you would feel. Well, I will tell ya’, it broke my heart, to think, how this woman must feel right now. Whether intoxicated at the time or not, she is not intoxicated now. She will, for the rest of her life, have to wake up, and every day remember what happened on that day. FOR THE REST OF HER LIVING DAYS!!!! I will not believe that any of it, was any where near intentional, and not one of you can truly say, that, for your whole life, you have never done something, that you wished that you had never done, and how you felt, after doing it. Now, multiply that a thousand times, and you might be getting somewhere close to, how this woman or man, since, we do not know “legally” yet, must feel, and will feel for an eternity. Then, add to this, when, it becomes public, that, yes, in fact, you did this, and your name is attached to it all, and it is made public, for all the world to see, and I mean, all the world to see, along with, of course, a picture of you. My god, I for one, feel awful, for behaving as if I were in “A Game of Thrones” episode, only in modern day, waiting for this woman, (or man) to be stoned for her transgression. I am sure, that right now, being stoned to death would be welcomed.

    • I can have empathy for parents who have lost a child. I can’t muster up any empathy for someone who ran over and killed two children and then went home to hide the vehicle, and is now reported to be in the wind.

      • Exactly. She killed and fled. She knew it wasn’t a deer, other wise… Why hide it? She may not have known it was her child BUT if she had stopped to offer aid she may have saved a child’s life. That is her major crime. That is why she is being publicly ridiculed. That is why we light our torches and grab our pitch forks. The fact that it is her child makes it horrible, depraved, and down right evil! BUT if she had not ran AND HID THE MURDER WEAPON… then maybe we would only light torches, and leave the pitch forks at home. She may have been impaired with drink/drug, but she was aware enough to flee and hide the jeep!!

      • Can you imagine the text messages sent from the two girls to their loved ones pleading, begging and hoping for help as they lay dying?

        1 If indeed the person who killed the two girls, “thought that they ran over a deer” and made it home drunk: Did they or did someone else in their home proceed with the coverup?
        2 How if she was Drunk did the helicopter’s crew allow her to board the aircraft?
        3 I assume that their counsel has advised them not to turn on their “smart phones” let alone communicate with anyone via their “smart phones”: Question if they have their phones on can they be tracked?
        4 and after all of this: Couldn’t she/he go on a “justified” bender and completely change any or all existing or original evidence?

  • All you people are idiots person in that vehicle was a dear friend of mine she was having tough times and she was suicidal most likely she decided to drive off that cliff and kill herself okay so in there now if you guys decide to try to get a topic up please discuss the right topic show respect for the person who died a vehicle you don’t even know she is talking all this crap get real

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