Benbow Southbound Ramps Closed Wednesday and Thursday.



  • I can’t understand why the Benbow Inn and R.V Park aren’t screaming bloody murder. It will stop trailers from getting into the R.V. park, and the larger trucks can’t make it over the slide on Benbow Drive. What is so necessary that they need to put the valley, essentially, out of business??? There must be a way to control the traffic and keep business as usual. Isn’t it the job of Caltrans, or the County to keep the roads open and protect business?

    I’m going to just go back to bed, the world has gone crazy. Goodnite

  • I’m hoping for repaving. They have repainted the arrow and word stop so many times it has created a bump that my old car doesn’t like much… it’ll be nice to see fresh pavement when I get off work. It’s only one day…

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