Shattering News: A Bottle Struck a Window in Mack Town

shattered window

Cracks radiate out from where the bottle struck. [Photo by Bob Kroeker]

An argument between a man and a woman ended badly for a window about 6:50 this evening at a gas station in the 1600 block of Central Avenue in McKinleyville. First words were thrown and then, allegedly, a bottle. The window took the brunt of the hostilities.

It will likely be a pane to fix…(Sorry, couldn’t resist.)



  • Bobby is rubbing off on you Kym!

  • It’ll be really sad if the business doesn’t have a nice big bank account or insurance with a very low deductible. Arcata lost one of its best businesses some time back because there wasn’t the support to help them replace their big glass window that was broken. And of course our “Catch & Release” INjustice system won’t do diddly with the perps.

  • Think your right John, but its a good thing lol 😛

  • Ernie Branscomb

    I’m sorry about the window. The poor owner doesn’t deserve to have repair his window over some idiot losing his temper.

    We used to have a pay phone in front of our store. At least once a day some dude would call his girlfriend and get mad, scream “bitch!” And pound the phone against the window. I also used to have one of the Rotary trash cans with the iron lids in front of the store. One day the dude screaming bitch and trying to break the window got mad and threw the garbage can lid through the window.

    I got rid of both the phone and garbage can. My nighbors complained about the loss of the phone and can. I told them to get over it, that real people have cell phones. As it turns out, All these micreants can get Obama phones for free now.

    Is the world getting crazy or is it just me? ….. Wait a minute, did I say that right?

    • Ernie, please learn some history or read a book.

    • What’s an Obama phone? Direct connection? Where do I get one?

      There are no services in CA from the lifeline program, if that’s what ur referring to, which is a program states can accept to help with cel costs for poor/disabled folks.
      Many other states do accept that federal help, but not CA.

      Oh and in case you forgot your social studies courses, the president has limited power so really an Obama phone shuld be called a lobby ridden money scamming no tax paying right wing phone, cuz that’s who passed the lifeline program legislation.
      Why you think Obama can do anything but introduce plans and some vetoing power is beyond me, the media gotcha to keep towing their line, it’s too bad, thot u’d look deeper.

  • Your so right Erine the world is crazy!!!did the Sheriff show up?lol

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