Game Camera Catches Trespasser

Man caught on game camera

A man living north of Laytonville warns locals to be on the lookout for the subject shown in these photos.  “I’ve got game cameras watching certain areas of my land,” the man who wants to remain anonymous explained. When he checked the cameras on Sunday, he discovered that man had gone by on Saturday about 4:55 p.m. towards a neighbor’s property and returned back the same trail towards Hwy 101 about 5 p.m.

“There was a man on my property with a gun,” he said referring to the item at the trespasser’s waist. The resident has reported the incident to the Mendocino County Sheriff’s Office but he wants people to be alert to the possible danger.

If you have information, you can contact the Willits Sheriff’s Substation at (707) 459-6111.

Note: The date and times on the camera aren’t set correctly but the camera owner said, “I went to the camera this afternoon and snapped a photo of myself…Then easily calculated the correct times.”13730706_1569423703360039_191007114_o



  • What is the logo on his shirt?

    • It says Lopez Landscaping I think. I can’t make out the Landscaping for sure, but the word ends in a G and I’m pretty sure the first word is Lopez. The hat looks like it matches.

      • There are many Lopez Landscaping companies, but I only found one whose phone number ended in 55, Lopez Landscaping in San Diego, (619)262-5855, maybe call them and ask them to look at the picture. I find it extremely irritating that somebody from Southern California would come up here and creep around the hills with a gun.

        • Marbled murry-lit

          Having zoomed in, I could easily see that the number ended in 55 before I saw your post, which kind of confirmed it, for me at least. This kid is for sure involved in organized crime, leaving Lopez landscaping in suspicion as well. So, let’s leave this one to the fuzz lest no one inadvertently finds themselves quizzing the Mexican mafia via this number

  • I finally get this”news” site. It is a public service site to help growers. I should have realized that is all it was from the yearly announcements about CAMP’s movements. Since all of that kind of news makes no difference to me, I think it is time to free up my FB page.

    • Or to help find missing people.

      It’s news about what concerns my readers. In this case, someone with a possible gun trespassing on someone’s property with binoculars. Could be harmless or he could be a thief.

      • Well what tipped me off that it is most likely a case of severe grower paranoia was the elapsed time of 5 minutes going and coming. 5 minutes of pure mayhem? Unlikely, much more likely growing related. Who knows, deer general rifle season opens in less than a month. Most likely grow related. Most of us have had enough of the paranoid grow related apocalypse type stuff. Who knows, maybe time to free up my FB page too.

        • Yes, I do write about issues that concern growers. If I lived in Kansas, I’d probably write about corn but I live in Humboldt so…

          If you don’t want to read those articles, you can skip them. Or you can not come to Redheaded Blackbelt and avoid all the other different types of news.

          • sharpen your pencil

            I love how people complain about the news they read. Anyone who lives in Laytonville should be concerned, people don’t just rob growers, many people, with many backgrounds get robbed. If someone is on private property, armed, they should be considered a threat, as they are already breaking atleast one law.


            • I have to admit I was surprised by that response. I don’t know many sheep or cow ranchers who’d be pleased to see an armed stranger with binoculars on their land. OR any country women who would be thrilled either.

              • deer hunter checking for deer herds?..and he would still have to trespass to do it, right?

                the binos are interesting, doesn’t look like any birders I know, but I don’t know them all. They are usually older, and mostly don’t go with a pistol.

                The one thing missing is any mention of the land owners growing weed, or is that just an obvious assumption?

              • Right there with you kym! Like anyone wants a stranger tresspassing!
                There are people casing houses to see when folks are coming and going, many of which are not grow related. There’s a pretty good percentage of folks in the county who are rich and not by pot. Check out the Ingomar club if anyone doesn’t think it’s true.

              • sharpen your pencil

                All I can think of Kym, is that they aren’t property owner’s. Or they are just blatantly ignorant….

              • Kym most people are profoundly stupid, often narrow minded, always biased, and usually postponing working on themselves by pointing out all thats wrong around them. What you’re doing here is highly applicable to the residents of NoMo/SoHum.
                And yes you do cover all pertinent news even some strange ones not-so-pertinent topics. I don’t think you need to defend yourself. Many of us are very grateful for your work and time and dedication.

