Smash and Grab Thief Strikes at Dazey’s in Garberville

Breakin at Dazey's GarbervilleA thief (or thieves) broke into Dazey’s Building Center in Garberville early this morning, smashing the windows but taking only a small amount of merchandise, according to a clerk who works there, Angel Larsen.

Calling law enforcement’s response, “disappointing,” Larsen explained, “The sheriff said the alarm went off about 5am and no one available to respond at the time….”

Larsen said that although no law enforcement came to the scene, “[The thief/theives] only stole a couple items. Maybe a couple hundred dollars worth at most… its like they did it for the thrill or something.” u


  • . Every time you read about no law enforcement being available it just tells these people they can get away with this…I hope this action awakens a sleeping giant & we all bound togethet to fight crime.

  • The Sheriff has Measure Z money now, and has been hiring new officers. We should ask why Garberville-Redway does not have full-time coverage of at least one officer, don’ t you think?

    • Ed that question has been asked of Downey and our Board of Supervisors. They always dance around it and claim they still haven’t hired enough. They came down to So Hum because crime was so bad the community was on the verge of vigilantism. They worked the public saying they needed more money for law enforcement and once they suckered the voters into giving up the cash, the public still gets broken promises. Where are all these extra deputies going? Why isn’t the sheriff and Board of Supervisors looking at ways of getting full time enforcement in the So Hum area. Why is it Hoopa and McKinleyville can get extra resources but So Hum gets nothing. Downey once lived down here and was part of this community and that helped him get elected. Now he does nothing to help the So Hum area. Local patrols and neighborhood watches get no help from the sheriff’s department. The push to get safer communities down here ended when we agreeded to pay for measure Z. Now the county has extra money to spend and our communities are no safer, and no one in Eureka gives a crap.

    • There is 0 law enforcement in garberville at night. On the off occasion a chp blows through town to some mystery call late at night he never has time to see anyone. The law enforcement can’t get anything from the dirtbags who have nothing so they don’t engage. Your ignorant belief that any money they collect from those of us who pay “our portion” will do anything other than put more strong arm fund collectors in cars we bought so they can harass and intimidate the population. They are not there to protect you. They are protecting the agenda of their command. Their command only cares that you pay up and don’t expect much in return.
      There is one thing I have learned in life. If someone says don’t worry I’ll take care of you, watch your back because their plan is already in motion.

  • That is screwed up. Just because it takes a half hour waiting in line to buy something doesn’t give you the right to break in and ripp off Dazy’s.

    • Maybe if you got up before 10am there wouldn’t be a line.
      Place is dead at opening.
      Dopers are lazy, just saying.

      • Well said… and very true… I’m sorry it sometimes takes awhile for us to help you but please know thay we are all definitely doing our best. If prompt service is most important to you than yeah the earlier in the day the better… like 7am… that’s my favorite part of the day. We have free coffee available and friendly smiles here to help you… ♡

  • Another good use of Measure Z money! We should have police 24/7 especially on the weekends! Lots of bad stuff happens down her after 2 am.

    • Suspects were most likely 100% the drug-addict bums who YOU support Debra.
      You should be ashamed of yourself.

  • Did anyone catch the ditty I saw on FB that Sheriff Downy sent 2 Humboldt Cty Sheriff Deputes to Dallas for the memorial of the slain cops? I responded with a question whether that was done using tax papers dollars that I felt should be used to pay for a few more hours for the deputies to do their jobs right here in Humboldt Cty. The issue of no HCSO to respond 24/7 in Southern Humboldt (especially when the bars close @ 2A.M. – our deputies are driving north home at that time), needs to be brought up with Estelle Fennel time and time again. She suppose to be representing this area.

  • As a whole we need to look for the root of these problems. Never has there been so much crime here. It is easy to say its the cannabis growing and spout off about “greenrush” and “trimmigrants” etc, but there has been cannabis culture here for many years. Even during the previous hey day of the early to mid 80’s we never had this much crime. Also we have always had some sort of a transient population, ebbing and flowing with the seasons and we as whole have been tolerant of it. Even sort of embracing that vagabond culture.

    Now we find ourselves inundated with homeless. Many of whom are here only under the guise of finding a trim job. What Mostly see are drop outs and junkies and alcoholics who have found a place where that lifestyle is tolerated or at least its not controlled. You have to be naive to think that drugs like tar heroin and meth have not been here for years. But they were the dirty (not so) little secret. Now it seems like there is a flood of hard drugs not only in Eureka but in Southern Humboldt as well. Where are those drugs coming from? I dont see much in the way of domestic heroin production and I would think that the back woods “crank” operations have been replaced with mostly imported product as well.

    I don’t know the true answer to how to solve this but to me if we could somehow manage to curtail the hard drug use, truly crack down on the larger deals and let the importers know Humboldt County does not want or tolerate it I think we see a huge drop in crime.

    Wishful thinking?

