Missing Mendocino Hiker Found Deceased

Press release from the Mendocino County Sheriff’s Office:

mcso Mendocino County Sheriff's Office MCSOOn Friday, 07-15-2016 Benedet Pearson (56 year old male from Santa Rosa) and his wife were staying at a vacation rental in the Mendocino area. At about 6:30 PM Benedet went for a walk on trails in the wooded area on the north side of the 44000 block of Little Lake Rd., with the stated intent of returning within the hour.

By about 8:30 PM Benedet had not returned, and he had left his cellular telephone in the room, so his spouse checked the area for area for him. She was unable to locate him and called the Mendocino County Sheriff’s Office for assistance.

Mendocino County Deputy Sheriff’s responded and searched the area until about 3:00 AM, and did not locate Benedet.

On Saturday, 07-16-16, at approximately 7:00 AM The Mendocino County Sheriff’s Office Volunteer Search and Rescue Team responded to the area and resumed the search. At about 9:25 AM Benedet was located deceased, in the wooded area where he had been presumed to have been lost.

Foul play is not considered to be a factor in Benedet Pearson’s death and an autopsy has been scheduled to determine the cause of death.



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