            • I don’t grow but I would be concerned anytime an armed man is walking on a neighbors property. I believe at least two elderly people not involved in the industry were robbed this year. This seems like PSA for anyone near laytonville that doesn’t like armed trespassers, not just growers.

          • Thank you for the information, all of us land owners are thankful to be informed when nefarious things are happening in our neighborhood whether it is by “law enforcement” or not…in this case it could be either, or something in the middle like Lear asset management. Here Mendocino County aswell as Humboldt, “growers” too are considered by law as “legal” contributing members of the community and deserve the respect and coverage as any other member of the business community when abiding by the rules and regulations of the state/county that is what “makes America great”. I. Think that it may be time for these narrow minded bigots to put down their Budweisers and crawl out of their old growth log houses and face the overwhelming truth that the times are changing and our communities are grossly out represented by the growers they so adamantly choose to resent…or not and “clear your FB page and choose to remain ignorant.

        • Soooo, you wouldnt be freaked out if some random guy with a gun came strolling through your front yard? I know i would….

      • Lost Croat Outburst

        Exactly right, Kym. I don’t understand what people are talking about when they complain that nobody cares about trespass unless they are growing. Ridiculous! Nobody wants trespassers on their land and they never have. Maybe this guy is scouting for a trespass deer hunt, perhaps a wiseguy from SoCal. Where’s Ernie B. When we need him? Anybody who thinks it’s a joke to have people trespassing on their property obviously has no property.

    • Jacqueline you must not have been reading here lately. This news site covers all news of the county. I’m sure you yourself would like to know if there were an armed person trespassing on your farm or neighbors farm regardelss if you were growing carrots or whatever. And it was okay here when you were searching for your daughter.

    • You nailed it. I always chuckle when kym reports helicopter or organised leo activity as if it’s anything other than tipping off growers. It’s all gonna be legal soon so the end is coming for most of them.

    • Lost Croat Outburst

      Took you long enough! Get out much! Yeah, the site offers information for growers (gasp, choke). Who knew? In SoHum? Go figure. Big Ag in the Big Valley has news outlets and exchange information, but we can’t. Somehow, that is offensive; we can’t be like everybody else. Sigh. When will the hatred, contempt and disdain finally ebb?

    • Thank you for freeing up some comment space here.

    • Your loss.

    • I like to be the land owner with the gun, and not have the trespasser with a gun scenario play out at all. I don’t grow, in fact I voted against growing in Tribal elections and I think it was state, could have been county. I guess I’m an old fogey that still believes weed is a gateway drug. If we are going to grow anything, how about food and help out our people! But thats neither here no there. I come to this site for Kyms news, she is up to date, non-biased, and pretty damn trustworthy (and normally you can’t say that about the press). I don’t care if she does post about growers, as much as I don’t like it, it is still part of our community and I want to know what is what, and who is where!!!!! Kym informs us on all and I appreciate it!!


  • Kind of distinct pointed side burns.

  • Looks like a rip off or undercover cop the binoculars are a dead give away. Eather way not a good senario. I find it weird that the land owner is telling every body been on the look out for this guy, and what If he is a undercover cop .darwin award winner ,but it’s probably I.n All reality ,a rip off theif ,so now the cops are gonna be looking at the land owner. He should have just handled it in a dark alley . Instead loose lips sinkships .

    • I agree, seems like one grower with too much time on his hands photographing another. Trespassing isn’t cool though.

    • Lost Croat Outburst

      I salute and applaud this landowner. We have to be on the lookout for slime wads, creeps and vermin so they can be removed from decent society. Creeps need to be monitored in their evil deeds and eventually jailed or run off. Somebody knows who this creep is. ‘Fess up.

    • cops don’t work solo in the woods or the hood

  • That is one aesthetically-minded game camera! Beautiful background, golden grass and gnarled old trees.

  • Build that wall!!

  • Mexicali ripoff!! Se

  • That is NOT a cop!!! No way! Enlarge it. Not a gov. issued gun. Not a cop haircut. Mexican grower making himself at home on this dudes land! The cartels are out of control.

    • Have you ever met an undercover cop? Just so u know, they look just like everyone else.

    • Have you ever met an undercover cop? Just so u know, they look like every other average citizen in whatever context needed (cowboy undercover wears that normal outfut, hippie wears hippie clothes, etc.)
      Oh and not all Mexican people are involved with cartels ), just so u kno

  • Nice camera,clear picture.he definitely,with that gun was going to either rip someone off,or hurt that’s so creepy!!nice that others can be told about this trespasser.