    • PRISCILLA Galvin

      Omg. The cops say they took only about $100. Worth of merchandise. Well how much for all the vandalism,how much will that cost. The cops are trying to okay there non presence. What type of emergency call will they respond to. That very is worrisome. All of these towns in Humboldt are out of controlling. Myers Flat is one of them big time.

    • fortunatoarriza

      Cristal causes certain behaviors.trafficing people and fast and violent stuff.

    • There is only one thing that has significant change since the early eighties and that is community involvement. You see 30 years ago the good old boys, the old school redneck ,loggers and ranchers would not put up with these kind of people who are ruining our town. They would shame them, beat their ass on a daily basis and escort them out of town, that’s why this problem never got as bad as it is today. Shit even the local sheriff would pick up vagabonds and give them a one-way trip out of town.

  • Maybe they be trying to catch a Pokemon!

  • Should’ve been called the crisis that it is a long time ago by our leaders locally . People in the Bridgeville area Are calling for the National Guard . Can’t say I blame them here . Also a couple hundred bucks to a heroin addict is a fortune to them .

  • The [edit] control all the heroin and.super meth it is so powerful it looks like ice cut ,just pure ,and look what it’s doing to people as we speak the meth,or crank gives the addict a feeling of no regrets about stealing ,or anything else . [edit] Like the Mexicans caught with a couple pds of crank they were O/R and guess what he went back to mexico and got another load and probably been back and forth.several time since .so get ready for some more.murdering and theiving if enept Downey would do his fffffin job.

  • So what are we paying all them taxes for? This is unacceptable!
    Yet our super are smiling us into compliance and digging deep into our pockets!

  • I’m putting this on the ‘darling of Southern Humboldt” Estelle Fennell. Get something done already! There’s a lot of crime happening south of the cattle money.

  • veterans friend

    She likes her job but doesn’t like the people she represents. She has joined the good old folks in the 1% club of the wealthy and influential. (Estelle, in case you didn’t get that)

  • Hugo Phuckurselph

    I always say So Hum got what they deserved, geez I remember the days when the ‘drive back to landers’ mantra was ‘f*** the cops, f*** CAMP’. Now that they actually pay taxes they expect law enforcement to respond. LOL

  • There’s cops in so hum. Just not doing there jobs. They pike to kick it at the sheriff station and keep the door locked

  • Working at the local grocery store I remember calling the cops because a transit said he was going to stab me for kicking him out because I caught him stealing. The cops did show up 4 hours later. When I was already in my car a out to leave. At this point I feel we are on our own down here. Time to exercise our rights to bare arms. Since then I’ve gotten a concealed permit.

  • We need to rebel!kick em all out and start over!unless it’s murder or a bomb their not coming to a call!so sad even the criminal’s know.

  • yes it is up to us ! the guys wasted and passed out on our sidewalks all day-everyday ? what the hell ? you want your town back ? take it ! guys like the one that sits on a lawn chair everyday smoking weed on the sidewalk in front of businesses shows that it is acceptable behavior in our community-he has been doing this for 3-4 years now—-go to the yellow gas station if you want smalls of meth or brown tar—-nothing hiding there, right up to your vehicle window if you do not want to get out—-time to boycott businesses that allow this behavior on their property–start with one day a week and see if that changes anything. What is with the meth truck parked in front of the bookstore opposing traffic for WEEKS ! the CHP would have tagged and towed you or me ? this sends a message to the new wanderers…..this town don’t care ?

  • When Harvey time comes watch how many zombies in vade redway and garb.hope it’s not as bad as last year. Wishful thinking .if I had my druthers I’d just start beating them all out of town buy any means necessary, but that’s just me .

  • It’s probably too late to get any feedback here, but what I want to know is this:

    Is the management at the Lone Pine (for instance) in any way responsible for what goes on at that business?

  • Lone pine is responsible ,and they know what’s going on around that place .they are probably getting hush mony buy being paid in dope ,but alass enept Downey ,and his farce are ether scared ,or just plane lazy .when is his term up ,so we can hopefully get s sherif that does some proactive policing that’s where you go out on patrol

    to find out where the drugs are and all that stuff but there again enept Downey.

  • G-ville was the place to stop in the summer,on our way home from sf,or traveling with my g-parents wed.stop get ice cream or food or the store and our gas.ya not anymore!!sad I have very fond memories of the parties,veggy stand the shops,spent alot of money there,took my kids there,now my g-babies,noway!!lone puke motel what a joke,the roaches check in and never leave

  • How do you think I feel G-MA I was born in garb 1960 grew up there .now look at what its . become I get depressed when I go there .kym knows what I’m talking about we were in the same class.[edit] I believe that’s going to be our only choice .the bums are getting so bold that they bug the kids.walking to school for mony .garb and redway the 60s and half way threw the 70 s 1975. It all started in panther gap .,so I know what I’m saying is true. .Now look at what has happened to our home .I have to believe creed ,and drug abuse the hard drugs coke, meth, heroin, the big three .are our down fall.

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