  • Humboldt security

    I’ve seen him on 36 drives a BMW

  • Scouting jack moves…super sketch. Good for the concerned citizen warning his fellow neighbors.

  • Lopez Landscaping, with a local phone number on the shirt. Since when did landscaping businesses start carrying guns? Trespassing with a gun AND binoculars? Looks like he’s staking out a possible rip-off. Grower or not, who wants this guy on their property!? That’s what I thought!

  • the owner probably has a legal farm overseen by the county .he has every right to protect his property.

  • I’m assuming the date of 5.22.2008 on the photos is incorrect? He might want to make it the correct date should he ever need these in court. Or would that not matter?

  • Maybe he is bird watching while carrying mountain lion protection. That may be a sidearm and maybe not. We should assume that it is.

    • It sorta makes sense if you are trespassing and someone might take a shot, or you are planning a ripoff and someone might shoot at you, and/or there are grumpy wildlife a city boy drug thief would be ascared of.
      Or maybe he’s a good guy….with a gun.

      • Lost Croat Outburst

        Just for the record, it only makes sense NOT to be trespassing on anyone’s property. Trespassing with a gun because you know you are an a-hole is a recipe for disaster. Does not play well in court. Well, your Honor, I was a trespassing a-hole and had the gun in case the landowner got frightened and rude ’cause I was sneaking around his property with a gun.

  • By now he must have heard about his picture. Lots of people read Kym….the bad guys too.

    • The resident and I discussed that this might be a good deterrent. If the trespasser knows that his photo is available to potential victims, it might discourage him.

      • Unless he’s a cartel grower and his garden gets chopped next door.
        El Chapo no likely

      • another Big Thing missing here is where did he go and come from. The anon land owner knows, and could speak in general about it.

        If this was a trail to a house, that is different than a trail to an off grid grow, we also don’t know if this was even a weed grow the land owner was protecting…some context might help..was the trail part of a well used hiking trail, a deer trail, or a trail to a trespass grow?
        Was it a trail to a swimming hole, or some rich people’s house?

  • Maybe looking for Pokemons?

  • i walk in the woods around my house all the time and i am for sure trespassing…i don’t carry a gun and i do say hi if i see any neighbors…but i will not let some a-hole mega growers who don’t even live on their land tell me i can’t take a walk in the woods..F… off with your white man boundaries and fences…i am defiantly not creeping with a gun and binoculars though…just a little perspective

    • sharpen your pencil

      You would still be trespassing, and that is breaking the law, if someone’s dog bit you up it will be your own fault. But I’m sure you have some way to spin that off as “the white man’s laws”! Get real troll, and hopefully nobody shoots you while trespassing….

  • Kym, can you get the brand and model of that camera? That would be useful info for a lot of us. Thanks.

  • Hey, paranoid anounomous dope grower, what make and model is your game cam?
    You can pretend it’s not you when you respond ; )

    • Non-paranoid non-anonymous reporter says that a commenter on the Facebook page pointed out that the deer head in the lower left is the Browning logo. Here’s a link that you might find interesting.

    • sharpen your pencil

      Yes, very paranoid to lookout for yourself and you neighbors……. Did it ever occur to any of you idiots that this person and/or their neighbors have been having issues with people on their properties?

  • Thanks. I’m impressed. Bright sun and shadows don’t always come out well.

  • the Browning trail camera names are pretty creepy, nice pictures tho…

    I had one watching an obvious access point of my backyard, kinda sorta hid up in the tree leaves.
    Every day and night the neighbor’s cats would come and say hi….pretty funny until someone, the roofers maybe, stole it.
    I couldn’t see any movement or flashy thinghy when the shutter clicked, but the cats sure did.

    I’d need to hide it in a bird nesting box maybe. I have seen the rock covers and tree bark covers. The cats would still find them, lol.

  • The problem I see is that a trespasser with a gun meets a person who owns the land, there could be a paranoid shootout, as one is unsure what the other person will do. I think most local people would not walk on another person`s land.
    What local has the time to walk in the woods this time of year ? So this must be a scout looking for a patch to rip. Good Luck protecting your goods.
    Who said growing was easy ?

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